I do not know how to get over this pain. Even though you were with me for a little while. I waited for you for 12 years and never in my wildest dreams think you would leave me so soon. You were my hopes, dreams and happy ever after. I will never forget you because you made an impact in my heart, soul and life forever.
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Our bodies do so much for us - when are we going to stop hating our bodies

To begin being nice to your body and eventually like your body, it is important to recognize your body’s strengths and positives. Start today! 💜

#HerBodyHerChoice #ShoutYourAbortion

Are you tired of making your body be your enemy?  When is it time to befriend your body?  Think of all the miraculous things our bodies do each and every day.  Doesn’t our body deserve our love and compassion instead of our loathing and hate?

How to change stigma around mental health?

Change the conversations we have around accessing mental healthcare. Acceptance and inclusion of diversity. Receptiveness to New Evidenced based data surrounding etiology of mental health disorders and treatment modalities. Willingness to normalize mental health disorders as research shows one in four persons suffers from a mental health illness. #curestigma #accesstomentalhealthcare #diversityandinclusion #oneinfour #biologicalbraindisorders #futureofmedicine #mentalhealthchange #mentalhealthwarrior @symphonyquatro #wearethechange #crucialconversations

How was your week? Remember to celebrate your successes 🎉 - no matter how big or small. And, be sure to relax and recharge💜

Today we officially begin our IVF journey 🤞🏼 I'll share a little bit of my story.

I was diagnosed with elevated prolactin levels caused by a pituitary tumor back in December of 2016. I thought for sure this was the light at the end of the tunnel because we got pregnant 3 weeks after I was started on meds. Unfortunately, on February 12, 2017 I miscarried at around 7 weeks, just days after we had seen our little miracle and heard its heartbeat 💔 The emotional and physical pain was unreal. That's a day I will NEVER forget. We were unable to get pregnant again after that despite continuing medications for my tumor.
Fast forward to December of 2017; we finally decided to ask for a referral to a specialist. We began seeing Dr. B at CARS and we came up with a plan. I had a minor surgery to fix a uterine septum followed by 3 months of (failed) IUIs with clomid.
And here we are... This path hasn't been easy, but I'm hoping it leads us to where we need to be ❤

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The @realdonaldtrump gag rule would remove the guarantee that patients get full and accurate information about their health care from their doctor. It would prevent providers across the country from referring their patients for safe, legal abortions. There are about two weeks left in the public comment period, so it’s important that you make your voice heard. Say #NoGagRule, tell your story, get sassy: rebrand.ly/TitleX #oneinfour

Are you too much?  Or, is he just not the one for you?

never in the history of calming down has anyone calmed down by being told to calm down. ever. especially those who suffer from mental illness and anxiety attacks. ⁣⁣
here’s a list of some much better things to say in place of “calm down” to someone who may be suffering with an anxiety (or panic) attack— ⁣⁣
♡ “just breathe.” ⁣⁣
♡ “i’m here for you.” ⁣⁣
♡ “i understand you.” ⁣⁣
♡ “everything is going to be okay.” ⁣⁣
♡ “don’t worry. this isn’t your fault.” ⁣⁣
♡ “do you want a hug?” ⁣⁣
♡ “take a deep breath and relax.” ⁣⁣
♡ “do you want to go home?” ⁣⁣
♡ “i love you and i care about you.” ⁣⁣
♡ “what do you need me to do for you?”⁣⁣
♡ “you’re going to be alright.”⁣⁣
♡ “close your eyes and think about things that make you feel happy and peaceful.” ⁣⁣
this goes for everyone— young and old. ⁣⁣
one in four people have a mental illness. with that being said, i’m positive that you know someone who struggles mentally. just because you don’t physically see their illness doesn’t mean that it’s not there. ⁣⁣
open your eyes. be more understanding. telling someone to “calm down”— especially someone suffering with mental illness, will not ever make them calm down. ever. ⁣

👇🏻 leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts on this topic! also— do you want more posts like this?

For our beautiful baby that we will never meet. You were loved from the minute we knew.
We are thankful to family and friends that have offered their understanding and support during our heartbreak.
To my Love, @pieter_jordaan_rsa, I could not have hoped to be with anyone more caring and loving than you are. You were amazing my love, from the day we found out we were expecting Nugget, you treated us both like gold and continue to treat me like your queen. I am so grateful for everything that you are and I am so blessed to have you. Thank you for being my partner through every struggle, for standing by my side no matter what and thank you for loving me just as I am. Our family will continue to grow ♡ . #oneinfour #yourenotalone #love #support #encouragement #amomentinmytummyforeverinmyheart
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Have you ever been told you’re “too much “, “too much of a handful”, “too independent”, or something similar? And then you felt bad about yourself and wondered what was wrong with you? What if - it wasn’t you. What if he/she just wasn’t the right person for you? The right person won’t think you’re too much, a handful, or too independent. The right person will embrace you and your strength 💜

Are you in charge of your thoughts, actions and reactions? Maybe not. .
. As we evolved we upgraded our brains, but we still run a very primitive brain, the original part of our brain that is structurally very similar to other animals. .
. This brain only operates within the very primitive parameters of anxiety, anger and depression and often a mix of all three. .
.How do you know if you’re in your primitive brain? If you find yourself going from zero to disaster in less than 5 seconds, chances are, this part of your brain is in control. That was fine when we lived in jungles and caves but not great for living your life now.

Not the best but picture but this was suppose to be a happy post. I was suppose to be announcing a tiny one coming soon. I was suppose to finally have my time. But once again life fucked me. For the fourth time in my life, I was pregnant one day, and not the next. And I was excited for once. Happy to carry another life inside of me. Being infertile is a real thing and it happens to soooo many of us women. So here’s to next time. Here’s to trying again in the future. Here’s to better days. Here’s to making it the next couple days without losing my mind. To watching another life pass through my body. If you know me, you know I’ve always wanted a baby, but maybe it’s time I just settle for a puppy. #oneinfour

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