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As I was rearranging some dolls, these two ended up next to each other and I couldn't believe how similar their sculpts were! Since I consider Medicom to be the most accurate Anna we're going to get, Hasbro really knocked it out of the park. The overall shape is nearly identical, the profile is spot on, and they even have the same smiling apples in the cheeks. The only major difference is, of course, the eyes (sculpt, screening, etc,) the mouth on Hasbro is a bit lower, and Medicom's cheeks are a bit fuller. But really, if Hasbro's sculpt game is this strong, Disney Store better watch out. 💅❤💫

Guess what it is? 😎

A little video of the MODERN LIFE Charlize as Furiosa 1/6th scale head.
Handmade and very limited edition! ☺ order@modernlife-ml.com
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Guess what it is? 😎

New Sherlock 🕵️‍♂️ from poptoys

Open for pre order this weekend

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