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Ahh I'm so pathetic hahh I was listening to my Jolive playlist I made for them when I was drawing them and started tearing up ;-;. Aww my first oc ever guys❀️ it's been long since I drew Olive & Jesse ;0;..
I changed up Olive a bit like hair and stuff haah Jesse's pretty much same, maybe just lighter eyes?ΒΏπŸ˜‚ aww.. I missed these guy :D

Soooo anyone remember my first ocs ever on this account, Olive & Jesse? >////<
More people asked to redraw them than drunk Ferris so I did both anyways πŸ˜‚ & I know I already stated this on my last post but.. STYLE CHANGE IS SO WEIRD??
If you wanna see old Olive & Jesse drawings by me just click: #oliveandjesse <3

Soo my first ocs of this account, throwback to 2013 huh? I decided to redraw them ahh they meant so much to me! If you still remember them that'll make me so happy ;0;.
For those that don't know, I was really into cliches in 2013 (tbh still am) but anyways, Jesse was a popular rich and smart kid who got assigned to be Olive's math tutor and Olive was this skater chick who didn't care about her grades and yeahhh they ended up liking each other and finally became bf and gf & LMAO I'M SORRY it's cliche but I still love them! I used to write horribly written wattpad stories about them too πŸ˜‚
{#oliveandjesse <---you can look at my old stuff on them there haha #OCs}


Okay @devanshei OC's Olive and Jesse are the cutest little things out their! I fell in love after reading @devanshei wattpad story about them! You should totally check her out her arts amazing! {#OliveandJesse }

[ Happy Birthday Dev! ] wooo! I'm kinda late on posting this but I definitely didn't want to miss out on the chance of saying happy birthday! You probably don't know this, Dev, but you were the whole reason I decided to start drawing. Back when I only had my personal Instagram account I found your art, wayyyy back when you only had a couple drawings of Olive and Jesse, and totally fell in love with it. After awhile looking at your art made me want to create art myself, so I picked up a pencil and drew one of my first pieces for the clairvoyant AU you, katelyn and firebolting created. I wouldn't be where I am today with my art today if it wasn't for you and I can't thank you enough! So, anyways, I hope you like this drawing of your two lovely #OCS #oliveandjesse , and I hope you had an absolutely wonderful day! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ @devellety

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVANSHI! sahdjsifios i dont even know what to say! you're such a great artist and youre honestly an amazing person and im just so glad i met you :) thank you so much for literally everything you've done ah i love ya dev and i wouldnt be the same without you πŸ’–

Hey sorry guys I haven't been on. High schools shitty and hard.
So I was drawing and it turned into Dev's (or @devellety ) Olive and Jesse having a relationship crisis. #OliveandJesse #jolive


I decided to draw Olive, @devellety 's OC and totally failed. Oh well!

I still hope you like it!

#oliveandjesse #OTP

@devellety 's ocs olive and jesse for our art trade! ahh they were so much fun to draw, hope you like it dev!

Okay! (@devellety OCs Ferris & Jesse) -

Ferris went through a portal into 'todays' time and met Jesse, who if you didn't know is super smart and he is questioning Ferris bc Jesse needs to figure out the answers. Ferris isn't entertained whatsoever. πŸ˜‚ -

Yes I realize Jesse looks like a little boy but it's only because I'm trying to practice different body positions! 😊

Okay, seriously, though. I have a problem O.o But anyway! Here's Jesse and Dace! Two more of @devellety 's OCs! I absolutely love these two! Dace is such a cutie! :3 [#oliveandjesse #art #dev'soriginalcharacters

*nervously laughs* so, I attempted to draw @devellety 's OCs Connie and Olive! To be honest, I actually like this one! Hope you like it, Dev! <3

#oliveandjesse #art

Fanart for senpai >3<
@devellety --
I'm so sorry if I messed up your OC ;^; I can't draw fanart ahahahaha arm positions are so off and shiz wtf. It's the thought that counts right??

I got a lot of love from y'all from my last Jolive fanfic, so I decided to write a new one!
Of course, character credit to the fabu @tardists , so here we go!
simply real "Jesse, Jesse, Jess!" I ran out of the school, breathing heavily. My eyes darted over the sea of people, looking for the crazy moss of tan hair throughout them all. "Jesse!" I called again. I ran through the crowd, carelessly pushing and shoving through the people I didn't know or care about. I gripped my paper tightly like it was my most prized possession. Because it basically was. I stood on my tip toes, trying to peer over the students, but I was too short. Being only 5" 4' didn't help in situations like those.
But a mop of cinnamon-y brown hair was barely noticeable in the crowd. I ran in that direction and called his name again.
He turned around quick, then gave me a large smile. Jesse was the kind of guy that you could never lie to, his face just simply wouldn't allow you. His quick, brown eyes were too big and caring and his smile just made you want to melt inside. "What'd you get?" He asked, staring at the piece of paper I held.
I showed it to him, reaching up a bit so he could see. In even red marks, the grade stuck out easily. "95, baby!" I exclaimed. "The first A I've gotten in math since the sixth grade!" An actual smile appeared on my face as his lit up brighter. "Congrats! I told you it would be easy!" He reached over and took the paper from my hands, brushing my fingers for a tiny second. The electric touch sent waves of nervousness all throughout my body. "Yeah, but you were allowed to use a calculator on yours, and I wasn't on mine. So I beat your ass, Jesse Martin!" He gave a winning smile and hugged me again. The butterflies in my stomach were flipping all around, but I managed to keep my emotions in tact.
"I guess you don't need me as a tutor anymore," he joked. "I mean, you're passing now and it looks like you're actually understanding math."
(as always, continued down below)

I drew Olive (@tardists' OC)
Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been busy with AP preparation and stuff 😩😫
Constructive criticism?

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