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That's very sweet. I know many people don't like Taylor but she is a very good friend and has a big heart. Ariana and Taylor aren't even that close but to know she did that even though Ariana wasn't in immediate danger is very sweet.

Left or Right?

Little #cover 😋 tag 3 friends for spam 🐶

Have you been in a relationship before? Or are you single for life? 😂💘

Edit is the best 😍
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#prayformanchester It is so sad how you're just trynna go out and have fun at a concert that you will least expect it at an " Ariana grande " concert , full of kids I am so heartbroken right now of that tragedy that happened that parents and family members have to go thru because of a sick person that ruined a concert that supposed to been fun and enjoyable . My prayers goes out to everyone who has been injured and that are gone , LOVE YOU GUYS.


Thoughts and prayers to those affected in Manchester 😔❤️ #prayformanchester


hope everyone is having a lovely day !!

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If any of you guys know of a one direction account that only posts edits, and has a lot please comment 💛

you guys have been so active these last few days anD IM THRIVING

Harry as Bambi

I'm Ashton , your 19 year old boy who is always drunk⚡️ . Who is "6'0 tall . I don't have many friends, but I have a few , surprisingly . The things I like to do is drink . Depends on my mood if I wanna drink;) things I dislike are haters . Also when people correct me , i hate having people look at me and judge for no reason . But back to the things I love again. I love the color black , I love meeting new people {mostly girls} I enjoy the outdoors that's about it, I'm boaring, tall, aggressive, boy who has no life 🐾

Harry Sent Flowers to the late late show to thank them for having him all last week 😍

Goodnight guys ❤️ #niallhoran #onedirection #slowhands


Love of my life. ❤️@littletacox

Currently watching ouija board videos cuz I have nothing better to do with my life -a

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