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I miss my life few months ago, when I had a lot of time, all I did is just drawing, day by day, and didn't have to afraid about anything. I really enjoyed the time I posted painting frequently, read your comments and replied all of them. But now, so many things have changed, these changes used to knock me down, but I still tried to move on, I tried to get used to it, and somehow, my life is so different now. Even though I dealt with it, but I don't feel happy about it, cause there's so much changes, my life is not like the way I want it to be, I'm like the person that my life wants me to be, and it's getting worse... I really hope that I can come back to the person that I used to be, someday...


Happy Monday everyone! I made Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece because I've been in a One Piece mood recently and didn't have the time until today to go in and start rewatching. Don't know how far I'll get though considering how many episodes there are! #onepiece #onepieceart #fanart #fanartist #animeart #art #anime #animefanart #tonytonychopper #luffy #monkeydluffy #strawhatpirates #nami #pirates #zoro #vectorart #vector #animearttr #animeartshelp #animeartgallery

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