There’s gonna be one less lonely girl 〜♬
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I can’t Belieb it... (tag a heartbroken Belieber) 💔

we all took buzztin for granted huh?
- @moonlightbabegirl

just out here telling myself justin bieber isn’t actually engaged.. 💜 #thatshouldbeme

“Does she make you feel wanted like I did
Make you feel like you're the one thing that matters
You let her head rest on your chest
But when you close your eyes
You'll be seeing my face again
I'll be crossing your mind
You'll be dreaming of places we went
And then you'll wake up to find
That she's not me
She's not me
She's not me
That she's not me, eh”

“Every time your lips touch another i want you to feel me.. i want you to feel me..”

Literally obsessed with this pic 😍😍- @justinbieber @haileybaldwin

i haven’t posted on here in five days bc i was in florida and then had to fly home and get all unpacked and get my life back to normal. sorry XOXO❣️

“i love you justin but like that’s like my least favorite hairstyle of yours”
goodnight with this goldie - @moonlightbabegirl

okay that’s him but not really now WHAT THE FUCK ??????????? @pattiemallette sweetie we need to talk
(it’s not jay cuz this guy doesn’t even have the “patience” tattoo) lmao imdeadjsjsjsjjajaka


bizzle’s body was a whole meal

New tattoo? What ya think

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