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Today we're continuing our review of Cagen, and focusing in on the meal itself. The omakase begins with a singular small dish, in our case, gazpacho served in a martini glass. From there chef serves 15 pieces of nigiri, a hand roll, along with soba and dessert. From an array of white fishes to stronger flavored fishes like the sanma we featured in our last post, Chef composed a journey of interesting and exotic #neta that we don't see so often. Another of our favorite pieces and our featured piece today is fuefuki dai otherwise known as pig faced snapper. Despite its unattractive name, the fish was delicate, but deep in flavor speaking to the treatment of the ingredient. Chef also is fond of slicing his fish thin and doubling up on layers for mouthfeel and that was evident in this piece amongst others. General observations about the meal are that there is good focus on the #shari, which was about as good as any we have seen in NYC. The unusual variety of ingredients was also appreciated. Stay tuned tomorrow for the final leg of our Cagen #review!

Vocês já conhecem o menu degustação do @kaizen.restaurante? 🍣 "Omakase", que é o termo japonês dado aos menus de degustação que mudam a cada semana para trazer aos clientes e aficionados por alta gastronomia, sabores novos e também as mais variadas harmonizações culinárias. Uma combinação perfeita! ❤️

When in Tokyo... the most beautiful piece of lean tuna I've ever seen 😱 @ Kurosaki
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On the end of this carved spoon is a superior scoop of sushi. The rounded belly of seasoned rice is topped with the creamiest uni imaginable @robinsanfrancisco . It comes from Hokkaido and for its trip the San Francisco is preserved only in sea water. The salty flavor of this perfect bite is from the uni and caviar, no swipe of dressing here. When @adam.tortosa heard that @jenpelka and I liked uni, we had a veritable sea urchin tasting menu with samples from Santa Barbara, Baja and Japan. Each piece of sushi came with a story of where the fish was from, how it was prepared. Around us, the happy eaters were all of different seafood journeys as Tortosa and his chefs prepared tailored omakase menus. This deep connection to the fish and desire to delight the customer strikes me as the best omakase possible. #sanfrancisco #omakase #sushi #eeeeeats #howisummer

3 of a kind #MaisondeBangkok

"When I was training as a young chef, I couldn’t just go work anywhere I wanted. There were lots of people looking for work. It was around the time of the World War. People like me had to stay where they were and make the best of it. There were a lot of young people who would have taken my place so I had to work hard, improve my skills and slowly move up the ranks." — Jiro Ono, 3 Star Michelin Chef of Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten, a restaurant that is almost impossible to book
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After the omakase @ginzaonodera, what you thought the best sushi in LA will be slightly disappointing. Most of fish are flew in from Japan and each one of them was well prepared. I also learned a lot about fish from Japan. Thank you, Chef Yohei! ニューヨークでミシュラン獲得して去年ロサンゼルスにオープンした鮨 銀座おのでら。半信半疑で行ったら(←何様?)とても美味しゅうございました。#🍣 #sushi

My life 🍣👨🏻‍🍳💪🏼❤️ @parkresto
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Salmon sashimi at #mikutoronto.

Uni love 😍

Unique texture & refresh flavour "Yellowtail sashimi with shiso & tomato mix basil sauce" starting from tonight!!! #omakase #hamyard #japaneserestaurant #wagyu #sashimi #sushi #soho

Shiny fish ✨

🇳🇮 @bardumarchepalermo es conocido por ser un hermoso bar estilo frances en una esquina de Palermo Hollywood, donde tenemos una enorme variedad de quesos y vinos para catar, entre otras cosas 😋🍷🧀 pero lo que muchos no saben, es que en el piso de abajo hay una joyita bien escondida 🙀 @m_omakase es un restaurante japonés con un clima bien cómodo y casual, y pescados de excelente calidad que hasta ahora no habíamos encontrado en otros lugares de sushi 🏅🍣 Les recomendamos hacer los 8 pasos del chef 🤗
Plato sugerido: Tartár de salmón con palta 🐟
🇬🇧 @bardumarchepalermo is known for being a beautiful French style bar in Palermo Hollywood, where they have an enormous variety of wines and cheeses, among other things 😋🍷🧀 but, what many people don't know, is that there is a basement with a hidden gem 🙀 @m_omakase is a japanese restaurant with a comfy and casual climate, and excelent quality fish that we haven't found anywhere else in the city 🏅🍣 we recommend you order the 8 course tasting menu 🤗
Featured dish: salmon tartare with avocado 🐟
Precio/Price: $$$$
Reservar/Reservation required
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(Contrast) Striking the right balance is so important when using the best fish seasonally available. Layering sauces, and flavors can detract from the most important profiles of the fish. Letting the fish speak for itself, is more difficult than most people think. Can you describe the flavor profiles of your favorite fish?

Craving for delicious food after a long working day! 😋
Goodnight 🇭🇰 ! Good morning 🇬🇧~
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Larry, Curly and Moe is one hard act follow. Ask for The Three Stooges on your next visit!
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