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TAG your Work out Partner 👇

(Tag Your Workout Partner) Babes “LIFTING UP THE BOOTY”😵😭 is NOT an easy task at all!!! And I can say this because I’ve been there and literally have worked my ABSOLUTE butt off to get here today🍑💪 - ⬇️TAKE NOTES⬇️
Because my legs came in long before my Glutes did😴, I reduced the amount of weight I was lifting when it came to doing ALL Quadriceps (Thigh) exercises such as Leg Extension/Reversed Leg Extension exercises which targeted more of my Quads + Hamstring Muscles, and instead I FOCUSED more on BOOTY GROWING exercises such as 1️⃣ Hip Abduction ( Number 1 Glutes Activation Tool)🙌 2️⃣ Kneeling Squats ( which targets ENTIRE Glutes Muscles)🔥 3️⃣ Cable Sidekicks (targets Side Glutes muscles)💪 4️⃣ Glute Machine Back kicks (which targets Upper + Lower Glutes Muscles)🍑 + so MUCH MORE I’ve been including on all my booty workouts💪
The reason I wanted to share this post today is because EACH & EVERY single one of us has a different goal💪 when it comes to the size we fancy/want our legs, booty, arms, etc to be so, this post I shared to give you guys an idea on when you need to increase your weight depending on what you are working towards, and when you may need to decrease your weight as well also depending on your goals as all goals are POSSIBLE with the right tools🍑💪 -
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This Guy used to be a Beast when he was young 🤙👏
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Beast Mode 🙌 🎥 @tanomandan

Old but Gold 😂
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Can you do this? 👇
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What do you think about @marvinthrow Remix (YODELING REMIX) ?💭 i think its #awesome 💭 #remix #yodeling #yodelingkid #yodelingkidremix

Who can Relate?

Everywhere, Anytime! 👏
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