Forever mommy's sink baby.<3

I love playing with daddy! :))

I love watching TV! House and Miami Vice are my favorite shows. :)

I love this new box! And I keep trying to get my pesky tail but it's just too quick! Instead of helping, mom just sat back and video recorded me. Thanks a lot, mom!

I loveee playing with my tail and feet!

I love looking out the windows, too. Especially from the second floor! Lots to observe and dream about. :)

Mommy loves taking pictures of my face. She says I'm a beautiful kitty... I just enjoy my kitty condo and pizza box!

I played hard this morning! A cat nap was much needed.

It's playtime!!!

Little impromptu photo shoot with Mr. Oliver this morning.<3

I love to nurse on mama's fuzzy blue pillow! If you turn up the volume you can hear me suckling loudly. :)

Too much catnip for BooBoo...

I'm too cute for my own good! Still sleeping off my long day yesterday. Mom took me to something called the "vet". They were really nice to me and even gave me treats! I'm not a fan of traveling, though. That was stressful!

As a kitten I was the only girl! I had 4 brothers AND I was the only gray kitty in my litter! I was exactly what my mama was looking for. :)

This was my FIRST night home with my new family!<3 06/19/2014

My beloved pizza box!<3
Mom and dad have no clue why I love this thing so much, but it makes me happy so they don't mind leaving it for me.

My name is Oliver, but mom and dad like to call me Ollie. I'm about 8-9wks old. I'm new to this place... My parents rescued me on 06/19/2014. I really like my new home so far, but there's another kitty here who doesn't seem to like me very much... I really would love to play with her! Hopefully we'll be best buddies soon.<3

My name is Buttons (though I get called Baby Girl and BooBoo a LOT). I'm 7, and I'm the queen of the house. I'm a very fluffy girl, and I'm super sweet. My favorite things to do are lay on my pizza box, watch the world outside through my second floor window, and watch TV with mom and dad.

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