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Today's practice did not feel great, I struggled and whined my way through flowing a 90 min flow. However, I stayed. I did not give up and leave my mat. Today, that's success.
Don't mind the phone call in the middle...
#practicemakespractice #onebreathatthetime #yogastudentalways #justgetonyourmat #abide

Friday moves. Inhale. Exhale. Begin again. ✨
Cause sometimes urgency just means slow down. And yoga is here to remind that. 💫🦋💫
come practice with me 5:30pm @zenyogagnv
#gainesvillefl #yogatherapy #onebreathatthetime #yogahome

"In most cases the universe doesn't allow us to move forward until we have honored where we are right now." Ground yourself, ignore the future, forget the past and live in the eternal present moment. #liveinthemoment #gomukhasana #cowfacepose #grounded #vinyasayogaschool 📷 @happyoliveoil

Inspired from my gorgeous co-hosts
@the_exit_strategy @presentyogi.ec @_catiko
We had so much fun ❤️
Thank you so much for joining us, and I can't wait to see you again in November ♥️
BTW remember that you can use MOONBABES for 15% discount on your next @moonandmoksha purchase.
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#halfmoonpose #bowpose #forearmwheel #forearmfriday #supersoldierpose #kingpigeonpose #chinstand #headstand #alienpose #cowfacepose #puppypose

For some reason lowering is easier that rising... #movewithease #handstand #onebreathatthetime

Tomorrow is day 5
#GracefullyStrongYogis #yogachallenge
Yogi's assignment #balancepose
#supersoldierpose #invertedcompasspose #parivrttasuryayantrasana
Wearing @yoga_democracy
Mala @malas_bluerock
Mat @liforme
Top @aiyihanyoga . "My point is, life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the low. The Pina and the Colada"
Seriously?!? 😂
Thanks #ellendegeneres .
Be sure to visit my gorgeous, graceful and strong cohosts @kimterpstra1978 and @lancuks_yoga . .
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lessons from silent teacher - Nature #yogaisabout #onestepatatime #onebreathatthetime #hvar 📷@boyan_che


•👽 Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress. No matter how slow. 🕉

For some reason lowering is easier that rising... #movewithease #handstand #onebreathatthetime

To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. In the silence you hear the truth. Just sit, breath and listen without expectation. Five Minutes a day can change your life. Make it as a priority. #happyday #meditation #sit #onebreathatthetime #listentoyoursoul #allyouneedisinside #truth #dailymeditation

"What consumes your mind, controls your life." Open your mind, find your center and connect with yourself. Halfway for a happy lifestyle! #standingsplits #urdhvaprasaritaekapadasana

Having fought off a flu all week I’m looking forward to a workshop weekend in Güstrow, northern Germany. It’ll be a treat to bring together seasoned Mysore-style practitioners and completely new Ashtanga students. 15+ hours of practice, discussion and discovery! Full power! (I’ll bring my thermos of tea and some tissues!) - I’ll be back in Munich at Patrick Broome Yoga on Monday. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatthetime #neverstopexploring #nevertoolate #practice #ashtanga #yoga with #level2 #kpjayi #authorized #teacher this #weekend in #güstrow #mysorestyle #lovelife #liveyoga

Little bit better than the beginning, now I can point my toes and with help of my #yogablocks I can almost make #bakasana 😊 #yogigirl #dailypractice #suptakurmasana #onebreathatthetime #dontgiveup #yogihappiness #smiles

Day 8 #adversaryasanas hip opener #standingpigeon Here's a great variation to work on balance and focus getting all of the benefits of One legged pigeon pose. @yogiaubrey
#aloyogachallenge #aloyoga #yogachallenge #letsstartyoga #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogainspiration

Day 6 #AdversaryAsanas is my attempt to #horsefacepose #vatayanasana this pose is real hard on my body and the opposite side is even worse but I keep no expectations for the final image and keep working on my hips end knee flexibility. @yogiaubrey
#aloyogachallenge #aloyoga #yogachallenge #letsstartyoga #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogainspiration

Day 5 #AdversaryAsanas #fallenangelpose #devaduutapannaasana #armbalance Fallen Angel is about grace, strength, vulnerability and surrender. It’s a reminder we must sometimes surrender to the fall in order to regroup and come back stronger and more flexible than before. @yogiaubrey
#aloyogachallenge #aloyoga #yogachallenge #letsstartyoga #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogainspiration

《triggers》 Being with (your) families, meeting old friends, lovers, and/or acquaintances during Thanksgiving and the Holidays can be highly triggering for many reasons. Old ways, old patterns, expectations can come up, and eventhough you have changed and been growing past years, you will notice how easily you can fall back into old reactionary patterns that you thought you had overcome & accompanied by a flood of emotions. And these emotions can vary from anger to anxiety. I tell you, I know all about it. I get to practice

What I do, when this happens, is BREATHE.

Focusing on big belly breaths (because your breaths gets up high in your chest when triggers arrive), and feel whatever emotions comes up. Feeling the flow, the texture, the contractions. Breathe and know that this too shall pass soon making place for your inner peace.

Btw, in December I will release a mindful guide how to survive the Holidays ;-) #onebreathatthetime #beyourowncoach #selfempowerment #innerpeace #selfhealing

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promised to keep. And miles to go before I sleep. - Robert Frost
Short days. Grey skies. November can be such a dreary month. How do you keep motivated? .
#yogainspiration #forest #getoutside #lapeche #outaouais #yogagarden #canadianwinter #innerfire #onebreathatthetime #wakefield

Meditating by observing the waves and feeling the energy of the ocean. Greatful for beeing back at the sea. 🌊🙏 #Meditation #sea #waves #nature #sun #beach #enery #clearingmymind #greatful #holiday #jetlag #happyme #timeless #onebreathatthetime #justbe #firstworkin #thenworkout

Day 12 and last day of #ashtangayogabeyond is #virabhadrasana1 #warrior1 You can be whatever you want. If you wanna be a warrior, be one, just because you can! This pose is named after a mythological Hindu warrior, an incarnation of god Shiva. This pose builds focus, power and stability. It creates strength in all areas of life, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Find that strong warrior in you and bring it out! @liquidoactive @kinoyoga @ohmmeapparel @markrobberds @omstarsofficial

Day 11 #ashtangayogabeyond is #ekapadabakasana #oneleggedcrow #flyingcrow Trust yourself, withdraw your ego and fears and get the strength to try this pose. Open your mind, "tone" your humility and connect with yourself. The altered states of consciousness that playing your edges induces, can pry you out of stuck places and open up creative energies preciously unavailable to you. And they can move you beyond the edges of your small self and bring you into contact with the limitless, edgeless Beyond. @omstarsofficial @markrobberds @ohmmeapparel @kinoyoga @liquidoactive

Daily morning walk. #lifeofayogi #onebreathatthetime

Day 10 #ashtangayogabeyond is #kapotasana #pigeonpose #kingpigeon I'm using a wheel to keep my pelvis lifted allowing me to lengthen the middle back. Deep back bends like kapotasana allow us to open to the full movement of breath and energy in the front of the body. #heartopeners @omstarsofficial @markrobberds @liquidoactive @kinoyoga @ohmmeapparel #yogawheel

Arakshitah. Vulnerability. 🙏🏻"Every emotion you swallow takes up residence in your body and gets stored in the subconscious mind. Those unprotected emotions are still with you, and they will sometimes bubble up to the surface and disturb the apparently smooth veneer of personality that often protects your inner world." (Kino MacGregor) 🌊The yoga path is not an escape. "Many yoga poses are specifically designed to make you feel all those emotions that lie dormant, stuffed somewhere in your body. By cultivating a response based on your breathing, posture, and focal point, you learn that you are bigger and stronger than any of your emotions or past experiences." 💪🏻When I began as a yoga teacher I wanted to do poses just like from workbooks, then I wanted to keep up with my oh-so-improving-impressive yoga students who mastered some poses way better than I still do and I felt as a failure as a yoga teacher. How can I teach if I can't do the full pose? But just like that I began to see those students who modified poses either due physical inability or lack of practice and it was astonishing! I began to really feel that yoga is for every damn one! And if they can modify, so can I! As far as I practice what I teach, I'm on the path of becoming an authentic yoga teacher. Complete with my imperfections, and still love myself. This is the raw, unedited, unprocessed version of myself. 🙏🏻 With the help of my impressive students. Thank you all! 💙

#yogiassignment #kerliyogaprogram #backbend #standingbackbend #anuvittasana #ashtanga #arakshitah #vulnerability #yoga #yogalove #yogajourney #yogateacher #saareyoga #itsyoga #weloverocket #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverydamnwhere #yogaforeverydamnone #doyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatthetime #practiceandalliscoming #practicewhatyoupreach

Day 9 #ashtangayogabeyond is my variation of #bakasana #kakasana or #crowpose This posture has the power to build up confidence and a healthy self-awareness. Fear of falling on your face requires moving slowly with a calm mind, releasing the Ego. This brings the benefit of reducing everyday stress and anxiety, making you feel calm and self-assured. @omstarsofficial @markrobberds @liquidoactive @kinoyoga @ohmmeapparel

Rock In a heart space 💜🌏✨🌌
Photo by beautiful @wanderyogi
#loveandalliscoming#yogainspiration #aloyoga

Day 8 #AshtangaYogaBeyond is #footbehindhead #ekapadasirsasana I'm one day late on the challenge and this is still far from the full expression of the pose but I keep working on releasing my hamstrings for a deeper opening of the hips. As subtle and difficult as playing the physical edge is when practicing Eka Pada Sirsasana (or any asana, for that matter), it is complicated by the fact that we have lots of different edges: physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, energetic, and spiritual. Every spiritual tradition employs the art of playing the edge of consciousness; each has its own methods and disciplines. Whatever techniques you use, bringing yourself to your perceived limits is a way to deepen your understanding of who you are and how you approach the world. And when you rub up against your limits and work to expand them, you can generate a powerful shift in your consciousness. @omstarsofficial @ohmmeapparel @kinoyoga @liquidoactive @markrobberds

Day 7 #AshtangaYogaBeyond is #pinchamayurasana #forearmbalance #featheredpeacockpose "Inversions like pincha mayurasana help open the ajna, or third eye chakra. The position of the head and the thoughtful gaze toward the mat allow energy to flow to the third eye, enhancing the practitioner's mental and psychic abilities. This asana is also believed to increase the flow of prana, or life force energy, and is known to be an energizing posture." @markrobberds @omstarsofficial @liquidoactive @kinoyoga @ohmmeapparel

Live with an open heart and an open mind, always choose love over fear and kindness over cruelty. ✨📖🤓
I've been super busy with work lately and have noticed some habits that have escalated through my new lifestyle, AKA the "go,go,go" life. I've been taking less time to water my own seeds and more watering someone else's.
Yet if your own plant isn't growing then it won't be able to nourish others.
I've decided to take 2 hours a day to turn off my phone/laptop or hide them somewhere & devote my time to personal growth. So Instead of scrolling though (IG, FB, emails, text messages) I'm going to read a book, journal, go on a walk/run, do yoga, meditate, workout or just BE.
In a world of overconsumption, it's import to push ourselves to marvel at the miraculousness of ordinary things.
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Make sure to set yourself up for success for the upcoming week. 🙏🏼
Catch me at 6:30pm tomorrow for Light Flow Yoga @libertylifeyoga
#pinchamayurasana #onebreathatthetime #inhaleexhale #library #book #fall #growth

Sabadito de Devaya Yoga 🕉 refrescando la memoria.
Hoy desperté sintiéndome muy agradecida por la vida, el sol y todas las bendiciones y amor que me rodea! ♥️ Trabajando en la respiración para terminar de sacar el virus... ✨✨✨ .
#thisisyoga #yoga #devayayoga #yogalove #yogis #downwarddog #asana #yogamom #yogi #yogafit #onebreathatthetime #namaste #igyoga #yogisofcostarica #yogini #blessed #grateful #love 🙏🏼

Day 6 #AshtangaYogaBeyond is #mayurasana #peackockpose "It will take consistent practice before your Mayurasana reaches that perfect balance of gravity and grace, where the effort you expend in the pose comes from integration rather than muscular exertion. But it's worth your perseverance. Ultimately, as you master this pose, you will gain tranquility in the midst of discomfort, allowing you to move beyond your edge and trust that an inner elasticity will support you if you surrender." @markrobberds @ohmmeapparel @kinoyoga @liquidoactive @omstarsofficial

#TravelYogi on the streets of San Francisco ❤ Representing my home island #Curacao and home town #Rotterdam (#TheNetherlands)•

🌉 #bucketlist #createyourlife #liveyourbestlife #selflove

Day 5 #AshtangaYogaBeyond is #parighasana #gatepose #parivrttajanusirsasana #revolvedheadtokneepose
This pose is the another level of the head-to-knee when the powerful twisting stretches the neglected side of the body. Remember to stay humble, get away the anxiety of rushing into this pose and instead go for the experience of whatever you can do in the moment. @markrobberds @ohmmeapparel @kinoyoga @liquidoactive @omstarsofficial

For day 4 is of #silhouetteasanas2 and #backbend 💥. I working hard on my #backbending and it's starts to pay off😉. What do you think?😍 Beautiful hosts: @angelasnurr
@tunaapari @raychmtiu @mermaid.tiffany
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Having had a head cold for the last few days, I’ve been practicing a lot of #nadishodhana or alternate nostril breathing to clear my congestion. Led the practice of it today in class and there’s something so peaceful and powerful about the collective sound of breathing out loud. Change your world one deep breath at a time. .
#ekaminhale #onebreathatthetime #practicewhatyoupreach #practiceyogachangeyourworld #yogateacher #yogainspiration #99percentpractice1percenttheory #gatineaupark #myottawa #wilsoncarbideruins

Day 3 #ashtangayogabeyond is #wheelpose #urdhvadanurasana #chakrasana or #upwardbow "In this pose, the spine is uniformly pressed toward the front of the body, opening not only the inner space of the body, but drawing our conscious awareness to all the chakras along the spine. The chakras are centers of consciousness and creative intelligence that form our subtle and causal bodies. The spinal cord and its inherent forces, which structure the physical body, directly correspond to the chakras seated deep in our subtle and causal bodies. Because our eyes face outward, we are accustomed to seeing only what is in front of us. Even as we visualize our back, we first have to bring it before our eyes. This neurological imposition on our mind forces us to imagine the chakras on the front of the body rather than in its deepest interior. But once you are in chakrasana, your familiar perception of physical reality becomes totally disoriented. By practicing diaphragmatic breathing—a deep, continuous, circular flow of breath—and cultivating greater sensitivity to the navel center, you can naturally become more aware of your subtle and causal bodies. If you have mastered the asana and are comfortable and steady in the pose, you will experience yourself as a contained field of energy. In this state, with the eye of your mind, you can easily see and feel all six centers of consciousness and creative intelligence—the chakras. You will feel that the chakras are neither in the front nor the back of the body. They are simply a vortex of energy inside the energy field that is you. The practice of chakrasana will enable you to see, sense, and finally, experience the distinct nature of each chakra from your perineum all the way to the center between the eyebrows." @omstarsofficial @liquidoactive @kinoyoga @ohmmeapparel @markrobberds

Day 2 #AshtangaYogaBeyond is #scorpionpose aka #vrschikasana at the sunset. Today I got until here with the wall support and I'm very happy with what I achieved with my body. More and more I share the opinion that is not really the final shape that it matters but the journey that I've been learning and enjoying with myself along my path. Always be grateful for what you have and who you are at the exact present moment! 🙏🏼 #forearmscorpion @liquidoactive @omstarsofficial @kinoyoga @markrobberds @ohmmeapparel

Day 1 #AshtangaYogaBeyond challenge #sirsasana #headstand eagle legs variation.
A couple of minutes a day upside down and you see the world in a different way! 📷 @yogabjorn

faster. speed up. go
this video is a tiny little bit faster (to be precise six times)
the older I get more I relate to my parents saying how fast the time flies
you just realize monday, friday, christmas, summer. and bum. year after year. without any clearer bigger separation.
what happened in between? a LOT. everything. big important things every day. and they dont have to be huge from the outside. they dont even have to be visible. but they are there. they are the matters forming me, you, us.
why as a child you felt everything so much longer, lasting ages? because you were learning. things were new. every day. exploring. processing. feeling.
so why not to try to get back ? slowing down but getting to know new stuff. new big things. or even better, getting more sensitive, more open, paying attention to the tiniest little ones.
one of my favorite beings on this earth told me last time we talked about it that it is normal, and proportioned(not sure this word is real).
he might be right
but in the same time I feel like I want to slow down. i desire to feel even wider possible things. .
trying new things you can also do with #yoga:) schedule this week: 🍂Tuesday 07/11 - 18:30 #Vinyasa Flow (Centre La Sagesse Interieure)
🍂Wednesday 08/11 - 18:30 #HeartOpening Flow & 19:45 #VinyasaFlow (The Yoga Loft)
🍂Friday 10/11 - 19:45 #YinYang Flow (The Yoga Loft)
🍂Sunday 12/11 -17:00 Vinyasa #Flow (The Yoga Loft)

have a beautiful colourfull week
#wheelpose #wildthing #transitions #onebreathatthetime #heartwideopen #chaturanga #upwardfacingdog #downwarddog #yogainbrussels

"Your body can stand almost anything. It's your mind that you have to convince." Extended three angles pose represents the Hindu trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and consequently the three aspects of existence, Creation, Evolution and Destruction. Trikonasana symbolizes the structure of the material existence: the cycle of birth, life and death. These are the three sides os the triangle. This asana also represents the three forces that make part of our existence: the cultural heritage, the life that we're living now and the potential karma of our actions. #strongbody #strongmind #uttithatrikonasana #trianglepose #bodymindandsoulawakening 📷 @yogabjorn

"Challenging poses often require spirituality inquiry as they demand that we delve into the darker aspects of ourselves when the difficulties arise. We are challenged to examine our lack of patience, our tendency towards comparison, perhaps even our negative self talk on a journey towards opening the Body enough for Compass pose. Extreme opening the hips often encourages the release of negative feelings and unexpressed emotions which can feel scary at first. However, creating space in this area can help us to start to let go of our need for control over all aspects of our lives, freeing up space for creativity and expression. Most importantly, Compass pose has the power to teach us complete acceptance. After all, at the end of the day it's not about making the shapes; it's the lessons we learn about ourselves on the path towards them that matter." #compasspose #parivrittasuryayantrasana #hipopener #deepstretch 📷 @yogabjorn

Pink skies through my tiny window this evening - quite a difference from grey Lithuanian sky 🌅💕 Hard to compare the two though or choose which one is better. Just as everything else in life, things work best in balance ⚪️⚫️ Thank you, universe for this perfectly order ❤️🙏🏼

"Love, like power, is something that we all want and need. Few ever feel they have enough. Many live in fear of it. Nearly no one understands it. (...) Love is a unifying force- it draws things together, and keeps them in a relationship." Join me next Wednesday 17:45 @hiyoga_no @satsschousplass for a donation based Heart Chakra Vinyasa Class, supporting Rosa sløyfe-actionen and all the victims from Breast cancer 💗. Bring a friend with you and get ready to open your heart to give and receive love! #rosasjøyfe #openyourheart #satsschousplass #hiyoga_no #wheelpose 📷 @yogabjorn

"Love, like power, is something that we all want and need. Few ever feel they have enough. Many live in fear of it. Nearly no one understands it. (...) Love is a unifying force- it draws things together, and keeps them in a relationship." Join me next Wednesday 17:45 @hiyoga_no @satsschousplass for a donation based Heart Chakra Vinyasa Class, supporting Rosa sløyfe-actionen and all the victims from Breast cancer 💗. Bring a friend with you and get ready to open your heart to give and receive love! #rosasjøyfe #openyourheart #satsschousplass #hiyoga_no #wheelpose 📷 @yogabjorn

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