One year ago, June 25, 2017, my pawrents visited me for the first time when I was 3 weeks old. They fell in love with me and could not wait to take me home. I ❤️ them so much.
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💖we don‘t need no wings to fly💖
one year ago 😭🙆🏼‍♀️ @justinbieber 📹 by me

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一年了 我的wink还是只能到这个程度 不过我这次终于当V啦😂😂
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ONE YEAR AGO TODAY we found out we were pregnant. 5 days before our fairytale wedding. This moment right here is raw and an absolute dream come true moment for us! #blessed #oneyearago

I can't belive that exactly one year ago I met Steven at one gas station somewhere in France. Then I decided to change my plans and not come back to the camino, but move to UK for a few weeks. That was a great decision, even if it was so crazy spontaneous. He has these good vibes and I felt really comfortable even if I talked with this guy just for five or six hours. Incredible. Thanks to him I could enjoy lovely area full of canals, close to Stoke-on-Trent. Thanks to him I could explore more England and enjoy my life there.
Then yesterday I've visited Carcassonne and Canal du Midi reminded me about my daily walks in England. Such a nostalgic memory - life is so different compared to last year. . .
@emilyprime7500 - hugs for you too, because few days later you introduced me to roller-coasters 🙃
. .
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He was so little and my husband is still so handsome

A year ago we went to our first wedding together... this year we’re going to ten weddings (😳) and planning our own! Hard to believe how fast time flies 😌🌸 +JMJ+

One year ago I flew to Portland, Maine with @mattminerxvx to @coastcitycomics to sign piles of Orgasmageddon Issue 1 comics as Estrogina Lugubrious. It was easily one of the best days of my life. I met @cykodestructo, @d3f3kt1v3, @cariannegiggles and Dick Sally, among many other new solid friends. It was the only time Humongus and Estro ever appeared together and she was knighted with her Umbilicus double staff. I took so many pictures with enthusiastic fans, and signed so many personalized comics. I ate GWAR themed ice cream flavors, partied all night with GWELL-O, and got back on a plane to NYC a few hours later. It’s one of my fondest most joyful memories and I’m so honored.
Through my life I will always look back on my Estrogina days with all the work I put into giving her life and feel happy, grateful, and loved. Thanks to all. 💜
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I would say we changed over the year lol #capusonride #oneyearago #welovesummer ☀️

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