Finding old shots in random folders is like taking a trip down memory lane 🙏🏼 This shot made me excited for winter 🍂❄️😀

Creeping on cafe goers again

let’s talk GLUTEN

i can’t believe how trendy this word has gotten in the last few years #itsnotevenaniceword !

but before i start talking about the (mostly wrong) use of this word, i want to inform you about what gluten actually is:

gluten is a type of protein and found in wheat, barley, rye and oat products (so pasta, pizza, bread, oatmeal etc.). it can cause cause inflammation but ONLY if you’re gluten intolerant. if you’re not, it won’t harm you and is definitely not bad for you. a healthy digestive system is perfectly capable of digesting gluten without any problems.

so why do we suddenly see all gluten-free products in the supermarkets and are told to cut out gluten in our diets!??! #whattheheck
well to tell you the truth, it’s probably because the diet industry labels gluten-free as healthy (WRONG) so that people start buying more gluten-free products. they’re usually more expensive so the supermarkets will make heaps of money by telling you to buy the gluten-free option instead of the regular one. ✎
yup by now you should’ve figured it out that the biggest reason for people telling us gluten is bad and buying the gluten-free products is so they make more profit. #surprisesurprise #shocker

the bottom line? you don’t have to go gluten free unless you’re gluten intolerant or have coeliac disease or something like that. ✎
eat your pizza, pasta and bread (in moderation and preferably wholegrain) and if anyone tells you otherwise, eat them too #imsofunny #wow #thisiswhyimstillsingle

Be confused

no more parties in LA
Portra 400 | 8.17.18

Despite knowing they won’t be here for long, they still choose to live their brightest lives. 🌻- @rupikaur_

everything you do goes wong

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