ALOE BAR! The people of High Street Kensington are loving my free aloe shots today! Got to keep the nation healthy. One step at a time. A shot a day of the good stuff is all it takes πŸ‘ #aloeveragel #healthychoicesmatter #oneshotaday

With so much going on at the wholesome connection HQ this week am going to be drinking this by the bucket load!! This little beauty definitely keeps me on track during my busier times.
Don't forget we've only one week left of our get the glow challenge where you can get 2 bottles of our liquid gold for the reduced price and you could be in with a chance of winning our amazing event prizes!! Get in touch if you wish to know more! (Should've put shades on, not used to the big yellow ball in the sky πŸ˜‚)

Ningxia.... 1 shot a day is all you need! I don't get an instant energy boost but if I skip a day all I can think about is if I can fit in a nap! Gotta take care of you! Luckily I used my ER points and got a 2 pack free because my bottle was almost empty! #ningxiared #everyday

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