Hi its me, ya boiiii. This is a progress pic of what I look like underneath my clothes 😝 We all have our own fitness goals that we should continue to strive for. What keeps me coming back to the gym is the pursuit of power (expressed as work W performed per unit of time t) and basic athleticism (strength, speed, coordination, flexibility, dancing 🧐 etc). But looking like I lift is also a nice bonus.
Increasing the mass of a muscle also increases its potential to produce and absorb force (catching/stabilizing). I’ll concentrate more on bodybuilding next cycle to optimize myself for Olympic weightlifting and my fitness goals 🙏🏼

125kg/275lb clean and jerk. Followed by 130/286 attempt. Cleans felt easy. Need to work on my jerk technique but I’ll get it next cycle. Really close to having a qualifying total for nationals. That’s the goal, ty all for support 😤

170kg / 374lbs x2 squat. Legs are getting stronger. Hopefully this will allow me to give the best shoulder rides. Also hope it translates to my clean and jerks 😌

100kg / 220lbs snatch. 3 🔴🔴🔴 lights in competition 😛 but this is the best my pull has ever felt. Just need to remember to stay tight af at the bottom. If only the goal was to throw the bar behind you 😂

54in box jump plus showing off some of my breakdancing 🧐 one of those “oh shit” moments 😂

Bodyweight overhead press for a triple at 155lbs. Started to do overhead press to supplement my jerks and they’re really fun 😋
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🔹What is Weightlifting?
Officially the word weightlifting refers to movements called the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. You may have previously heard the word Weightlifting being used to describe the standard powerlifts of Squat, Deadlift and Bench or resistance work in the gym, which is incorrect and can be confusing. That's why you'll also hear us use the term Olympic Weightlifting to help clarify what we mean.
🔹What are the Snatch and Clean & Jerk?
Essentially they are two different methods for taking a barbell from the floor to an overhead position.
🔹What are the benefits of Weightlifting?
✔ Multi- joint functional movement
✔ Core and posterior chain activation
✔ Improves resting heart rate, blood pressure, and VO2 max, areas of health that are typically targeted with “cardio” workouts.
✔ Develops power and explosiveness (great for athletes!)
✔ At least 20 times more fun than lying on a leg press machine or plodding on a treadmill.
🔹Is Weightlifting for Everybody?
Simply put - no. Unfortunately it's hard to say that someone walking in off the street can jump in and have the required mobility or strength to start doing full depth Snatches or Cleans.

Luckily, for most people with some time and effort the mobility and strength needed CAN be developed through specific drills and regression exercises (Squats, push presses, empty bar imitation work, stretching).
🔹How do I Start?
We are Bandon's one and only Weightlifting facility and our newly rescheduled Weightlifting classes kick off next week:

Thursday at 6.30pm
Saturday at 11am

Beginner's and improvers more than welcome, just give us a shout to chat to a coach and get started 👍
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Looking back on the progression of my lifts the last year and half...the growth is incredible but could not have been achieved without the support of so many @lhobarbell @khepri1 @artregenerated @jamesrivercf @gaelastromberg (just to name a few 🤩🤩) #olympicweighting #weightlifting #fitness #fitnessmotivation

YOOO. SO HAPPY I CAN DO SOMETHING BESIDES SIDE SIT DOWN! Numbers aren't what they used to be, but they weren't too impressive to start with. I'm right there with you @dan_bailey9 ... Those handstand push-ups were probably the hardest ones I've ever done.
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went for a power clean pr at 119 and thought i had it and even argued with nate about it. further review showed otherwise 😭
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|:| JOY IN WORK |:|⠀
“There is joy in work. There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something.” - Henry Ford⠀
Jess is hands-down one of the hardest working people in the building, on and off the floor. When she and Richard aren’t killing it with @vivatanplus at both their Downtown and St. Albert locations, they’re smashing PR’s on the floor.⠀
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#friday :: My kind of happy hour involves weights, not wine. Getting down means a deep squat *with* a bar, not at the bar.
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“It stops the PRs or it gets the tire iron again.” Are we a little jealous of athlete Joe’s amazing progress lately? Maybe a little. #fortiusstrong #olympicweighting #merryliftmas

🎆 G A M E  C H A N G I N G  W E E K 🎆 Life is simple. Do what you love. Learning to fix people’s movement from @vinnierehab + @myodetox validated my passion: Train hard. Recover harder. Can’t wait to implement these new tools. /// 💯✔ DM me to S T A R T your Recovery Project /// 📸: @tishtish

Went a little heavier than what was programmed on the cleans.... it was a good day, even when I missed ☺️ it’s been quite the week... can always count on the platform to level things out a bit #olympicweighting #olyconcepts #whnphl #thatsthemotto #whensofrittosaysgoupyougoup #holyshitimgoingtolawschool @olyconcepts

Throwback to the last CrossFit competition I competed in. We had great support from our athletes of Fitness Culture Strength there. I miss competing all the time, but most of all I miss coaching and our Fitness Culture. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and God had other plans, but hands down We had the best box in town with the most amazing athletes. Miss you guys a bunch and I️ Hope all my athletes are doing well and still hitting it hard!! Now it’s Time to get back into Competition shape! #FitnessCulture #CrossFit #StrengthAndConditioning #Competition #Compete #TurkeyWars #Houston #Texas #CoachLife #Athlete #DadBod #WOD #iMissIt #InJesusName #CalStrength #OlyLift #OlympicWeighting #teamcompetition #Reebook #nike #fitaid #RogueFitness

Shoutout to Coach Jana for qualifying for NATIONALS this past weekend! 🏋🏻‍♀️❤️ (Also, check out that bottom position 🙌🏼 #mobilitygoals 💯 )

#trainingday: Warm-up and work the barbell thoroughly. When it comes to technical movements, like the snatch, your body + mind need to become one (cheesy, I know). 😄 ••• For me, spending ~10 mins working the barbell is extremely valuable. It forces me to 1) PAY attention to what is going on with my body - where am I feeling restricted or where am I feeling unstable and 2) From there, I can GROOVE new patterns that I need to work on (without weight being a factor). Here, I am doing: 3 X 2 Tempo (4 sec descent with 3 sec pause) OH Squats as a warm-up to drill in my catch position for the #snatch. I am working on sitting in between my hips, keeping my torso upright, and punching the ceiling with my lats. Simple. But. So. Good. Try it and let me know how it goes! 💪🌶 ••• OK, now off to #lift #heavy!

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