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Heute gibt's mal nen Buchtipp... steht alles rundherum drin, was man erstmal so wissen muss.... #omegaloopbypass #omegaloopminibypass #magenbypass #rezepte #magenverkleinerung

Omg surgeon oked sparkling water & kombucha. That's all I've been craving!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best day ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Feeling SO much better today. I love love love that I have my oils. They have saved me, uplift me, and have been such an amazing tool for me whilst recovering. This morning I have lavender peace, wild orange and OnGuard diffusing. All of the nurses either use oils (yeah!) or have asked me about them! My dream of having oils in the wider medical system will happen, because people want them and because they work. ❤️

Shopping... erstmal alles zusammenstellen, was noch fehlt und Mengen ausrechnen... #omegaloopbypass #magenbypass #omegaloopminibypass #eiweiß #eiweiß #eiweiß

Heaven eggs ❤️


Packed my lunch today ❤️ keeping it as clean as possible, solely because I feel so much better eating this way. What's in your lunch today?

Omg surgeon oked sparkling water & kombucha. That's all I've been craving!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best day ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dinner #lchf

How to pack protein & fat into your coffee! Once again @nutraorganics for the win!

Being me all the #keto #lchf I can handle. Makes me feel SO much better!!!

I found the photo on the left today. It was from a photoshoot my singing group did last summer. I have no recollection of being that size. When I looked in the mirror, I knew I was unhappy, but had no clue when size I really was. I'm so happy I made this decision. My whole body feels better. Getting around is easier. Fitting in spaces is easier. Airplanes aren't an issue any longer. I don't huff and puff having to power walk because I'm running late. My whole body isn't in pain from the strain of the weight. Surgery was just...a good decision. Don't let anyone else tell you that surgery is the easy way out. Sometimes, surgery is the ONLY way out. #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosssurgery #wls #mgb #minigastricbypass #omegaloop #omegaloopminibypass #beforeandafter #88lbsdown

Celebrating toddler in bed. A healthy hot chocolate with, you've guessed it, @nutraorganics collagen. Protein that baby up y'all!

Heaven eggs ❤️

Topping up my @chobani yogurt with some amazing @nutraorganics super foods mix. It's actually an awesome alternative to hot chocolate/milo. Jam packed with so many good things, it what we make for ainslie. So my morning yogurt with packed with heaps of protein & extra vitamins! Winning! ❤️

Dinner ❤️ the Chobani yogurt dips are amazing and packed full of protein ❤️ veggies with stacks of oil and salt. A couple bites of cheese

Omg best night cap. 2TB coconut yogurt + 1TB ricotta + 4 strawberries + bit of liquid to thin out. AmaZing! And healthy probiotics.

Well, hello collarbones!!! #nsv

Puréed pea, ham and veggie soup. Extra scoop of butter and collagen.

Since my surgery I have to be super duper aware of what I'm eating and drinking. Today is @nutraorganics super duper healthy "hot chocolate" + 1tb collagen + spoonful of coconut oil + 1 drop of OnGuard. This is such a better alternative then normal hot chocolates and milos. It's nourishing, packed full of nutrients and amazing for brain health. The OnGuard helps to boost immunity. Winning! Awesome for kids and adults! @sixseasonsmarket thanks for the delivery ❤️

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