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People now start to underestimate the power of a pretty flower and a small bee. 💪🏻 Montreal and Vancouver along with Europe have already banned neonicotinoids. So why can't we? Let's do this 🐝❣️#oneidea 🌷@eftourscanada 🌷

This trip in Ottawa was amazing. To see everyone from CYAP again made me so incredibly happy. I come back from this trip feeling more inspired and empowered than ever. To have so many people believe in us and our ideas just completely blows my mind. I am forever thankful for this experience and I can't wait to get my #OneIdea rolling.

Μα τον μεγάλο παράγοντα 👔👔
#broesbeforehoes #teiathinas #oneidea

I'm happy to have submitted my application for @eftourscanada youth ambassador program! My goal is to expand my Girl Code program into a large scale conference, and invite influential people and mentors to share their experiences with confidence and inner peace with more youth. I hope to be selected as one of the ambassadors! #oneidea

Jack Hugh speaking out on LGBTQ+ rights to coexist @eftourscanada #OneIdea

1st day of Kindergarten 😭😭😭 my baby. #ideabacktoschool #oneIdea

Ter a oportunidade de conectar pessoas, engajar comunidades para que sejam protagonistas em suas regiões e contribuir para o desenvolvimento do Brasil independente da bandeira ou empresa que representamos é a jornada que tem feito todo o sentido em minha vida!

Dividir essa missão com pessoas especiais e surpreendentes é uma dádiva!!! Obrigado a toda comunidade envolvida e engajada!

Obrigado aos parceiros diretamente envolvidos: José Pascoal Vernilo - OnePro, Bruno Madeira-OneWork, Tatti Maeda-DigitalMotion.

#onework #onepro #oneidea #americaFGV

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, that is way great spiritual giants are produced. #OneIdea #MyLife

#oneidea @eftourscanada #changetheworld #changerlemonde La pollution de l’air est causée principalement par l’émission de gaz à effet de serre. Celui-ci provient entre-autre de centrales électriques et des moyens de transports. À Montréal et dans les grandes villes, l’utilisation de l’électricité et de combustibles fossiles dans le réseau des transports se fait massive. Il est possible d’en remarquer les conséquences par la présence de plus en plus fréquente de smog. La pollution de l’air, responsable de cancers des poumons, d’AVC et de plusieurs autres conséquences sur la santé se fera de plus en plus présente dû à l’expansion urbaine. C’est pourquoi mon idée consiste à prélever des taxes aux plus grands pollueurs d’air canadiens afin de réinvestir cet argent en rémunérations gouvernementales aux individus usant de construction responsables. Selon moi, l’usage de toits verts pourrait représenter une solution idéale, puisque les plantes recycleraient le dioxyde de carbone en oxygène, tout en produisant de la nourriture.


Taking a minute to think of all those affected by the atrocities in Barcelona.
No words.

1st day of Kindergarten 😭😭😭 my baby. #ideabacktoschool #oneIdea

Happy First day of school from the Reyes Family.
The girls got up super early they asked if they had time to play in the park! #dontsayhurry #firstdayofschool #2017 #oneidea #ideapublicschool #yvettemarlise #EliadaJosefina #Annaleah #13yearsold #8yearsold #5yearsold #makingmemories #austintx

That one idea could change the rest of your life. #oneidea #lifechange #opprtunity #oneidea #decsions #gamechanger #happy #goodvibes #now

It only takes one idea to change your life! .
Then you must put your plan into motion! Set expectations, milestone markers, expect to fail, learn and rise up from your failures, and keep going!! .

So I ask you today- what is your one idea? .
It doesn't have to be grand just yet, it could just start with finally finishing that book you want to read or giving up drinking pop!
Start small and then evolve your ideas into bigger, scarier aspirations!! #oneidea #onechange #startsmall #aimbig #havefaith #trustingod #youareincontrol

Never stop believing in yourself or give up on your dreams. One phone call, one idea, one divine connection can change your life forever. Keep it moving! 💫😉
#myworldquotesla #myquotes #quotes #like4like #notetoself #never #neverstop #stop #neverstopreaching #stars #neverstopbelievinginyourself #believeinyourself #onephonecall #oneidea #divineconnection #connection #changeyourlife #life #forever ✌️🦋

Leaves they are so beautiful- sometimes you need to take a minute and look around.

Inspiration is everywhere. Look at the contrasting colours. I love looking at the world around me - life is good.

Bye bye Mediapark!

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