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It's Working Parents Day! Balancing work with family is no easy feat. That's why we want to take a minute and thank all of the working parents in our Mars Wrigley Confectionery family! #proudlymars #onesweetjob #greatplacetowork #family

We’re so excited to have over 30 interns with us this summer! Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting our interns, giving you the inside scoop of what a day in the life of an intern looks like and sharing why Mars is a #GreatPlacetoWork. Check out what our sales intern, Lindsay D., has been up to this month! “Mars Sales Interns spend two weeks in the field shadowing Territory Sales Managers (TSMs), visiting different stores and identifying opportunities to display and promote our amazing Mars brands. On my last day of shadowing I was given the opportunity to pitch a display to the Store Manager and see it come to life!” #MarsInternTakeover #OneSweetJob #ProudlyMars

Mars Chocolate wants to be a workplace where Associates grow their careers at. One way they achieve this is by supporting and encouraging Associates to be themselves at work. One of our interns, Viditi S. participated in the New York Pride Parade and distributed M&M'S to the supporters. She truly loves what's on the inside and pride means progress to her. That's a wrap for today! We hope you enjoyed following along with us. Check back in a few weeks for another intern #takeovertuesday. #ProudlyMars #OneSweetJob

"Mars Chocolate is a truly unique place to work...everyone is passionate about the work they are doing, and the people are incredible." While free chocolate is a sweet perk, it's really the people that make Hackettstown a great place to work. See more from @businessinsider's recent visit by clicking the link in our bio. #OneSweetJob #proudlyMars (Photo: @courtneyverrill from @businessinsider)

On my first day, I arrived at my desk to find a very sweet welcome waiting for me! It's little surprises like these that keep me wanting to come back to work. If you need a sweet treat, I got you! 🍫🍬🍭#ProudlyMars #TakeOverTuesday #OneSweetJob

After being blanched and split, the peanuts go through a roasting process where they are made to fit the flavor profile needed for SNICKERS. We're currently evaluating our roasting operations and identifying potential improvements to the process to reduce energy. #ProudlyMars #marsassociatetakeover #onesweetjob #NationalPeanutMonth

On the first day, we were greeted by our line managers in the lobby and brought to our desks. As you can see, a plethora of product, a lap top, and some essentials we're waiting for us. Mars Chocolate wants to ensure all of their Associates have a warm welcoming experience. We then spent the day in orientation learning about the Mars culture and the office. #ProudlyMars #OneSweetJob #takeovertuesday

Today is our first intern #takeovertuesday! Our marketing interns will be sharing what it's like to work @marsglobal and the cool experiences they have had thus far. #ProudlyMars #OneSweetJob

We're at St. Joseph's University today until 1:30pm. Come and learn more about #careers @marsglobal! #proudlymars #onesweetjob #recruiting #careerfair


Things are getting a little windy in here... #FansOfWind

Spotted some #FansOfWind in New York City's Time Square!

Great news: We've been voted Best Large Employer in Topeka, Kansas! #ProudlyMars

@mmschocolate is committed to a healthy planet - and Red & Yellow are here to tell you why they're fans of wind energy! (Link in bio)

We're at the Mashable Social Good Summit to show why we're #fansofwind and show attendees how they can join the clean energy revolution! #2030now #globalgoals

It's Working Parents Day! Balancing work with family is no easy feat. That's why we want to take a minute and thank all of the working parents in our Mars Wrigley Confectionery family! #proudlymars #onesweetjob #greatplacetowork #family

We believe in science and that climate change is real. None of us can thrive without a healthy planet. That's why we're committed to renewable energy and doing our part to prevent future climate change. Berta De Pablos-Barbier, President, Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S. explains (link in bio)

Mars believes that that we cannot grow and prosper unless the planet, people and communities on which we rely are healthy and thriving. As a millennial with a deep personal and professional passion for #sustainability, I am very excited about our new Sustainable in a Generation Plan (link in bio) and am proud to be on the team that will help bring it to life on the ground. I love peanuts because they have a great sustainability story to tell, and I love getting my boots dirty in order to support advancements the industry has made and provide the highest quality ingredients for our products. Thanks for following along today! #NationalPeanutDay

Peanuts begin here at the farm with our trusted growers. We’re dedicated to working with farmers, partnering on research to develop new growing methods and farming practices that reduce land, energy, and water use for a more #sustainable future. To do this, it is important to learn as much as possible about where our peanuts come from and the challenges our farmers face—through the eyes of our farmers. My team and I often spend time in the field meeting with growers, looking at the crop together, and learning about what Mars can do to help support the industry. #NationalPeanutDay

Water is a critical resource in peanut production across the world. As part of our Sustainable in a Generation Plan (link in bio), our ultimate goal is to eliminate water use in excess of sustainable levels. That is why we are working to better understand opportunities for greater water use efficiency as it relates to irrigation in peanut production. Our goal is to help farmers get more crop per drop through improved access to technology and increased adoption of #climate-smart growing practices. #NationalPeanutDay

From @SNICKERS to @mmschocolate, many of our most popular products use peanuts. These wonderful legumes naturally release nitrogen into the soil—requiring less fertilizer and replenishing soil health, a benefit that the next rotated crop will enjoy. I love peanuts because they are a win-win crop: good for you (packed with 7 grams of protein per serving!) and good for the #environment. #NationalPeanutDay

Happy #NationalPeanutDay! My name is Alissa M., Sustainable Insights Sourcing Manager for Mars. As a part of my role, I am responsible for helping to determine our #sustainable sourcing strategy for peanuts. Follow along with me today as I take over @marswrigleyconfectionery Instagram and share why I love peanuts, why they are so important to our business and how they contribute to our Sustainable in a Generation Plan (link in bio).

Tomorrow is #WomensEqualityDay! At Mars Wrigley Confectionery, we're proud to work under many amazing women leaders, including Tracey Massey, President, Mars Wrigley Confectionery, Americas, who had this advice for other working women:

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