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One band, one dream, one direction. If one d has millions of fans, I'm one of them. If they have 10 fans, I'm one of them. If they have one fan, that's me. If they have no fans, I'm no more on earth. I became a directioner accidentally, I'll stay a directioner by choice. 7 years back, 5 boys were selected out of nowhere and put into a band. Little did they know, they'd be the greatest band of all times, they'd be loved by millions. These 5 boys have my heart, my soul, my everything. Their voices? They calm the demon inside of me. Their smiles? They bring that little twinkle in my eyes. Their eyes? Something I wouldn't mind drowning it. Their heart? As divine as a baby child. Yes, i love these 5 people out of which one loves to fart, one is scared of spoons, one obsessed over his hair, one pampering his curls, one saying that he likes girls who eat carrots. Yes, i love these weirdos and goofballs. And i never intend to stop liking them. Even though zaynie is no longer a part of one d, that doesn't means that he'd stop being a part of our hearts. We still love him, we love him for being himself. These 5 people were there when no one else was. I love them when I'm sad, i love them when I'm happy. Out of nowhere i start imagining a one d concert going on in my school, yes i kinda hate introducing people to one direction. I don't know why, but i have this little possessiveness for them. One direction has been one constant thing in my life. Miles away, they make me feel better. They taught me that everyone's beautiful in a unique way, they make me feel good. Why waste your time over a dumbass boy when you have one d that'll treat you better than him? It's been 7 years since i love them, and I'll go on loving them till the end! I'mma be a directioner till the end. Directioners is who we are and who we always will be. Thank you one direction, for everything. ♥️ please comeback. @onedirection @zayn @harrystyles @liampayne @niallhoran @louist91 #zayn #musically #musiclovers #harrystyles #liampayne #louistomlinson #niallhoran #onedirection #zquad #onedirectioncomeback #onedirectionfamily #oned #zaynart #art #directionerforever #nialler #payno #kyliejenner

7 years of Love
7 years of support
7 years of family
7 years of happiness
7 years of tears
7 years of us
No matter what i'm gonna be a Directioner and be there for them💪💕.I believe they'll come back soon😭❤
#directionerforever #onedirection #directioners #1D #onedirectionfamily 💕💕

see how they look at Harry? thats love❤️ #onedirectionfamily

Thankyou guys soo much for 10k followers! ♥♥♥
I cannot believe it.
I mean I just opened my account 5 months ago! I didn't expect it to reach 10k soo soon!
Thankyou soo much for all the directioner support!
I love this family!

Look at this! Wonderful, isn't it? This is my family and it's our birthday 🎉 Happy One Direction #onedirectionfamily

— Это не конец для One Direction. — 23 июля 2010 года, 8:22 вечера. Группа, которая проиграла X-Фактор, но выиграла весь мир.

À jamais dans nos coeur #7yearsonedirection


»But I keep on coming back to you❥»

Hi my beautiful followers!💜 The time has come... I'm gonna start posting again! Okay not a big deal but still. This photo is probably one of the cutest edit I've ever made tbh💜 Little bit information about coming posts and edits: Idk if I still do the same things. I post less now cuz I think it's better for me. I still love editing!❤️ It's fun and it became like a hobby for me. Latest edits wasn't fun to make idk why. I wanna make them when I feel like it. Hope you guys understand me🌹💓 Love you all💋

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The day I wanted to sleep in, the gardener comes to mow the lawn

À jamais dans nos coeur #7yearsonedirection

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