Finally getting around to posting show pic. Had a lot of fun doing this show and felt HEALTHY the whole time. That was the priority for me and @wycked_shaun. Have fun, bring my best to stage and manipulate myself as little as possible. 10 days post show and I'm only 5lbs higher. Going to treat the next 6 months like I'm doing the #omahapro again next year and we'll reevaluate in December. Hoping the next 'prep' will only take 4-6 weeks. The new WYCKED me is going to be 6 weeks out at all times. #Lifestyle @wyckedaesthetics #Almost33&;NeverFeltBetter

✨swipe✨ #transformationtuesday Of a different sort. Nothing crazy just an example of how sensitive the female body can be. I’m a self proclaimed water buffalo/piglet. I know that I carry a crap ton of water on my body. Most likely because I drink about 2 gallons of water a day all which include coffee, tea, water obvi and protein shakes. (Note: That doesn’t mean everyone should. It’s what my body in particular requires on a regular basis not just for prep) The photo on the left is a week out from #omahapro show day, allll of the PMS, ladies, you know. The photo on the far right is day of show. Thankfully I came in lean enough to where it’s not as noticeable as it normally would be on me. This is the first time this has happened for me AT a show. A different experience and complete mental f*ck. Let’s be honest. The important thing to remember is keeping the mental in check and trusting YOUR process. Always. #stayinyourlane No water pills or diuretics, just a simple taper in water is all my body in particular needs and how I choose to come in for shows. #focus #ifbbpro #pms #liftlikeagirl #lilmisspiggy #transformation #checkin #feedme #olympia2018 #fitnessmotivation #workout #bestself #teamspecies

One of the highlights of my Omaha Pro trip. Swipe left ⬅️for more photos 🍾📸on this post. I had went on @facebook for a maybe 2 mins that Friday before the Omaha Pro then I get this messsge from my iron sister @ifbbpropauline_nelson . She busted my ass out for being on Facebook. I started laughing when I read that bc she’s absolutely right. I needed to be resting. It doesn’t stop there folks. The entire time Pauline was on me, checking on me and giving me the boost I needed. Later that Friday night I was tired but had went out with the crew to eat my last meal. I wasn’t eating my food all the way and she made sure I was eating my carbs and yes resting. I was a zombie and didn’t have the power in me. I can’t tell you guys how much that meant to me having a world class pro bodybuilder checking on me so much and putting my ass in check. On top of that she is preping herself for the tampa pro, so it was nice of her to take the time for little ole me. One thing about Pauline is she will tell you how it is no color coat lol😂😂😂 My sister @tf_02 can vow for that lol. #sisters #thankful #thankyou #omahapro #wingsofstrength #positivevibes #truth #smile #godisgood #fitfam #contestprep #ifbbpro #npc #muscle #instagood #bodybuilding #journey

I would just like to take this time to express my heartfelt thanks to Wings of Strength. As some of you know Wings Of Strength are very big supporters of female bodybuilding division, as well as the main sponsor of our shows. Not to mention they put on the prestigious Rising Phoenix in Scottsdale which you have to qualify for. Earlier in the year I was given a great opportunity. I could not believe it to be honest with you because I do not see myself as some of you see me in bodybuilding. I was given the opportunity to be an Ambassador for Wings of Strength. This was a huge honor for me as bodybuilding is something I love and I love to meet fans and entertain them. I get to go around to shows and events spreading the word of bodybuilding and meeting the awesome fans. Along with my fellow iron sisters it has been a very rewarding experience and journey. I am truly grateful. I also want to take the time and thank the people behind Wings of Strength ( @jake_wood_wos @alexandra_bandida @alinapopa1 ) for supporting me and being understanding with my contest prep. They really accommodated me around my prep and made a lot of things possible. I honestly could not have accomplished what I did in Omaha if it wasn't for Wings of Strength. They believed in me from day 1 and gave me the tools needed to help me pave the way to my journey. Thank you again and I will be forever grateful. @wingsofstrength @themsolympia @jake_wood_wos @alinapopa1 @ifbb_pro_league @alexandra_bandida
#thankful #fitfam #bodybuiding #ifbbpro #wingsofstrength #omahapro #blessed #physique #fitness #gym #journey #believeinyourself #nevergiveup #thankful #fans #muscle #fitrockstar #flex #winning

🔸 DON' T WAIT until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself! Be proud of EACH STEP YOU TAKE toward reaching the goal! 💯✊🏿✊🏿🕺🏿
🔸The road to where I am today has been a very long one but progress has been made and lessons learned each step of the way 👆🏿💪🏿💪🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
🔸 My motivation is to beat my best for the Olympia @mrolympiallc 💪🏿 @ray_baker_ 💪🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿
🔸 pics here #omahapro @titonej from @npcnewsonlineofficialpage 🔸wearing @broactivewear posing shorts 🙌🏿
@ifbb_pro_league @bodybuilderswithoutborders @suleose @classicphysiquenews 🏋🏿
#the_quiet_storm #underdog #underrated #legitcontender #bodybuilding #classicphysique #classicbodybuilding #ifbbpro #earnednotgiven #goldenera #oldschoolbodybuilding #mrolympia #shredded #symmetry #fitfam #abs #muscle #noexcuses #perserverance #motivation #neversurrender #raybakerteamultimate #relentless #weekendwarrior #aesthetics #ripped #dedication #lifestyle

Staring down the little man in the mirror. Not in disgust, but in understanding that me and that guy in the mirror will become a champion some day!!! Grind hard. Do whatever it takes! I will be a champion!

happy {fathers} day to all of the dad’s, daddio’s, papa’s, bros, main men, fur-dad’s, and just straight up life supporters out there.. special s/o to my main dudes 🙌🏼
told y’all these #paperbagwaist shorts are going on repeat this summer.. perfect for when you eat too many 🍩s too! 🤦🏼‍♀️ head over to the ‘shop my closet’ tab to pick these bad boys up for yo self! ♥️🤙🏼
#nicoleineverycolour #omahanebraska #omahablogger #omahapro #omahafashion #midwestblogger #iloveblogging #lifestyleblogging #lifestyles #greytank #forever21 #topshopstyle #toryburchsandals #katespadenewyork #applewatch #sunglassesfashion

We made it!!! And finished w/ 30 min of cardio! @dhausman_

With Isabelle Turrell the winner of the 2018 Omaha Pro (women’s bodybuilding division). We had a great chat in the tanning room where she showed off a few of her dance moves. Such a humble and generous person - love her!!
#ifbbproleague #fbb #womensphysique #womensbodybuilding #wingsofstrength #omahapro #risingpheonix #girlswholift

👍 #ExtremeExercise

Get Excersice Tips ➡ @extremeexercise
Post Credit: @rocksolidharley

Big thanks to Freak Fitness for helping me step it up a notch or two. 👊💪
Congrats going out to Freak Fitness IFBB Classic Physique Pro for his Top 10 finish at the 👊🏼👊🏼
📸: .james 💪 #Repost #OmahaPro
#classicbodybuilding #classicphysique #ifbbproleague #ifbbpro #flexfriday #bodybuildingmotivation #trainhard #workoutmotivation #gymlife💪 #compprep #fridaymotivation #shreddedlife

Look who I ran into at the #Europagamesdallas Yes its @maylaash I'm so glad I had a chance to meet you and thank you for sharing your put all your cards on the table knowledge with me. A 5 minute conversation is like planting a seed that will one day grow and become a flower.. Thank you again. You look Amazing and congratulations #omahapro!!

It took me awhile to post these pictures....I guess you can say I was VERY disappointed in myself and how I let stress overwhelm me. All I can do is learn from it. It happens! But that’s what makes us great athletes. You have to take losses! It strengthens you ! I can def say it lit a match under my ass 🤣😂 Greatness to come ! ❤️💪🏾 Thank you @titonej for hosting a great show ! #bodybuilding #ifbb #womenwithmuscles #likeforfollow #ifbbpro #omahapro #69
Again thank you for the beautiful suits @cjselitesuits ! They are stunning !

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