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@anna_dello_russo in Milan // www.oncatch.com

It is that time of the year again. Fashion month starts and CATCH is back on stage once again. First stop: New York Fashion Week. - Keep in touch on www.oncatch.com and follow the hashtag #onCATCH ✈️🗽

Minimal shapes, bold colors // check www.oncatch.com for your daily style inspirations 💄

@miraduma during New York Fashion Week // discover on www.oncatch.com

From CATCH // @todayoncatch

@anyaziourova during @nyfw // discover on @todayoncatch

Catching some cool denim style for @mavi // this one features beautiful @asenasaribatur 💙

All leather details with @adakokosar & @ecesukan 🖤


@anna_dello_russo in Milan // www.oncatch.com

From Milan - discover on www.oncatch.com

@raczclara during Milan Fashion Week

@yoyokulala during @parisfashionweek // discover on www.oncatch.com

From CATCH // @todayoncatch

From @parisfashionweek // on www.oncatch.com

From @parisfashionweek // discover on www.oncatch.com

Today on CATCH // www.oncatch.com

Some CATCH moments from @todayoncatch

Back to CATCH // here from @parisfashionweek - www.oncatch.com


From @parisfashionweek // check on www.oncatch.com

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