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One of the most heart wrenching things about going through grief, is watching your babies go through it. As mothers, all we want to do is to protect them, but sadly everyone will experience suffering and loss at some point in life. I just never could of imagined that my children would experience such a great loss at ages 2 and 6. Tonight as I was getting the kids ready for bed, I walked into my room to find Myla sitting in the floor, looking at a locket with our family's photos in it. She said she was sad. She told me that she thinks about her daddy every day, but doesn't always say it because she doesn't want to cry. We climbed in to bed together and talked about some daddy memories and talked about Heaven. As I was describing what the Bible tells us about Heaven, I couldn't help but to get teary eyed. What an awesome promised place God is preparing for his children, and what an amazing year Kyle has had! Myla said she knew daddy was happiest where he is now. *
My heart always breaks a little each night when Myla falls asleep to her "daddy books". It makes me so sad that that is our reality. She doesn't get to kiss her daddy goodnight, she only gets to hold her photo albums like they are golden treasures. Yet, at the end of each day, we can go to sleep peacefully knowing that we are one day closer to eternity. One day closer to seeing Kyle again and being a complete family again! #griefandloss #onedaycloser #11months

So many pictures and memories from our week with family at the beach (and most likely more to come 🙃). Our time together is everything. Surround yourselves with your family and those that love well. We had an empty room in our beach house and missed Sloan, Liesl and the kids more than words can say. There were moments of grief, but we found comfort in praying together and talking about Sloan. God gives us strength and reminds us how wonderful it is that Sloan is home. #onedaycloser #everettson30A

And I'll continue to #loveyou even from a #thousandmiles away🔐💘💋 #onedaycloser #imissyou #55days #usaf

We all have fears, struggles and excuses as to WHY but you really have to look them straight in the eye and say to your self will this fear help me grow? Today you know what I did not get everything done I set out to do but I have one fear factor task in every day that I am kicking and breathing and guess what I sure as hell did that task today so yes the rest can wait and I will get round to it but I am one day closer and that's ok with me ✨

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Happiness! Falcons Season Tickets #onedaycloser #NFL #PatsFan supporting the city where she lives #settledown ♥🏈🏁

Just trying to put it all together #life #onedaycloser #live #love

Magical day. ✨
Kids spent lots of the day at the lake with Grandmom.
I took the next big step in midwifery studies.
Ryder caught a toad the size of his foot.
Ronan got to Kayak.
Ruby is radiant.
Made a new friend at Grandmoms.
I found Rory in Gma's new outdoor rug. ❤️🌀
(Now it's two hours past bedtime and mama just tapped out. Long day.) #onedaycloser

Thank you babe. You still manage to spoil me even when you are deployed. I pray everyday you come home soon 💜 #onedaycloser


💥Truth bomb💥
I hate working out and
I hate eating clean
👉🏽So why do I post so much about it?
✨I love feeling my best
✨I love looking my best
✨I love having mental clarity
✨I love surrounding myself with badass boss babes
✨I love seeing the world for all its possibilities vs. looking at it as a struggle and I refuse to let life happen and I just exist.
👉🏽I'm adding 4 people to my team who want more for themselves. Who are tired of just existing and sick of just being white noise in the musical of life. Who want to better themselves each and everyday and have goals to reach with their own personal health and fitness.
👉🏽I want leaders, people who thrive off of empowering others all while working on themselves in the process.
This is not a get rich quick scheme. I don't believe in quick fixes for my diet, fitness or my business. You can sit back and collect a discount or you can make an income. It's all UP TO YOU. Which is my life motto: do what I want.
✨This is a chance to change your life, challenge yourself with something new and grow into a better person, wife, husband, mama, father, etc.
I'm hosting a group tomorrow through Friday that explains EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. So why not find out if it's something for you?
The worst that will happen is you get healthier, more fit, stronger, and a better person. Sounds like a win-win to me.
Drop a comment or like this post if you're interested and I'm happy to add you to the group.

"Let me love you a little more before you're not little anymore." So tonight, I'll hold you a little closer, a little tighter and soak up my sweet baby cuddles as long as I can. Because sometimes momma needs them more than you baby boy ❤ #momlife #LHM #mommyandme #momentstomemories #momentslikethese #boymom #hesmysunshinemixedwithalittlehurricane #myheartisfull #myworld #myreason #mypurpose #letthembelittle #onedaycloser

If you are not following this couple, you are wrong. There is no greater support than your significant other. Coach each other, raise a family together, train together, teach other, and grow together. #Repost @timmy4112 @lean_juday ・・・
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Day TWO of Shift Shop is in the books! •Food was on point •workout on point •Mindset on point 👏🏻 Heck yes!!! 👊There's no better feeling than crushing a killer workout, having the sweat pour off of you knowing you're one step closer to your goals 🙌 ☀️You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to! Tell that little voice that says you can't, to take a backseat and buckle up!!!!!! 👊

Don't ever let the move finish you off...You finish that move with #pride and #promise! #onedaycloser

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