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Start em young!! They'll follow your example not your words!! And don't miss the brat throwing the ball on his sister as she jumps 😤!! #boxjumps #crossfitkids #olympikids #fitkids

Terribly miss coaching the kids, what an awesome experience that was! Totally wanna do another trek for them sooner than later. #olympikids #kidstrek #thingskidsdo

My ride or since '96! Fletch Brian came into my life a week before my 5th birthday. I took him EVERYWHERE! I was so proud to have a best friend that looked just like me. #cabbagepatchkids #1996 #olympikids #ginger

Physical education is a crucial and necessary part of any child’s growth, but it will often provide better results in children who regard exercise as less of a chore, and more of a fun opportunity. After all — if nothing else, children are much more likely to reject chances to engage in activities that they don’t enjoy...The aim should be to convince your child that exercise is a positive, enjoyable, and beneficial way to spend their time. Using it as a punishment will only undermine these connotations, or destroy them completely. On the other hand, however – while it’s crucial that exercise should not be used as a punishment, it also shouldn’t be something that is taken away from a child in order to teach them a lesson.
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Watching the opening ceremony with this doll, who has the most unfortunate face mold of all of my CPK's 😬 #90dolls #90stoys #olympikids #cabbagepatchkid #cabbagepatchkids #mattel

Who else is slumming it today! I feel like a hobo wearing like 3 hoodies and crazy troll earrings! Lol! I've also discovered that this CPK I found over the weekend still smells good! Who else remembers the baby powder smell that CPK came with back in the day? 😍 #cabbagepatchkids #cpk #olympikids #slummingit #mondaymood #90stoys #96olympics

This stuff should be taught in school.
It's Dance but, these guys were ex-gymnasts.

Sadly most of us Kids in India over the past few years (forever actually!) ended/end up playing just one game/sport in their formative years. Parents & Kids alike, aspire to become Pro from an early age.

Kids that predominantly play Sports like Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Badminton, TT, Hockey etc. early on can develop postural deficiencies as they tend be more 'side-on'. Due to repetitive muscular actions from their dominant side (right or left), the opposite side tends to be less exposed to powerful movements and becomes weaker.

Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Swimming, Martial Arts and Track & Field is the foundation of all Sports.

The movements involved in the above Sports tend to develop the body holistically.

Early Exposure to the above Sports will ensure that your Kid will become more Athletic and will be in a ready state to go Pro in any other Sport, if not in one of these foundational Sports.
#nammacrossfit #olympikids #sports #gymnastics #dance #weightlifting #track&;field #swimming #martialarts #foundation #athletic #development

So good to see kids performing athletic and sports specific movements at an early age. Playing sports or training and challenging ones physical and mental ability plays an important role in a child's overall development!
A lot has been said about India's performance at the recently concluded Rio Olympics. However, most people who have criticised our Athletes have no clue about the current scenario. While other International Athletes are usually training throughout the year for their respective events, get the best of facilities from their Sports Ministry and Government and not to forget, enough financial support to take care of their families; many of our Athletes have to look for their own sponsors and even work for a few hours everyday to help sustain their dream of representing India at the Olympics! Qualifying to such a big event is itself a great achievement.
The scenario in India is slowly changing but the difference is the other top competing Nations are only getting better.
The day India promotes all Sports at the grass-roots level and invests in our youth to perform at the big stage and also secure them financially, is when we can expect more medals, trophies and championships at the world stage.
Till then we can only expect and sometimes criticise our Cricket Team :)
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Start em young!! They'll follow your example not your words!! And don't miss the brat throwing the ball on his sister as she jumps 😤!! #boxjumps #crossfitkids #olympikids #fitkids

Growth and Development Tip#2
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#crossfitkids #children #kidsfitness #olympics #trackandfield #gymnastics

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Educate and Learn Tip #1
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Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympics Cabbage Patch Kids Olympikids Relay Track and Field pin. Cabbage Patch Kids are from Georgia originally, so it would make sense that there would be such a presence during the Atlanta games.

Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympics Olympikids Cabbage Patch Kids Gymnastics Vaulting pin. In 1996, there were special Cabbage Patch Kids to celebrate Team USA. These pins were released in a series to commemorate these dolls doing all the summer sports. The "O" in this one is the wrong color, making it a super rare variant of this pin.

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