I got my cap & gown today. It’s just now hitting me that I’m graduating in like 2 weeks with associates degree. :’)

who will sign my petition for harry to wear glitter ?

"Nobody compares to you Part 20 & 21
Today it's my mum's birthday. I'm really proud of her. She has gone through so many things and she always stayed strong and cared about me. She has never given up😍❤ I love her so much and she truly deserves much better. I can't imagine having a better mum than her. She's really the best, loveliest and most beautiful mum🌍 I love you infinity and beyond mummy😘💫 (I know she would never read this but I just have to say it)
▪How are you?
. . . . .
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Of be kuzum o nasıl bakıştır öyle yiaaaa😇💞
Keşke bana da böyle baksan🙈
"Bize hiç böyle bakan biri olmadı aga" diyenler yorumlara.. HFLAJTLWJTWLJR
- - -💫
- @littlesleepylou

Attention: if you read wattpad stories then could you please take five minutes of your time to check out my new story:) my name is @aplusk3 & the story is called “coca cola”. Thank you🤙🏼🦋🖤

Good afternoon 🌞

30. Double.
“How is operation seducing the wife going?” Michael asked, sitting in front of Harry’s desk.
“According to plan, she believes I am not on the case anymore so things should move pretty quickly now. Told her about my dick, tempting her, she will be in my bed in a couple of weeks to the max,” Harry smirked.
“Don’t you feel bad?”
“Not a fucking bit. They deserve it and as a lawyer she is not as smart as she claims, she wouldn’t let a policeman in so easily if she was.”
“Jesus Christ, Styles, do you hear yourself? You used to be so soft, what happened?”
“I do hear myself, sounds bad, but that’s the only way I can get to the bottom of it. What happened? I got years of experience now.”
“Can’t wait to see how everything turns out.”
“They end up behind bars, that’s how it ends.”

29. Double.
He dropped you off at the same corner he picked you up at.
“Did this day work?” He asked. “Did your opinion of me change?”
“You’re not as bad as I thought.”
“I was-”
“It’s because you don’t have your stupid badge on.”
“I’ll make sure I don’t have it when I am with you.”
You nodded your head.
“So you plan on seeing me again?”
“Don’t push it, Styles.” You got out of the car.
“I’ll see you at the bar.”
“I don’t go there often.”
“I am sure we’ll run into each other.”
“It’s a big city, Styles.”
“I have faith.”

28. Double.
He let you lead the way at the exposition, you knew more than him. He let you watch and read the little plaques and examine the pieces of art.
“You’re enjoying yourself?” He whispered.
You nodded your head with a smile, “I didn’t know about this artist.”
“I am glad I can make you discover something.”
“I feel like I am loosing my credibility from what I told you earlier.”
“You’re a busy woman.”
“That I am, being a lawyer is exhausting, covering my husbands tracks takes even more time.” You winked at him.
“Let me ask you this, are you really involved in what he does?”
“You would like to know, wouldn’t you?”
“I would. A policeman seen with a true criminal, what would that look like?”
“You’re not wearing your badge, no one knows.”
“That doesn’t answer my question.”
“Did you find anything on me when you were addressed to the case?”
“No.” He wanted to smirk so badly, you finally believed him, he was everything but not involved in the case. He couldn’t let you know that. You were slowly taking the bait and he couldn’t be more excited.
“Then you have your answer.”

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