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We are SO excited to announce that we have chosen our first winner in our new venture of working to raise awareness for infertility and the struggles that couples and individuals go through daily just to create a family.
Big congrats go out to @in_godstiming!! Her and her husband have such a beautiful but heartbreaking story, and I can’t wait to share more about them with y’all.
Feel free to head over to their account where they have documented their journey. We will also be posting an introduction to them tomorrow! 😊
If you were nominated or entered to be involved in this, do not fret, we will be picking a new winner every two weeks! 🤗
We hope you all had a great weekend! ❤️❤️❤️

Looking forward is hard but necessary
Looking forward means that you have to build up hope again
Looking forward means that you come to terms with where you are now
A week ago I really didn’t think I’d ever be able to get out of bed.
I honestly wanted to wrap up in a cocoon and sleep for the next two months
Depression and grief were consuming me •
I gave into a lot of emotional eating
I had no physical outlet and I don’t do well sitting still
But Friday i cleaned out my closet
Yesterday I went to the grocery store
Today i did some meal prep for the week
And tomorrow i work on taking care of myself again with a fitness and nutrition plan
Working on working off those 20lbs until we can try again •
Its all one day and one step at a time and I’d be lying if I pretended that I could make it through these next 2 months or so with ease.
I know it will be hard but I can tell you that focusing on ME again is exactly what I need

Getting back into my daily routine
Getting back into exercising and eating on plan
Because wallowing in more french fries pizza and tag alongs doesn’t do anyone any good (even though it SEEMS like a good idea) •
Hope is scary because you open yourself up to heartbreak
The future is scary because no matter what we believe there is no certainty
But I will not live a life of no excitement or happiness to avoid pain and hurt
We make choices every day on how we will love our life
Every day is a choice whether to find joy or whether to live in anger and resentment
Today I choose joy
Even when my days are hard, even when it doesn’t make sense, even when I’m angry - I. Choose. Joy.

#ichoosejoy #ttc #ttcaftermiscarriage #1in4 #fitnessgoals #onedayatatime #oneinfour #miscarriageawareness #miscarriagesupport #rpl #recurrentpregnancyloss #80dayobsession #trichotillomania #anxietywarrior #ocdwarrior #trichster #miscarriagesurvivor

Watched the film of this book. If you have #teenage children who are struggling with their mental health, you’re struggling or you just want to understand more about #depression #suicidalthoughts and #anxiety. Don’t be fooled by the subject matter...it’s actually a beautifully uplifting story. Written by #nedvizzini, who wrote this as a teenager and who suffered his own battle with mental illness.

Happy Sunday! ❤️❤️
We will be announcing our first winner for our new collab we are doing for all you #infertilitywarriors out there, tonight! 🍍🍍🍍
For now, I need coffee. ☕️

Exactly 1 month today I’ll be running the new London Landmarks Half Marathon for @tommys_thebabycharity and this is why... as a Mum of two premature babies, I know that the research into premature birth they provide is invaluable.
In 2015 I had a missed miscarriage which resulted in me needing an operation which then had complications. The whole experience was pretty horrendous but I was able to draw a lot of strength from Tommy’s #misCourage campaign and I found sharing my story for it really cathartic too as well as reading about others experiences. Tommy’s has been funding research and saving babies lives like mine for 25 years and I am so so proud to be running this half marathon and raising as much money as I can so they can continue the incredible research and work that they do. Amazingly it will be the weekend of Loch and Arlo’s joint 8th and 4th Birthday so it feels a very fitting way to celebrate them and commemorate my little lost bean too 💜 I just want to thank everyone for all the incredibly generous donations received so far, they mean the world, and also say there’s still time to donate. One month to go!! #miscarriage #oneinfour #pregnancyloss #prematurebirth #halfmarathon #halfmarathontraining #londonlandmarkshalfmarathon #tommysthebabycharity

Dear Life
Better With My Hands

I really didn’t want to cook tonight.
I really wanted a cooking break.
Afterall, it is a Saturday and I cook ALL week.

But I also really wanted to eat yummy, high quality food.

So Strip Steak with Braised Kale and Roasted Potatoes it is. Another blue apron meal, and loving it.

Now I choose a Netflix movie and sip my wine. 🍷

Aaaaah, weekends are zeeee best! Happy Saturday from my family to yours! ♥️🍷
#saturdayvibes #helloweekend #foodie #steakandpotatoes #blueapron
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To cradle an invisible baby you will never hold this side of heaven is a pain beyond depiction. And there is a uniqueness in the pain for those of us with no other child to ease the aching arms. Time doesn't heal the wounds...you have changed forever. Hugs to all my sweet friends who know this pain and think of their child(ren) every single day.

#miscarriage #BabyGrace #loss #oneinfour

This is my view today! I love teaching...even when I say smile and get 2 fingers back 😂😂😂😂. #students #hypnotherapystudent

Sometimes you just need a muffin made with ❤️ @mindfulmango Well... it's also made with julienned carrots, crushed pineapple, walnuts and #cinnamon #foodlovers #foodmadewell #comfyfood #ilhavethat #halifaxlocal

How often do you plan self care?
Whats your go to “self care” activity -
I got mine in check
✔️ Self care for this weekend and next PLANNED
👉🏻today we’re enjoying some wine and beer on the couch
👉🏻Monday we start a new health and fitness plan TOGETHER 👉🏻Saturday we have a whole spa day planned
Because self care should be about indulging BUT the word CARE is key
Such as care for your BODY and soul
It’s a balance •
It took everything I have not to resort to eating everything I want. Sure I’ve enjoyed chocolate and cookies and wine but I didn’t eat out every meal
I ate veggies. •
I was also shocked I had NO desire to pull and resort to my trichotillomania with the added anxiety and stress

Growth happens
Growth takes time
Self care MATTERS and is part of that
Balance is a huge part of that •
It’s so easy to fall into our sorrow and it’s OKAY to do that but life goes ON and you have to take the steps to get back into life st SOME point. That point is different for everyone •
You know I’m in all these Facebook groups for miscarriage and early infant loss as well as trichotillomania and all of the groups are full of people trying to help and encourage each other
And sometimes I have to take a step back
Step out of the muck and the sorrow and take care of ME •
There is no map for grief or how to live this life but the starting point is ALWAYS you amd taking care of yourself 💕 #BackToSquareOne

#miscarriage #miscarriageawareness @miscarriage.nonprofit #trichotillomania #trichotillomaniaawareness #ihadamiscarriage #earlypregnancyloss #recurrentpregnancyloss #oneinfour #1in4 #lossofachild #miscarriagesupport #miscarriagesucks

Every Friday morning my big helper and I deliver the @nourish_al bags to pediatric associates of auburn for our families. If you are looking for a way to give back please consider helping us in our mission of Feeding our village! #feedingourvillage #oneinfour #nonprofit #fightingfoodinsecurity #auburnal #opelikaal

Defiantly not the most pretty food snap but this is my homemade quinoa crust pizza! I made a simple tomato sauce and mozzarella. Delicious .
#fridaynightcooking #home #homemade #healthyfood #healthy #health #mindfuleating #mindfulliving #badfoodmakesmefeelbad #anxietyfree #anxiety #cookingmyselfhappy #oneinfour #mindfulness #mindful #quinoa #fridaynightdinner #ambitious #fightdepression

The blood clinic will be in the Abbey Hotel next Tuesday (27th) and Wednesday (28th). Give blood, save lives ❤❤ .
#abbeyhotel #donegaltown #giveblood #blooddonationclinic #savealife #oneinfour #savelives

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