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Thanks to my amazing girlfriend, this is what my new life at Mars is envisioned as. @shellatron_ you are amazing #marschocolate #newbeginnings #onesweetjob

@mars_chocolate intern class of 2040, missing @amulligan11 #proudlyMars #onesweetjob

This is my life now. Candy. #onesweetjob #proudlymars

It's not everyday you have a lip sync competition at work, but not everyday is #RedNoseDay. Our associates are incredible "fun-raisers," and raised more than $70k this year to support children's charities around the world. Just another reason why working at Mars Chocolate is #OneSweetJob!

Contemporary jazz & classic soul performance this morning by Charisa the Violin Diva #proudlymars #iworkhere #onesweetjob

Meet John Burroughs: John is a Continuous Improvement and Preventative Maintenance Lead in our Hackettstown, New Jersey plant.

John comes from a long line of proud Martians, John's father and grandfather both worked for Mars and now his son is on track to become a fourth generation Mars Associate!
Our associates, including John, are the backbone of our company. Just another reason why we're #ProudlyMars. Learn more about why working at Mars Chocolate is #OneSweetJob by visiting the link in our bio.

Needless to say, there are a lot of "sweet" perks about working for Mars Chocolate. #OneSweetJob

"Mars Chocolate is a truly unique place to work...everyone is passionate about the work they are doing, and the people are incredible." While free chocolate is a sweet perk, it's really the people that make Hackettstown a great place to work. See more from @businessinsider's recent visit by clicking the link in our bio. #OneSweetJob #proudlyMars (Photo: @courtneyverrill from @businessinsider)

We've been rocking the open office concept in Hackettstown since 1957. Just another reason why working at @marsglobal really is #onesweetjob! #tbt #proudlymars


Looking back at one of our proudest moments of 2017: The launch of #FansofWind! #TBT

How are you using Mars Wrigley Confectionery treats in your baking this holiday season? #TuesdayTastes

As the year comes to a close, we asked some of our Associates to share their proudest moments of 2017. Luda Napoe, Americas Associate General Counsel, says her proudes moment was seeing one of her team members become an attorney: "Sari-Beth began her career a few years ago as a temporary administrative assistant just graduating from college. Six years later, she passed the IL Bar. Sari-Beth is a hard working associate, who developed passion for law while supporting our team. It has been fascinating to see Sari-Beth working full-time on big challenging projects and issues, and at the same time going to school to pursue her legal career. Her journey exemplifies what I am most thankful to Mars for – the opportunities and risks we take with our associates to see them flourish and grow to new heights." #MeetMarsMonday

Today marks the delivery of @opgratitude 2MILLIONTH care package! We were so honored and proud to be part of the event and support our troops by providing a little taste of home.

What makes brownies even better on #NationalBrownieDay? Mixing in your favorite Mars Wrigley Confectionery treats, like @mmschocolate and @snickers!

#TBT to one of the most exciting moments of 2017: the launch of M&M'S Caramel!

#Volunteering has the power to change lives. We’re proud of the 75% of @marswrigleyconfectionery Associates who have given 3000 hours of their time this year to projects like building homes for veterans, supporting animal shelters, and donating oral health kits to public schools! #InternationalVolunteerDay

Look on the back of your holiday @mmschocolate bag, and you might just find a recipe for holiday cookies! #NationalCookieDay

December means we're counting down the days until the end of the year—and looking back at our best moments! The launch of the @marsglobal Sustainable in a Generation Plan was a highlight of 2017.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Ta'Nia reminds us of what's really important!

Being a Martian means being yourself! That's why we're proud to say we've scored 90% on @humanrightscampaign 's 2018 Corporate Equality Index, reflecting our commitment to LGBTQ workplace equality. We look forward to progressing even further in 2018! #ProudlyMars

We asked our Associates what they're thankful for this year. We're thankful for Associates like Juan who are part of our team! #ProudlyMars

For Anthony, the work he does in his role as a process project engineer is all worth it to brighten up a consumer's day! In his role, he develops, designs, and executes engineering solutions for new products, new processes, and infrastructure across 10 sites. #MeetMarsMonday #ProudlyMars #STEM

Every day, Jenna works on projects to help our Hackettstown plant run more efficiently while keeping Associates safe and making sure our products are top quality. She honed her problem solving skills while studying chemical engineering, and thinks critically about finding the best solutions to keep our plants running better for longer! #MeetMars #ProudlyMars

Lauren Kidd, Process Engineer for Mars Wrigley Confectionery, spends her days developing technology that helps our business bring products to consumers around the world. “I had no idea that this type of job existed for chemical engineers.” #ProudlyMars #STEMDay

Happy STEM Day! This month, we're celebrating our Associates who bring their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics expertise to work every day to make your favorite Mars Wrigley Confectionery treats. Tony's studies in industrial engineering helped him hone his problem solving, project management, and teamwork skills. He put those skills to work as an intern–and now, he's a Senior Process Lead at our Yorkville, IL site! #ProudlyMars

Pat Jolin at our Elizabethtown site is already counting down the days until next #Halloween, 365 to go! Thanks to all our Associates who made this a great Halloween season 🎃

It's finally #HALLOWEEN! We hope your day is full of tricks and Mars Wrigley Confectionery treats 👻

Halloween gives us a sweet way to give back to our communities. Our Chicago site welcomed kids from @offthestreetclub to trick-or-treat, treating them to pizza, games, ice cream, and candy (of course!) We're honored to bring smiles to our communities each October. #ProudlyMars

Halloween gives Mars a sweet way to give back in our communities. Our sites give out candy, welcome kids in to trick-or-treat, and support Operation Gratitude with treats for people and pets. We're honored to bring smiles to our communities each October 🎃 #ProudlyMars

Last day to get Halloween candy!! Look for coupons on MARS products!!! I personally stickered them this morning in CVS and Stop & Shop in Sparta ✊🏻#proudlymars #halloweensurge #onesweetjob #iworkhere #marsinc #marswrigleyconfectionery #marswrigley

We know it's hard to pick favorites, but if you could pick just one Mars Wrigley Confectionery treat to enjoy this #NationalChocolateDay, which one would it be?

BOO! Our Hackettstown, NJ Associates got into the Halloween spirit today at our annual Boo Bash. Who had the best costume?! #marsboobash #proudlymars #happyhalloween

Exciting news: Mars rose from #12 to #4 on the list of Great Place to Work's "World's Best Workplaces" list—our SIXTH year on the list! #ProudlyMars

Who's pumped for #NationalPumpkinDay?! Celebrate with one of our pumpkin treats!

For the first time ever, we've partnered with Amazon to bring an urban pumpkin patch to Amazon Prime members in select cities! Our Halloween Treasure Truck is a one-stop shop where you can pick up trick-or-treat goodies and a pumpkin. Have you seen the Treasure Truck?

Halloween is in just ONE week! Which Mars Wrigley Confectionery treats are you most excited to see in your trick-or-treat basket? #TuesdayTastes

It's Manufacturing Monday! Meet Willa, who started as a temp and worked her way up to become the Good Manufacturing Coordinator at our Chicago site: "I make sure we're working safe and producing quality candy." #MeetMarsMonday

For Stephanie R., a sugar beet farmer in our supply chain, farming is not just a job–it’s a passion and a lifestyle for her family. She defines sustainability as using less resources to feed more of our expanding global population: “I would love to see consumers embrace traits and encourage the science that allows us to grow food more efficiently and with less environmental impact. I want to see the technology of farming encouraged just as the technology of every other facet of our modern lives is.”

Randy and Doug M. keep their #mint farming practices fresh by investing in sustainable operations and technology. The family’s farm in Indiana has produced peppermint and spearmint since the 1930s. Randy, pictured on the right, is proud of the mint grown on his farm and believes that gum and mint lovers can be too: “North American farmers want to deliver quality product consistently, day in and day out. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into making mint oil in a way that’s better for the environment.”

Farming runs in the family for Ricky and Mark J., 6th and 7th generation sugarcane farmers in Loreauville, LA, who we work with to source ingredients for our treats. Through a focus on sustainable agriculture, Ricky and Mark actively participate in soil and water conservation programs through the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and advocate for industry research and education by hosting local university and USDA research programs and grower education events on their farm. As Mark says, “There’s just something about seeing a crop develop from the time it’s planted to the time it’s harvested. I can be proud of what I’ve accomplished when we harvest the crop we nurtured through every step of its growth. For generations, my grandparents and parents dedicated their lives to watching their crops and children grow up side by side. Now I’m proud to have the same opportunity.” #proudlyMars

Adrienne M. worked in corporate America for nearly a decade before joining her family business as a second-generation cranberry farmer! Now, she gets to do what she loves: working with the land, and making a tangible impact on the world. Her family’s cranberry bogs are an important part of the community and local environment, with #sustainability and water conscious strategies built into every corner. Their bogs support the honeybee population critical to farming in the area, naturally improves water quality, and even serves as a buffer during storms to prevent neighborhood homes from being flooded! Adrienne explains why this emphasis on sustainability is critical: “I am growing #cranberries for the future of my children, and for generations to come. Every decision I make on the farm is influenced by this question: Is the farm going to be around when I’m gone, when my son is gone?” #ProudlyMars

There’s more behind your #mint. Larry and Debra W., owners of a mint farm Indiana, are proud that their family business currently provides for eight families in their local community. Larry takes that responsibility seriously: “I want our farm to be sustainable – not only for our family, but for our employees’ families. Whether we’re investing in GPS irrigation technology to help lessen water impact, planning to install solar panels or offering summer jobs to young people, we want to set up future generations for success."

Young farmers are the future of agriculture and food security in the U.S.—and they care about #sustainability! Casey C., one of our trusted #peanut farmers, explains why: “I am the sixth generation of my family to farm on the Flint River in Georgia. My parents instilled a love for the land in me at a very young age, and I continue to be passionate about stewardship and conservation. We continue to integrate innovative technology on the farm to optimize our resource use as efficiently as possible. Sustainability begins with the farmer. Many #farmers, like my family, are part of multi-generational operations. We understand that stewardship of the land and the natural resources on which we depend is critical. Sustainability is all about conserving both the land and our livelihood for the next generation to thrive. I have listened to my father (pictured with me here) echo Hugh Hammond Bennett my entire life: 'Take care of the land, and the land will take care of you.'”

The #farmers we work with are resourceful environmental stewards! Jim V., a lifelong farmer pictured here with his wife, Linda, knows sustainable farming is key to feeding the world: “Farming is very economical: there is no waste and everything gets used. #Sustainability is a life cycle. Crops feed the cows, and the cows’ manure fertilizes the land for crops. We prioritize cow comfort because if you don’t take care of the cows or the land, there’s no production—and I believe dairy is key to providing the world with a sustainable protein source.” #UndeniablyDairy

We work with Mark and Joey to source #peanuts. They see farming as a way of life for their family—and #sustainability plays an important part: “Sustainability is being able to maintain your land for the long-term. For example, we’ve implemented a strip-till system for 15 years now, and have seen the positive effects of this system in our soil health. The farm has been in our family for over 100 years—and our goal is to ensure that future generations have the ability to farm our family land.” #ProudlyMars

Happy Manufacturing Monday! Meet Billy, Maintenance Team Lead at our Chicago site. Working at Mars runs in the family: His great-grandfather worked at the site in the 1930's, along with members of every generation of his family after that (including both of his parents!) Find out what's motivated Billy to continue working for Mars for the past 29 years #MeetMarsMonday

To Bianca, #HispanicHeritageMonth is about honoring sacrifice. Thank you to all of our Associates for sharing what this month has meant to them!

We were at #BrainfoodNYC yesterday, hosted by @spoonuniversity! Had fun chatting about innovation, choice, transparency & the future of food—it’s looking pretty sweet 👌

Did you know @mmschocolate posts fun M&M'S #recipes from time to time? Check them out, just in time for #NationalDessertDay. Yum!

Dove Chocolate virtual reality tent at the NYC Wine & Food Festival ❤️ #LoveDove #DoveChocolate #BrandTeam #WhatMakesDove #ChoosePleasure #ProudlyMars #OneSweetJob #IWorkHere #TMovesToMars #nycwff2017

Missing many, but thanks to everyone that makes our brand great ❤️ #LoveDove #DoveChocolate #BrandTeam #WhatMakesDove #ChoosePleasure #ProudlyMars #OneSweetJob #IWorkHere #TMovesToMars #nycwff2017

The Dove Chocolate tent ❤️ Let Dove Chocolate take you away at the NYC Wine & Food Festival ❤️ #LoveDove #DoveChocolate #BrandTeam #WhatMakesDove #ChoosePleasure #ProudlyMars #OneSweetJob #IWorkHere #TMovesToMars #nycwff2017

Let Dove Chocolate take you away at the NYC Wine & Food Festival ❤️ #LoveDove #DoveChocolate #BrandTeam #WhatMakesDove #ChoosePleasure #ProudlyMars #OneSweetJob #IWorkHere #TMovesToMars #nycwff2017

Our Dove tent at the NYC Food & Wine Festival was a huge success! #lovedove #dovechocolate #brandteam #whatmakesdove #choosepleasure #iworkhere #onesweetjob #proudlymars

Things are getting a little windy in here... #FansOfWind

Spotted some #FansOfWind in New York City's Time Square!

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