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Как оставаться мотивированным, когда трудно🙄

Вся фишка в том, что мотивация имеет свойство появляться и пропадать🙌🏼 Что действительно позволяет нам двигаться вперёд - это сила воли💪🏽

В этой серии видео я поделюсь с Вами 🖐🏼советами, которые помогут Вам натренировать силу воли🤯

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Не будь тороплив, будь памятлив!🧐
Одной из важнейших составляющих любого обучения является память🤖

В этих 3 роликах я расскажу о разных трюках, которые можно использовать, чтобы легче запоминать ту или иную информацию👆🏼

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Saturday night was one of those nights for me, had one to many and even ate the worm from the bottom of tequila bottle hahah
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I am writing this from my brothers house in Amsterdam, it is a family tradition that we come here at this time of year.

I was at a point in my business where I was doing well and having consistent months but I wasn't without fear, will I continue to do well? will my clients get results? am I good enough?

Over the last year my business has grown considerably and I have transitioned from a model which was 90% one to one to one where over 60% of my revenue comes from group programs, courses, speaking, event, my membership and my mastermind. ​​​​ Now I help clients do the same by looking at how they can change their business model from one to one to one to many. It means they can increase their revenue (and profits) leverage their time and have more of an impact doing what they are great at.

This works when you have a business, clients and an audience OR you have some great partners who can share your offer with their audience. It is much harder to grow one to many programs from the outset as you need a greater volume of people to purchase (so don't believe the hype!) ​
And, with the experience of one to one so can build products that you know will get results for your dream clients.

Personally I love one to one work so know it will always feature in my business model however having multiple streams of income and recurring monthly income means that I no longer have worries about consistency.​​ #businesscoach #successcoach #onetomany

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