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Twelve months// I'm sad to think that this is the last post of my monthly series. When I first found out I was pregnant at 19 I almost shat my pants however Eli James you have surpassed all of my expectations of what I thought being a young mum would be like. One whole year today of this parenting gig and one whole year since I fell in love with you at first sight. This past month we saw you take your first steps, crack your first tantrum and gain even more of a cheeky little personality. You now have 6 teeth and have put on 6.5kg since the day we brought you home. You have fit into our lives like the perfect puzzle piece we didn't even know was missing and I hope you know that you are loved.. so incredibly loved. #elijamesmonthly

そして 大輝と七海 1年おめでとう🙂
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#congratulations #wanttobelove

First I thought that I'd never met someone as goofy and dorky as you, and then I realized I had never met someone who was as goofy and dorky as me. You are the Jim to my Pam, my best friend, & my soul mate. Here's to laughing through 100 more years with you. Lovin you is easy (most times), thanks for being you #oneyear #happyanniversary #cutestcouple2016

HAPPY ONE YEAR RESCUE-VERSARY, KAYDEN!!!!💙🎉 I cant believe a year ago today I became your mommy! You have come so far from the first day I saw you and I am so incredibly proud of you! You quickly stole Kyra's and I hearts and completed our little family. Everyday you bring happiness into my life and I am forever grateful to be your mommy. I cant put in into words how much I love you because as winnie the pooh once said; you don't spell it, you feel it. To many, many more years together filled with grand adventures my sweet boy 💙

May 20,2017: Our Nikkah and the most magical day of my life. You're beyond anything I could have dreamed of. The love you show me everyday is straight out of the movies. I'm yours. Forever and Always 💕#RumZenat #Day2 #Nikkah #oneyear

PC 📸: @capturingarts (amazing work and people to work with)

Obrigado ao casal pela grande recepção!! Vcs são d+! #oneyear 👏🏼💍

Terminando de editar mis sesiónes de Costa Rica me encontré con esta que me 💘 🍰🌸💕 @mariajosedobles #babyportraits #babyclau #oneyear #birthdayphotoshoot


Een paar weken terug kwam Levi voor een Cakesmash-shoot! ook hij vond het taartje lekker :) #cakesmahsession #cakesmashshoot #cakesmash #birthday #oneyear #fotoshoot #photoshoot #fotografie #photography #mirandaderijkfotografie

I don't know if you guys remember, but we have a little birthday coming up next week... stay tuned for news about some fun stuff happening in the shop next weekend! 🔜😜🤷‍♀️💕🙌☺️😏

I'm a day late because I forget everything but it's been a year with this gem , I love you forever and always 😘❤️😍 @ciwibehan96 #oneyear#love#boyfriend#smiles

Я так хочу, чтобы мы всегда с моей бусинкой были самыми лучшими подружками 👰㊗👰
У меня с моей мамочкой была крепкая дружеская связь, но к сожалению, моя родная, ушла рано от меня, и поэтому её не было рядом в самые нужные годы, ну конечно же и сейчас 😇
Поэтому я очень хочу, чтобы моя девочка со мной всегда делилась самым сокровенным 🌸всегда доверяла мне, а я всегда буду поддерживать её во всем 💞
Хочу готовить её к свадьбе и сама переживать эти волшебные моменты 💖хочу помогать ей в воспитании её малыша 👶💕 Но самое главное,я хочу, чтобы моя малышка, мною гордилась, любила и уважала 🌸 чтобы однажды, она сказала - я хочу быть похожа на свою маму 💖
Для меня это будет самой главной наградой 🌸 Но для этого нужно не мало потрудиться 👆💗
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At 5:31 am, a year ago, we welcomed into our lives the most precious gift life can give you. I've had the privilege to watch her grow into the amazing, beautiful, smart, sassy little girl she is today. And parenting, at times, is difficult. It's hard on your relationship, your social life and you basically lose your personal time and space. But while life has gotten more complicated, it's extraordinarily better at the same time. I never knew a love like this existed and she'll never understand the depth of it. She saves me every day. Every time she smiles, giggles or cuddles up next to me, my heart melts. Sometimes I still can't believe she's mine. Happy 1st Birthday to the most lovable little girl! We love you 😘😍❤️️ #happybirthday #oneyear #growinguptoofast #iloveher #mybaby #precious #thankful #beautiful #baby #babygirl #carter

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