This is the sequence Arthur does on horse to work his basics. We take off the pommels and only worry about his shape.
1️⃣we put the block on that side so it encourage him to lean over his left hand and drive his heals on the second part of his circle.
2️⃣notice he has a pretty even circle - it’s important to make sure your athlete leans over both hands equally. Look for from the front or back to watch. You can also just listen - you can hear an uneven circle by the sounds of his hands hitting the horse.
3️⃣always lead with the correct hand (this case it’s the right) on a magyr. Also go back and reinforce not skewing on your travel.
Often you see people do this big skills or big weights on Instagram but you don’t see them working the basics or drills - trust me they are doing these - they just don’t post them because they aren’t as exciting.
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