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One last time - Ariana Grande
Han pasado 5 días desde el atentado de Manchester y me sigue doliendo igual. Me sigue doliendo el 13 de noviembre de 2015 en Paris, me duele la ciudad de Marawi en Filipinas, me duele el atentado en Egipto de ayer, me duele Siria y me duelen las guerras de las que no me informan lo suficiente los medios de comunicación. Me duele que sea la inocencia quien pague una factura que nunca ha debido existir ni nunca será suya y me duele terriblemente vivir o ser parte de una enfermedad crónica que padece este mundo. No tengo ni la menor idea de cómo se sana, pero desde pequeña me han dicho que la intención es lo que cuenta, y más en un mundo de 7 mil millones de habitantes. Ojalá puediese contribuir a que esta sea la última vez del odio y no de la inocencia.

It's been 5 days since hate took the city of Manchester and it still hurts the same. 13th November 2015 in Paris still hurts, Marawi hurts, Egypt hurts, Siria hurts and wars social media don't talk enough about hurts. It hurts to see innocence is the one who pays this bill that will never be of it and it hurts so much to live or t be part of this disease this world suffer from. I have no idea how to heal it, but I've been said since I was a kid that it's the thought that counts. I wish this could be the last time of hate and not of the innocence.
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Ariana 😍👸🏻

The lyric video for "One Last Time" hit 100 million views, it is @ArianaGrande's first lyric video to do so.(16th video overall)

I decided to make another video. This one is happy and sad at the same time. It's for victims, Ari and Arianators. One Last Time has now a different meaning so that's why i used this song. This video's supposed to make you happy and sad and strong. Please SHARE.
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🎼Hoping for better days🎼
Ari payed $1M to the affected families and she's also making a benefit concert in Manchester🙏🏼☺
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I think I'm going to change the nose a little bit bc I think it looks weird
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Confessions take a few weeks to be posted.
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👑💞 хочу посвятить это видео терракту на Манчестер арена.. Мне очень жаль всех погибших и конечно же мою Ариану..One last time,i need to be the one who takes you home.. @arianagrande @arianaperfect .. и конечно же племянник не даёт снимать как всегда..

A final see off. This place was second home. The college. The Hostel. All good things must come to an end.
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Signing off... Thank you The Inn!! Mission accomplished! I will miss you all!! 🙌🏻 #onelastTime #lastDay #cookslife🔪

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