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Great homecoming win with a great stunt @kynleekay!! Who would have thought I would be throwing elites at a games as a warmup 😈! #OneAndDone #WeberState

All I can say is "scheiße" #oneanddone #berlinmarathon #deutchland

Ran a PR pace! #oneanddone #familyaffair : missing @ferrellpa @bnloes (πŸ“Έ: @jmeyorke )

Annd before the wedding, inhouse competition. Took third place with my partner @thisisalecc, thank you @crossfitdowntownmia @marni22 @reinyparrado and all other coaches for setting this up. Just caught the competition bug! Whens the next?!?! #beersafterwods #oneanddone #tiredaffg

18 weeks of training, 26.2 miles later... still don't understand why people do this #warsawmarathon #oneanddone #everythinghurts #πŸŽ‰

MAMA STILL GOT IT, although her tolerance is a lot lower than it used to be #oneanddone #openbarwedding

Are the new look @kentuckymbb the favorites to win an #NCAA title this season? #BBN #Kentucky #OneandDone πŸ†πŸ€πŸ† #AllThingsHoops #eMagazine #RespectTheGame #balldontlie #idothisfortheculture


#oneanddone week starts for me with a cozy front carry: Semi Pocket Wrap Cross Carry is a one-shoulder carry with two passes over baby's back. It is great for newborns through toddlers and is a fine leaner container because of the outside horizontal pass. Some wrappers find Semi PWCC easier to tighten because the slack in the wrap across baby's back is on the outside and can be fed up to the slip knot (whereas a more traditional reinforced carry has the horizontal pass on the inside so the slack is pinned down by the sling pass). This one can also be tied with a single sling ring to use less wrap length while still tightening like a slip knot. Base-2/-3. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + To tie, start with the wrap spread on the wearer's back from over shoulder on one side to under arm on the other, with a short tail over shoulder (just enough tail to hold a knot or sling ring). Bring the long tail around your front and under the other arm; continue in the same direction around your back again to under the original arm. Bring this tail under the wrap and up to the original hanging tail to tie a slip knot or secure with a sling ring. Find your baby and place them on your unoccupied shoulder, bringing baby's legs in through both wrap passes. Place baby on your body where you'd like them to be - close enough to kiss and vertical, either on your front center or hip. Find the top edge of the inner "sling" pass and bring it up baby's back; keep the extra bunching of thr width of the wrap low, bringing it up between you and baby just enough to tilt baby's pelvis forward and encourage a spread squat position, with the wrap supporting baby from knee to knee and keeping baby's knees above their bum. Bring the top edge of the outer horizontal pass up baby's back and as high on your back as you can for your own comfort. Bring any slack across baby's back and away from the slip knot, then up your back to your shoulder and down into the slip knot. [Image of a white toddler resting on his mother's chest while wrapped in a black and white swirl pattern woven wrap Tekhni Galene Gothic tied in a Semi Pocket Wrap Cross Carry. There is a store display of pumpkins in the background.]

When people keep posting about applying mascara 3+ times. Ladies, there is a better way. #oneanddone #younique

Great homecoming win with a great stunt @kynleekay!! Who would have thought I would be throwing elites at a games as a warmup 😈! #OneAndDone #WeberState

Ran a PR pace! #oneanddone #familyaffair : missing @ferrellpa @bnloes (πŸ“Έ: @jmeyorke )

Today's face! Tomorrow the weather is gonna get colder and I'm so excited! It's been so hot this past week I'm literally sweating on my way to class πŸ™„ cool weather also tends to help my oiliness it's so nice tbh πŸ˜‚

#acnestruggles #livingwithacne #cysticacne #whiteheads #blackheads #irritation #redness #inflammation #acnejourney #toomuchacne #medication #d #septrads #neutrogena #hyrdoboost #hydroboostwatergel #clindamycin #benzoylperoxide #joesoef #antiacne #antiacnesoap #clarisonic #acne #hyperpigmentation #scars #redness #inflammation #urbandecay #oneanddone #nakedskin

New statement earrings from @davidaubreyinc bring the geometry πŸ“ $66/$70 #CLTCH #cltchit #oneanddone

My nana made me a box full of old pictures ❀️... I came across this. My parents have been divorced for some time now, but they were the best parents anyone could ask for. I had a great childhood and was able to grow up with both parents at home. I know nowadays this isn't the norm. When I get married it will be for life. #oneanddone

I'm officially a soccer mom! Being an independent threenager, Sequoia likes to call me Joyce. I explain to her, that I wasn't "mom" before she existed, and I love being her mom, so she needs to call me mom. #threenager #soccermom #5 #mygirl #thathairtho #pinkcleats #lightning #momlifeisthebestlife #oneanddone #soccer #mommiesgirl

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