I played in my first Bink Schmidt Classic over the weekend. I had and amazing time. A sincere thank you to EVERYONE at the @olycountryclub that worked so hard to make the event happen. The work that went into it was noticed and very much appreciated. And also thank you to the Schmidt family for all of their contributions. I’m already looking forward to next year. Here are some of my highlights:
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1. The special pinflags were a nice touch.
2. Warming-up to bagpipes was a first for me.
3. Day 1 was a grind with three amazingly fun back-and-forth matches that ended in ties. It was awesome coming down from the course to see @sejaxsun and this lil’ one to greet me.
4. We managed to win our flight, and even though we lost in the championship horse race, I’m proud of how we performed; especially given the talent in our group.
5. And finally, ending the event with a great reception dinner with @sejaxsun.
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Not all Gremlins hate water. 📷 @sailorjamie #olympiabeer

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I am on the hunt for a few amazing items for my collection. I already own the cut out advertisement for Horlacher’s shown in the bottom left corner of the photo but would love to add these other items: Olympia Beer bock print, George Ringler and company print with the fussy goat, Billy Whiskers Autobiography of a Goat book(the red bound one is from 1902 but I would love any reprint version), Pabst Bock Beer print, and lastly this print shown in bottom right-not sure of branding but has the goat with the fiddle on the barrel. Message me if you find like minded items-I’m interested! ❤️🐐❤️#goat #goats #ilovegoats #vintage #antique #collector #goatart #bockbeer #pabst #olympiabeer #billywhiskers #autobiographyofagoat

Beer Run before we hit @sierrastakeout this past weekend!

Keep our forests green
0ur highways clean
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@olympiabeer Double-Sided and Dimpled Goblet Beer Glass. $8+$5 shipping costs. DM for more details.

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