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[🎥] Thomas Firshing (@toms_weightloss) reached 702 pounds after slowly gaining weight for years. But two unforgettable hospital visits & a strong support system gave Tom the will to fight for his life.
Today, Tom has lost over 430 pounds.
Watch his full story at ‪http://quest.to/thomas.‬

Want to share your transformation story? Email us at social@questnutrition.com with subject “TRANSFORMATION.”

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Kiedy masz ograniczone pole do popisu a zachce Ci się ciastków 🙄🍪 macie u siebie Questa?❤️➡️ PROTEINOWE ALMOND BUTTER COOKIES BEZ PIECZENIA ➡️ ▪️2 batony proteinowe @questnutrition 🍫 (ja wybrałam Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) ▪️5 wafli ryżowych ▪️łyżka masła migdałowego (lub innego) 🍨▪️1/4szkl. mleka (u mnie migdałowe) ➡️ Rozdrabniamy batony, wrzucamy do miski i zalewamy mlekiem. Roztapiamy w kuchence mikrofalowej podgrzewając przez ok. 1 minutę, nastepnie mieszamy tak by uzyskać konsystencję karmelu. ➡️ Dodajemy masło, mieszamy a następnie wrzucamy drobno pokruszone wafle ryżowe. ➡️ Lepimy ciastki, wykładamy na talerz i schładzamy w lodówce 🍪 pyszne i sycące ❤️

Lil update with how I am maintaining, making mental improvements and continuing to expand on my passion for health and for the fitness lifestyle 🌸
In the beginning, transitioning out of tracking macros felt truly impossible, now with where I am in my life and with how I feel every day I can't imagine going back. A year ago I was in competition prep, I tracked everything that went into my body, I had hormonal issues, I was scared to eat out and I was out of control of being in control.
Intuitive eating isn't about losing weight, it isn't about putting on some serious muscle mass, but it's about trusting your body and enjoying the process.
And it takes practice, and patience.
I am still training 6 days a week, but I'm training in many different ways, I lift probably 5 days a week, I do hypertrophy training, plyometrics, bodybuilding style workouts and some powerlifting compound movements. I have also taken some group fitness classes and I do cardio because I have began to enjoy that type of movement more and more!
There is nothing fancy, nothing crazy and nothing entirely impressive about what I'm doing but I'm continuing to work on me. Im now able to maintain my body and continue to grow mentally without tracking macros. And I'm continuing to be be my best version of me!
Check out my last YouTube vid for more intuitive eating tips 💚🤗And @ailihen.headset for these super cute, affordable and SUPER amazing Bluetooth headphones! #intuitiveeating #selfconfidence #beyourbestyou #selflove

Hi guys!!! I'm Jacqueline! Over the past few years I have lost over 300 pounds through diet and exercise! I am now in the process of having my excess skin removed from losing so much weight! It took one huge moment in my life to decide that I needed to change my ways and become a better, healthier me! My journey has been far from easy! It took a lot of hard work, dedication, faith, sacrifice and the need and want to lose weight. No one could make me lose the weight. I had to do it for myself! Please head on over to WLStoriestv.com to watch a short video that I made for for @wlstories where I talk about my journey!
Having a support system is HUGE and this community that my friend Keith @6months100pounds has created is amazing!! I hope you enjoy the video! Let me know if you watch it!!! Remember the power to change is inside all of you!  I know you can do anything you set your mind to! You just have to want it bad enough!! Xoxo
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This weeks: UNDERSTANDING ENERGY INTAKE comparison 👉🏼 Protein ball VS Chicken sandwich.
FIRSTLY (☝🏼IMPORTANT): This post: ❌Is NOT to say that neither should be chosen over the other ❌It is NOT to say that the nutrient density of both the choices are EXACTLY the same ❌It is NOT to say that either will cause adverse effects on the body OR directly lead to fat gain. The bottom line is: ✅UNDERSTAND ENERGY INTAKE. Some people select the food they eat based on a perception of healthy or unhealthy with little regard for caloric value. If you're someone that won't eat bread/a sandwich because you think it's 'bad' but will eat a protein ball in thinking it's 'good' the energy intake between the two may be the same.
Another important reason in why you should have an understanding and regard for the caloric intake of your food choices is because some foods are deceiving in energy density such as the protein ball - so small, said to be a 'healthy snack' yet not exactly the choice where you'd be getting the most satiety for your calorie spend. So while a protein ball isn't going to directly cause fat gain it's quite a calorie dense snack despite being the 'go to' for a lot of people embarking on a weight loss journey or being health conscious. Without calorie awareness and also if mindlessly eating a snack like - say deciding on a second OR third serving the calories can quite easily clock up to equate to that of a full meal. Eating well for health AND results is a two part system in that quality & quantity go hand in hand, fat loss will always boil down to calories in vs calories out. No matter how 'healthy' you think something is your body will recognize & clock its caloric value. If you want to lose weight you need to calorically be consuming less energy than expenditure. Some foods are indeed more nutrient dense 🍌🍏🥕🥑 than others 🍫🍦🍬🍩 containing more micronutrients though THEY ALL HAVE CALORIES. If you're trying to lose weight it's necessary to be conscious of caloric intake given it is possible to over eat in protein balls just as it is possible to over eat in sandwiches. 📧info@equalution.com

Some days I do intermittent fasting to reset my system and I broke my fast today with this delicious @questnutrition cookies and cream pancake. Just whey protein and egg whites, perfect pancake after my fasted cardio this morning! Yummy! Optional: fruit for extra yumminess!!!#questsquad #questnutrition #onaquest #cheatclean #eatclean #fitfam #fitness #sponsored

Took some time today to organize my room, clean out everything I don't use, and just sort out all my stuff to start this semester fresh!!!
Had these protein waffles for breakfast! ➡️VANILLA WAFFLE! Blend 1 egg + 1/2 cup almond milk + 1 scoop vanilla @questnutrition protein powder + 2 tablespoon coconut flour + 1 tablespoon PB + 1 tsp cinnamon + 3/4 tsp baking powder + 1/2 banana + 1/3 cup oats. Cook on low-medium heat with coconut oil and top with maple syrup, fruit, cacao nibs, and granola!!!! .
#questbreakfast #onaquest #sponsored #questsquad

The power of your mind is so great it will create the reality you are in. The proper mindset will lead towards excellence on your pursuit. Persist and defeat each obstacle one at a time as it presents; but let there be no lack of effort, the days will pass and all of the sudden you reach a limit. And you go past that limit. It is VICTORIOUS to beat yourself on something. #OnAQuest #pursuit #visualize #aim #mindset


Breakfast is my @questnutrition pb protein shake - recipe : 1 scoop @questnutrition protein powder , 1 tbs of @peanutbutterco nut butter ( or any pb you choose) , a pinch of xanthum gum, 10-11 ice cubes and a little water! Blend until thick 🤗 with my side of @barbarasbakery puffins 👍🏻 macros without cereal : 26g protein , 12g carbs , 6g fat ----#onaquest #questbreakfast #questsquad #sponsored #trusttheprocess #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatforabs #eattogrow #eatclean #edwarrior #healthychoices #healthybody #healthylife #healthy #fitgirl #fitspo #fitfam #foodie #fit #foodisfuel #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #cleaneating #cheatclean #loveyourself #selflove #recoveryisworthit #recoveryispossible #intuitiveeating #instafit

Taste testing some new quest bar flavours 😋😋😋😋😋 holy heck rocky road is yummm-Miley agrees! Blueberry actually tastes like a muffin 😱 amaze balls
#questnutrition #questbars #onaquest

A little Tuesday treat @creamistry. First experience here 🍦
#tuesday #icecream #socal #california

It may be #TacoTuesday but I've got a *giant* bowl of @questnutrition cookies & cream protein ice cream topped with plenty of @waldenfarmsinternational chocolate sauce 🍫 ...so who's the real winner here? 🙋 •••🍦 > 🌮

I had so much fun doing this tonight 😍 Love these girls and love this gym! Stay tuned for the full video @questnutrition 💙 shoutout to @costaphotography for filming! .

#Repost @katie_lee_carroll (@get_repost)
OMG had so much fun filming a lil @questnutrition skit with @costaphotography today @theshopgym! Watch out 👀 for the drop on Aug 1st!! @skylarlanier @kolbidoss @marissaroyfitness @thecorkthatran @dilari17 @americanfitchick

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Training with @ericthetrainer and Scott Thompson aka "Carrot Top" @cityathleticclub in Las Vegas yesterday.. Scott's always in top shape for the grueling performance schedule he keeps in Sin City 😎 #OnAQuest #Vegas #ETT #BeEpic #MyQuest #CityAthleticClub #MeccaOfVegas #Training

PREP STARTS TODAY!!! I'll post a "before/start" photo later, but I'm really excited to get this started! Finished with a 4 place trophy last time and don't plan on bringing home anything less... Also crazy that last prep I started at around 240, and this one I'm starting at about 215, so the level of shred will be REAL!
Black on black on black on flip flops! Rocking those @feedmefightme shorts and tank! Head to feedmefightme.com to grab all the gear your bank account desires! Use my code "Schaefer" for 10% off everything 🦄
@vmoda (my headphones broke... 😢)

FUN FACT ... Tahoe is Indian for "Joe's happy place" ... 💫the more you know ... #southtahoe #heavenly #anotherheavenlyday #onaquest

Elevate your mindset 📚
Educate yourself 🔑
Subtract negative people ➖
Stay positive 🆙
Eat healthy 🍴
Focus on YOUR goals 🏆
Spend time alone growing 🤓
Encourage others 📣
Stay hydrated 💦💦
Crazy what a little self care can do!
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😃I've had the privilege of working with the @redwolvesvb team on on their nutrition to improve their body composition and athletic performance. I surprised them tonight with some @questnutrition bars and I think they were happy about it haha 😅👌

#transformationtuesday it's been almost two years since I stepped on stage. Since then, I've been back and forth with my fitness plans and I've pretty much let myself go. I've been a busy girl and I've been so stressed out since I moved to Sioux Falls, so I've had to take a step back and fix things. I'm a fixer by nature, so I usually tend to fix stuff around me first before I think about myself. It hasn't been easy. I admit; I've been depressed for a very long time. Moving away from family and friends has been very difficult, but I'm trying my best to make the most of it.
But now, it's me time. It's time to give back to myself and what I deserve. And I can't wait to see what happens with my the help I'm getting. No one can support me but me, but if you feel like rooting for me, I'll take it. 😉 #fitfam #fitspo #eatclean #bestself #fitfluentual #onaquest #fitness #nanbf #npc #aesthetics #fitmarkambassador #nanbfbikini #npcbikini #bikiniathlete #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #royalsportsltd #royalsportaffiliate #ownthe👑 #nicebag #swimsuitmodel #fitnessmodel #asianmodel #igfitness

What's for breakfast?? Looking forward to my protein waffle! 😋 @questnutrition @questcooking #questbreakfast #onaquest #questnutrition #sponsored

Another day in office and my boy @ruiz4real is back in the gym putting in work instead making excuses for not coming to the gym.
#nodaysoff #allworkiseasywork #graduation2018🎓

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