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Caption this...😂😂😂😂
#OlympiaExpo #MrOlympia #Olympia2017

Gentleman, STRAIGHT on...Both feet on the line... Top 3 in the world💯#Repost @gsoulgraphy (@get_repost)
Men's Physique Top3
진짜 최고다...^^
Photo by @gsoul_world
Ma People 🙌🙌🙌
#physique #MrOlympia

جرمی بوندیا قهرمان چهار دوره مستر المپیا دسته فیزیک
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4x Olympia Mens Physique Champion 👉 jeremy buendia

Standing amongst the best in the world. A testament to hard work. Each and every athlete earned what they have accomplished. We all strive for more. We all strive for greatness. #Olympia2017

@mrolympiallc recap💪🏾 I'm posting all angles shots to show you that there was nothing we didn't work on. First time #Olympia experience was great and I'm thankful to have graced the stage where many people have worked their whole life to be a part of. Although my placing did not reflect that however it also doesn't do justice in the time investment and the details we put in. My coach @ambrosemiddleton and I wanted to bring in a fuller (not super shredded) look for the O and we came in just that. To tell you I'm happy for not placing top call outs would be lying because I don't train for that. I am proud of what I was able to accomplish within 6 months along with school and work- not sure how I pulled that off but I did! Lol (now more sleep time, yay!) 😂💪🏾 anyways- just wanted to say if u think it's impossible to do everything at once would be false- because it IS possible with hard work and time management. I might not have came home with the result I worked for BUT I'm proud of my work! This off season is going to be LIT- u can best believe I'm coming back stronger 😎 and thanks to the #ifbbproleague judges for allowing me to compete. I hope to be on the same stage next year 🙃 @sannation @getflawlesshair ----------------------------------------------- #firedup #TimeToWork #fitfam #olympia2017 #olympiatakeover #mrolympia #teamsan #ambrosebodybuilding #work #nevergiveup #ontothenext #lasvegas #watchmework

➡️Check more pics ➡️huge thanks to @tmariesuits for making my gorgeous sky blue suit! I love the clutch bag I used it at night party! Obrigado a @tmariesuits que fez meu biquíni e adorei a bolsa que vem com o Biquini usei na festa à noite, veja mais fotos ➡️#julianamalacarne #msolympia2017 #WP #girlswithmuscle #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fit #sexy #Olympia2017

Fresh off the ⭕️ stage... took a lot of time away from doughnuts and many other good foods to earn that medal.. after a long prep it felt really good to be holding both of them at the same time 😅 #olympia2017 🍩🏅


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Now that we've fully recovered...can we go back!? What an amazing week in Vegas with some fantastic friends, models, and clients! Missing that pool and sun while I sit here processing galleries in my office😎🙌🌴🌞
#fbf #Vegas #Olympia2017 #vivalasvegas #lasvegasmansion #greattimes #awesomepeople #workhardplayharder #LAS #team7hrsofsleep #teamArsenik #teamAvalon #Arsenikmansion #photoshoots #fitness #fitfam #workworkwork #worktravel #travelgram

How does everybody feel about @logan_franklin placing at the Olympia?? 🤔🤔🤔 #aestheticqualities

Follow your dreams!

SteelFit® Athlete @jonnysorous made quite the appearance at this year's Olympia!💪🏼 Jonny used SteelFit® Products throughout his prep to help get him ready for the ⭕️ Stage!
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#Repost @this_is_bodybuilding ・・・
Everyone has a story. Everyone goes through hardships. I've met some, even in this industry, who have been made bitter and angry because of theirs. But I have met others...like @rominabass, who have come through hardships to become shining lights of positivity! It was great meeting you last weekend, Romina. Congratulations on being Top 3 in the Bikini Olympia! It is your attitude as well as your physique which have brought you your success!
#Repost @rominabass
No limits in your mind 💙❣👙💍👡👑.
I was not an athlete. Never was workout in gym .
I had a baby that died at birth and that day I lost many illusions. I was in depression a few months until I started the gym for the first time in my life, I had never touched a dumbbell.
I started to compete because my husband @claudio.hait motivated me and because of the passion that I generate training and see that you can change the body with small changes in food and training.
. this is hard work since 2014 in my international debut amateur .
to achieve the procard winning arnold classic USA amateur , Arnold classic EUROPE amateur and Olympia latinoamerica amateur. And then my Pro Debut in 2015 .
In this year Olympia it is my show number 30 in my career .
If I CAN , YOU CAN DO IT ! 😘💪💪 stay motivated #olympia2017 #nolimits .
🔹️Coach @claudio.hait .
🔹️Suit by @cjselitesuits .
🔹️#jewelry by @glamcompjewelry .
🔹️Waisttraniner : @rominabass_waisttrainer .
🔹️Photo by @eastlabs.ru .
#THISisBodybuilding #TheWorldOfBodybuilding

Last pic from Vegas guys i promise.... 😬 @bradleymartyn was one of the coolest guys I met! You could tell he genuinely cared about everyone meeting him! #olympia2017 #bradleymartyn #bodybuilding #classicphysique #expo #npc #npcusa #flexfriday #gymtime #motivation #everydayisarmday

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