Camp Counselor (Pt.7):
A month was left at summer camp before everyone was free to go back home for the last summer before school began again.
Liam had already managed to get into the college he wanted, but that meant he'd have to leave Niall behind since the Irish boy was going to be a Senior in a couple of months.
Niall reassured him that they'd turn out okay when the elder brunette brought up the same topic one night.
“Are you sure, darling? I mean, we do have two months left here together, but I don't want to be separated from you for so long. I want us to stay at each other's sides, and I know that sounds clingy, but I've grown such a fond attachment of you that-”
“I understand, Li, and this is why we don't have to worry about it, alright? Our loyalty for one another is clearly there and that's what will keep us going in the long run… Let's not stress about any of this anymore, hmm?” Liam nods, letting out a sigh of relief before pulling Niall into a sudden kiss, pulling him close enough to feel every bit of warmth and skin possible.
Niall kisses back smiling, arms wrapping around Liam's exposed neck until he found himself lying beneath the elder male.
Liam roamed his hands along the younger boy's body, planting kisses in unique places that sent shivers down Niall's whole, clothed body.
He almost couldn't catch his breath, which Liam noticed and smirked, only making it worse by slipping his hands up the paler males shirt, rubbing his sides slowly.
“L-Li, we can't do this here… Anyone could walk in at any time, even if it is a little late, a-and I'm not ready…” Liam immediately stops whilst nodding, planting a subtle kiss to Niall's lips before laying down next to him carefully.
“No worries, love. I don't want to pressure you into anything that you don't want to do; I'll wait until we're both completely ready.” Niall grins a little, kissing Liam's cheek until he pulled the covers over them both, snuggling into his side moments later.
“You’re too good for me, Li. I thought I'd never find someone like you, but I did and just… wow…” Liam chuckles lightly, kissing his head before turning off the lamplight.
“I’m thankful for you, darling.”

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Camp Counselor (Pt.6):
A couple of weeks passed, allowing Niall to think about everything and become calm again after the almost kiss that occurred.
This also gave Liam the liberty to come up with a few surprises for the Irish boy who found a way into his own heart.
He kept everything to himself, of course, not bothering to speak with Perrie or anyone else about the secretive topic.
Niall got his dinner on the night of his final thoughts, sitting down at the table he always sat at with his group of friends.
He didn't speak much even then, keeping himself bottled up until looking up to see Liam walk towards him and everyone else.
Niall's cheeks felt evidently warmer as the taller brunette got closer with each step that he took towards the younger male.
“Niall, can we speak privately,” Liam asked into the Irish boy's left ear, sending shivers down his clothed body.
“Y-Yeah, sure…” Niall replied with a nod, getting up a moment later to follow Liam closely to wherever the elder male wanted him to be.
It leads them to Liam's private room, one of the many rooms which each of the counselors has to their advantage.
Some decorations were neatly pinned up or placed at the thought out points in the bedroom, fairy lights genuinely setting the romantic scene that Liam went for.
“I hope this isn't too much. I was hoping that it'd be just enough for you to relax and be able to speak with me without freaking out.” Niall smiles from ear to ear, looking around the room until he found himself sitting down on Liam's bed next to the taller brunette who had his eyes locked on him and only him.
“This is beautiful, Liam, but we really do need to talk… I've thought a lot about our relationship, of course, and I just want to say that I want to be your boyfriend, but I don't know if it's what you really aspire to have. If not, I totally understand, and-”
“I like you, Niall. More than a friend obviously, but I do. Nothing would make me happier than to have you as my boyfriend, darling, and I know that we can make this work.” Niall nods and feels his cheeks heat up again, being pulled into a warm hug moments later by the taller brunette who smelled like cinnamon and vanilla.
“We can.”

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[11:17 pm] > inspired by a great friend of mine ♥ i haven't write something like this in long time so this is not my best. .
She ran after him. Even though he was just in front of her, she felt that time was running out. She was going to lose him. He was close but she never felt so far away from him. She looked up, panting from the chasing but a little run would never stop her from having him. He was standing not very far, waiting for her, wearing the smile that she first fell in love with. He opened his arms, motioning her to come closer.

I did it, she thought to herself as she sprinted towards him. He accepted her in his arms. She buried her face into his chest, letting her arms wrapped itself around his waist. After 10 years of chasing, running, moving on then finally coming back, she made it and she was happy.

They both pulled away a bit to see each other. With a sheepish grin planted on both of their faces, they couldn’t help it to laugh. He lifted his hand to stroke her face softly, feeling scared as if she was going to break. “I..’’ he began. “Yes?” “I don’t want this.” Her smile was replaced with a frown, a puzzled look was planted on her face. She let her arms dropped to her side as she backed away from him. “W-what..” a whisper slipped through her lips. His smile quickly turned into a smirk. He shrugged, shoving his hands into his pocket and then turned away from her. He did something that she was afraid of. He walked away from her. He didn’t even bother saying goodbye. “No. No. No. No..” she murmured to herself. What was happening? She thought he was finally hers. She tried chasing after him but her legs were stopping her from doing it.

She called after him. Shouting and screaming his name but he never once stopped to look back as he kept on walking ahead. She lost him. She dropped to her knees, clutching on to her chest. She couldn’t bear the pain she never felt before. All she wanted was to wake up and she did.

She woke up with a gasp. Her eyes met with a very familiar face, looking confused yet very concerned at the same time. “Are you okay?” [continue in the comments]

Camp Counselor (Pt.5):
They suddenly got interrupted by a door closing shut, pulling away from the other in evident embarrassment until Liam took the soap and walked back to his own showering area.
This lead Niall to slip down his shower wall, putting his face in his hands while his cheeks burned a fiery hot shade of red.
“Such an idiot…” Niall whispered to himself, shaking his head in disbelief as he'd never actually had the chance to kiss Liam properly. His emotions were all over the place at this point.
The next day eventually came though, Niall getting up from the lower bed to head towards the dining hall for breakfast.
Louis caught up to him and brought him into a continuous hug as they walked together, looking at his friend in confusion.
“What’s wrong, Nialler? You seem upset…” Niall chuckles lightly, forcing a small smile whilst grabbing a red tray to hold his food.
“It’s nothing important Lou, so don't worry about it, okay? If it gets any more problematic, then I'll let you know. I just need space.” The smaller male nods and grabs his own tray, giving Niall space right then and there to appease his needs.
Niall sat down after gathering the amount of food he could take in, sitting alone in his bed since he didn't want to be seen.
The Irish boy eventually heard some footsteps, not daring to look up as he had a feeling who it could be.
“Can we talk about last night, Niall…” Liam's soft and smooth voice uttered, and it made the younger males heart jump. He expected Louis to come in.
“I suppose… There's nothing much to talk about other than I made a complete fool in myself thinking that I'd actually be able to kiss someone your age and status.” Liam clenched his jaw a little bit, wanting to speak again, but Niall actually couldn't take any more of it.
“I'll let you know when we can talk again, alright, Liam? I just need my space and I'll feel better eventually, enough to speak with you normally…” The elder brunette nods in defeat, patting Niall's exposed, right knee before genuinely leaving him alone.
That alone made Niall's body react harshly, but he wished he wouldn't act like such a kid, but emotions were difficult for him.

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Camp Counselor (Pt.4):
A month passed since summer camp began and Niall became a lot more confident in his own abilities, delving into intricate exercises that helped increase his stamina and strength overall.
Liam helped him of course, only lending a hand when necessary while also giving him subtle cheers and rewards here and there for continuing to develop his strengths and weaknesses.
They shared serious conversations almost every night as the campfire warmed them evenly in the cool environment.
No one suspected anything was going on between the two of them, and nothing seemed to be happening away, but that didn't stop Niall from getting flustered and antsy whenever Liam was mentioned.
It all felt super cliché, which is why he kept it a secret, but Liam had a few urges as well, wanting to get closer to Niall to the point of becoming good friends and getting his number.
He succeeded in the latter on a particular night when sharing some smores with the younger lad, casually bringing up the question of a phone number into their randomly made conversation.
Niall let it slip past him that he actually gave Liam his number, but it him when seeing the elder brunette in the showers for the nth time, almost like Liam only showered when he did.
The Irish boy never minded it though, actually enjoying the beautiful sight of Liam's bare body that caught multiple droplets of heated water over and over again.
He needed to act on his feelings one way or another before the summer camp ended though because he was scared that he'd never see the taller male again, even if they did exchange numbers only a few nights prior to this specific moment.
Niall continued to recite what he wanted to say to Liam, catching his breath each time.
But once he turned to look at Liam again, the male stood on the other side of the glass door, towel wrapped around his waist carefully like he barely attempted to put it on.
“Sorry to make you jump, but I ran out of soap and was wondering if you still had some? Since we had to bring some for ourselves; I'm an idiot for not bringing enough.” Niall shakes his head, blushing.
“No worries, Liam.”
As Niall hands it to him, he began to lean in closer.

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I won’t post any actual oneshots until December but I posted it so people could save the book and get notifications when it gets updated.
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Camp Counselor (Pt.3):
The rest of everyone's day in their first day at camp consisted of constant exercising, playing basketball or football, and subtle glances that Niall made towards Liam in sneaky fashions.
Liam did the same, but the Irish boy wouldn't notice as he continued to work diligently.
As it turned though, Niall went to take another shower after everyone else did, the subtle hoot from owls becoming evident while the crickets spoke rhythmically.
He didn't notice someone else showering until hearing an evident cough, causing him to jump and consequently drop his soap.
His cheeks burned bright red when picking it up, the joke ringing in the back of his mind until he noticed Liam showering near him.
The space between the two of them was indescribable and could only take a second for anything to happen as they were alone.
Liam did look over at him though, sending a small smile to the younger male who appeared flustered, turning away from the elder male that got a little braver moments later.
“Hey, Niall. How was the first day today? I wanted to ask the other boys, but I felt like leaving them be was the best option after putting them through such difficult tasks.” Niall chuckles lightly, turning back to view Liam confidently.
“You did really well, Liam, so don't worry about it. I've been pushed just as hard by my gym teachers and getting yelled at gives me the urge to do anything, the perseverance, I suppose.” The English male hums, nodding Niall's way before cleaning off the rest of his body that was coated in soap.
“Well, I'm glad you're working really hard already. You'll be my favorite out of the bunch, for sure, especially since you're adorable to top it all off.” Niall blushes harder and bites his lower lip, resting against the wall.
“Th-Thanks, I really appreciate that. By the way, if you don't mind me asking, Liam… Are you gay?” The taller brunette immediately nods and smiles proudly, resting his bulkier arms on top of the mid-level glass door that appeared blurry enough to hide his body.
“Single, as well. Been so for a while since nobody can exceed my expectations, but I've got my eye out. What about you?”
Niall grins, “same here.”

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