Are you sure? I mean, it’s all up to me isn’t it? And I might die tomorrow. And the world will end if I don’t. And I’ve so many WIPs and projects in my list and and and..... #wisdom #yesimoneofthosewomen #gottastoprightnow #onebreathatatime #onethingatatime #beingnotdoing

Moving would be so much more fun if everything was sealed with washi tape! Maybe to color code the boxes by room?⠀

Yes, I'm still alive! I have been so quiet on IG lately, but this move has taken all of my energy. Finally, I see a light at the end of the tunnel... I don't know how I got the idea that moving to Japan while 6 months pregnant would be easy. #shecray 😂⠀

Here's a recap. It's LONG, so buckle up: Our furniture was packed up in 3 separate sessions: ✈️1 small shipment to go by air (should arrive in Japan around the same time we do), 📦1 shipment to go to storage (our GIANT American furniture that doesn't fit any other part of the world). Lastly, one big shipment with most of our furniture that will take about 2-3 months to get to Japan. #snailmail 🚢⠀

Baby no.3 will probably be born before our furniture arrives! I guess my sunny disposition and sense of humor are seeing me through all this! ⠀

For now, the Page Flutters are camped out on air mattresses until it's time to move to hotels and leap frog 🐸 our way across the Pacific. I'll try to give updates in my stories along the way! You guys keep me inspired and laughing! ⠀

#movingday #onethingatatime #washitape #suitcaselife #milspouse #militarylife #adventureawaits #japan🇯🇵

First strawberry of the season and more are so close to being ready🍓🙌🏻#mercyfarms #ourjourney #forhisglory #strawberries #mylittlegarden #slowandsteady #onethingatatime

¡Hola! ¿Cómo les fue con las metas de la semana pasada? .
Ya que los lunes suelen ser los días en los que más cuesta conseguir motivación, les dejo mis metas para esta semana. Así podemos, juntos, ayudarnos a encontrar fuerza, energía y ánimo a seguir con los días que nos esperan
1. Hacer una cosa a la vez. Esta meta es importante para mi porque entre tanto que hacer, me encuentro, inevitablemente y a diario, haciendo muchas cosas a la vez: me ha pasado estar almorzando mientras veo una serie y a la vez respondiendo un mail desde mi celular. Si haces esto y te sientes bien, no hay problema. Pero la razón por la que me propongo yo esto es porque haciendo más de una cosa a la vez, no disfruto ninguna de ellas enteramente. Así, esta meta tiene que ver con la práctica de la conciencia plena
2. Hacer actividad física. Hacer deporte o cualquier tipo de actividad física puede dar mucha flojera! Especialmente si es lunes. Pero está comprobado que esto tiene un efecto significativamente positivo en la salud mental de las personas, tanto en niños como en adultos. (Para leer más al respecto, revisa las referencias de más abajo)
3. Buena alimentación. Dado que cuerpo y mente funcionan conjuntamente, es muy importante estar al tanto de cómo nutrimos nuestro cuerpo para beneficiar nuestra mente. No solo es relevante prestarle atención a nuestra actividad alimenticia, sino además a los alimentos que estamos ingiriendo. Tal vez podemos comenzar por asegurarnos de comer verduras a diario y tomar suficiente agua
💪🏽 ¡Mucha suerte, si deseas unirte! 💪🏽
¡Que tengas un buen lunes!
Para más info:
• Biddle, S. & Asare, M. (2011). Physical activity and mental health in children and adolescents: a review of reviews. British journal of sports medicine, 45, 886-895
• Paluska, S. & Scwenk, T. (2000). Physical activity and mental health. Sports medicine, 29, 167-180
• Rucklidge, J. & Kaplan, B. (2016). Nutrition and mental health. Clinical psychological science, 4(6), 1082-1084

With it being Monday, I want to set an intention for the week. I want to be like an inch worm and take it one inch at a time. Feel free to borrow or join me in this intention this week. #erinsimonelpc #psychotherapy #atlantatherapist #mindfulness #onethingatatime #selfcompassion #selfcare #mondayintentions #doingthebestican #dbt #inchworm

Little by little, a little becomes a lot. 👌 Focus today on ONE little thing you are going to accomplish TODAY. Soon the daily littles become something way beyond what you could have ever imagined! ❤️ #ginaaliotti #grit #onethingatatime #truth #morningmotivation #ginaaliottimotivation #dontstop #mondaymotivation #untilitsdone

To Balance a Simple Mind, Simple Body and Simple Spirit, focus on NOW.... what usually overwhelms us is the amount of tasks that have to get done. It's the never ending to do list. Here's a tip. Instead of thinking of ALL the to dos... FOCUS on what your intuition is guiding you to do NOW. Then Act on it! #balanced #Actnow #mindbodyspirit #now #focusonNow #thepresentmoment #keepitsimple #simplicity #todolist #onethingatatime #onedayatatime #Time #eternal #infinity #stealtimeback #enlightenment #QE

Happy Monday folks!
So as we start a new week, ask yourself:
🔸 what one thing could I do today to help me reach my goal?
🔸 what one change could I make this week to help me reach my goal?
🔸 what one thing could I promise myself to do this month to help me towards my goal?
Some people become overwhelmed and stressed out because they focus on the end goal only. This can make the process much harder than it needs to be and often leads to failure because people are looking too far ahead and not focusing on the now, today, this week. Break it down into manageable chunks and give yourself a pat on the back for doing that one thing today, for making it through the week or month doing what you said you were going to do.
When you do reach your goal you’ll be so proud of yourself, but don’t stop there. What’s next? So you fit into those jeans now, excellent! Set yourself a new goal, what do you want to do now? Keep challenging yourself, keep surprising yourself because it feels good when we succeed at something and spurs us on to do more.
There is no end, stay positive and keep moving forward 😁 #motivation #goals #fitness #healthylifestyle #personaltrainer #puttheworkin #onethingatatime #positivity #befitbestrongbehealthy #youcandoit #beyourownmotivation

Braids yang paling cantik that I ever made😸! Learnt a simple thing that made my day! You have no idea how precious is Luckyfin peoples get to braids for themselves! Thanks @rebekahmarine for the inspiration! 💕 #myfirstbraid 🌈 #luckyfinsrock #luckyfinsproject #braids #onethingatatime #lovetofullest

Are you struggling to gain more followers on your Instagram account? One needs to be goal-oriented, authentic, constant and use every tool at your disposal to grow your account.⠀
In our latest blog post we give you 16 ways that can help you grow your Instagram account - link in bio!⠀
It might still sound impossible (to try them all at once), we I suggest choose 3 at a time and start to implement them in your posts.⠀
Which 3 do you think is manageable to try out first?⠀
#instagramfollowers #growfollowers #instagramforbusiness #instagramgoals #instagramtips #beautifulfeed #businessgoals #productivemonday #productivitytips #focusonyourgoals #onethingatatime #goalsetting2018 #morefollowersplease #morefollowersneeded #worklifestyle #photographers #onlinestores #lifestylebrands #prettysocial #getprettysocial #businessowners #marketingideas #digitalmarketers #onlinepresence #mondays #brandstylist #creativepreneur #gramgang #borntogram #moodboardmonday

No fear, the best is starting ... #happyweekeveryone🙌 #bebrave #letitflow #onethingatatime

First half of #beyourownfriend challenge is done 🗓 I worked out 7/14 days and did either nothing or light activity the other days — I always aim to make my days both productive and enjoyable, but sometimes “seizing the day” is overwhelming and exhausting. 🍃 I’m learning to be more comfortable with taking rest days (including mental rest) and taking my time accomplishing big dreams. 🌱 I can’t make things happen overnight, but I like to think just a little every day is making the difference... For the next two weeks my goals are 1️⃣ complete each #28dayjumpstart circuit 2️⃣ no phone after 10pm 3️⃣ 64oz water daily ✨✨✨ #sweatyselfie #selfcare #listentoyourbody #bemindful #onethingatatime

I’m big in supporting local businesses and local artists.  Especially if your someone who puts in the work and consistency.  Love to see younger artists out there working hard on their craft and believing in themselves @flammymarciano .  I stated a few months back that I will start posting more of who actually wears LUX and this is a perfect example.  This brand is definitely not tied to one specific thing and incorporates many different cultures (music/hiphop, media content, clothing, street culture, sneaker culture, high/low fashion, etc) - All under @one___umbrella So make sure to stop by their page @channel88records @trizzyebaby @regime_crownbiz @jiggydaniel93 Photos from @jonathanluis ——- oh and I will be making more dog tags ✌🏼

#onelux #oneluxurybrand #streetwear #media #fortheculture #culture #youth #youthculture #4theculture #controlculture #establishculture #cultured #newculture #hypeculture #sanjose #summerone8 #simplefits #outfitsociety #oneumbrella

Believe in your abilities to reach your goals. 🙌
Use every resource you have - ask questions and ask for help if you need it. There are hundreds of resources online. You can also find some on my website (with more coming) and I am always happy to answer any questions.💜
Then do what you can every day.
They key here is to start.👊
Even the smallest of actions today can lead you a different tomorrow.
What's one small thing you could do today? There is always something you can do.🙋‍♀️
Find a pen that no longer works and throw it away. Put one piece of stray paper in the recycling or do you have tongs in your utensil drawer that no longer work properly? Consider getting rid of them.
These tiny actions will slowly help you to lighten your home and life. 🌻

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