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I am embracing the imprint of errors in the work and now looking at the images like they are paintings ..becoming a mixture of dreams and my reality, though still somehow blurry, but with gorgeous, unraveled threads taken from my mothers private storage lancing and dancing in the works with images showing the cloth of my Ghanaian family heritage.

ONE OF ME II is shown until July 15th at the group show “Room With Its Own Rules” at @TheChamber NYC.
Curated by @MatyldaKrzykowski:
Room With Its Own Rules is an example of what is clearly not yet happening. It presents a parallel, post-patriarchal reality in which an all-female show is a normal phenomenon, rather than a specially planned “affirmative action.” #UnraveledThreads #Eweasante #Asato #OneOfMe

Glad to have #justinbieber onboard #jk #oneofme

This a loub world bitch stay in yo lane💋‼️ #living #plentyofu #oneofme #borndope

Some people have challenge handling #oneofme i sometimes #wonder if the #world could handle #twoofus closing deals #inasuit

🔙🔙the best is yet to come #oneofme


Ready for @oneofmeclothing 1 year anniversary night #oneofme #newbrand


...and #oneofme. Does it count? Is it cheating?

...and one of me (I don't wear makeup and I don't really do my hair and I wasn't going to show myself in the shower, so I wasn't sure how to show the me-equivalent of Harold grooming himself... Adjusting my bra seemed like a good option, I guess) #oneofme

#LeStruggle is Real....if your belt loops never ripped, you don't feel me though 😩🤷🏻‍♀️😂 #BePatient #InDueTime #FaithOnFleek #OneOfMe #WithNoEffort 🤗

Sei complicata
come un problema di matematica
non trovi mai la tua strada
e ti perdi di continuo
nei posti che non conosci
e vorresti essere
quasi sempre
dove non sei
Sei problematica
nella testa hai così tanto passato
che non vedi il futuro
che ti spaventi
di quello che verrà
che vorresti tornare indietro sempre
oppure correre avanti avanti veloce,
sei complicata
parti bene e poi ti perdi per strada
non vuoi regole
e vuoi solo essere lasciata in pace
perché non vuoi complicazioni
ma tu stessa sei complicata
come un problema di matematica
e aspetti, ma non speri
aspetti forte
qualcuno che
possa mettersi lì
per risolverti
davvero. #oneofme

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