More of @lea_gries merch ! Her Vanilla Hoodie (£50) and tour top (£25) ! The wristband (£3) !
All available on tour and online !
Feel free to send me your pictures lovers ! ❤

The gorgeous @lea_gries in her Vanilla On the Loose Hoodie (£50) and her tour top ! (£25)

Niall's Flicker Album tour date T-shirt ! £25 . Personally love this design ❤

@louisechadwick98 and @lottie_greyx rocking some of Niall's merch ! Louise is wearing one of the many On the Loose T-shirts (£25) and Lottie is wearing the On the Loose Vanilla Hoodie (£50) ! ❤ thanks for the photo girls !

Niall's On the Loose Grey T-shirt ! £25 !

Niall's On the Loose Ash Grey Hoodie ! Also £50 !

Niall's On the Loose Vanilla Hoodie ! £50
Also available in grey !

you guys are the best, i love you so much and not only the best but you are all so generous and make me so happy. my heart is full because of y’all, thank you !! 💕💗💖💝 i love our fandom so much it’s you guys that keep me going and never stopping, it’s why i do this, because of u angels!

imagine if harry has a secret fan account i mean it could be me, it could be you who knows?

i can’t believe i’m seeing this dork in 5 days-

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