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•Quest'anno avremo la raccolta delle olive• 🌿
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Our first ripe olive on our tree today! It will be olive oil before you know it. #olive #olivetree #olea #oleaeuropaea

Guest-instagrammer @minna_jones tunnelmoi kesää pihapatiolla, johon viherkasvit tuovat oman lisänsä. ✔️🌳 #KUNGSHOLMEN-nojatuolit #GRÄSET-ruukut, joissa #OLEAEUROPAEA-oliivipuut

#IKEAkesä styling and photo @minna_jones ✔️👏🏼

Kindred (plant) spirits. 🌿 #oleaeuropaea

Menghabiskan waktu dengan pasangan apa mengejar impianmu?
Memiliki dirinya disampingmu bukan berarti memiliki hidupnya juga.

Berikan rasa cintamu melainkan rasa cemas dan takut.

Kenyataannya adalah dunia bukan milik kalian berdua saja.

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Tangkai zaitun berdaun sering dipakai sebagai lambang perdamaian dan telah lama menjadi bagian kebudayaan Barat. Di dalam masyarakat ini dahan zaitun menjadi lambang perdamaian dan telah ditanam sejak ratusan tahun yang lalu untuk di ambil buahnya yang sedap. Dari filosofi tersebut dapat kita ambil inti sari bahwa dengan tumbuhnya zaitun akan membawa perdamaian.
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Happy Birthday Mum!
Thank you @guernseygardens for this beautiful Olea Europaea Olive Tree. Over 100 years in the making especially for Great Grandma Haynes.
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#oleaeuropaea arrived in #china after 45 days, the leaves are growing!!! #imhappy @viverosmarch #viverosmarch


Adding Mediterranean foods to the lab reference collection; here you can see olives, figs, dates, and grapes. Hurray for tasteful research! ☺️ 🍇 🌴 #oleaeuropaea #ficuscarica #phoenixdactylifera #vitisvinifera #punsfordays #buarch

The Olive trees from our recent delivery are covered in their fruit. Olive anyone? .
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Olea Europaea - Olive

When starting out in bonsai a good introduction to branch manipulation is simply a guy-wire to pull a branch into position. Indeed pre the 20th century and the advent of wiring this was how branches were moved to the desired position.

You don't have to use wire you could use string, either way it's often a good idea to add a little padding at the end contacting the branch . I've kept an old bicycle inner tube and I cut little strips off for this purpose. In this case wire marks don't matter as this branch will be pruned once the inner growth gets going a bit more now it has apical dominance (the bits of the tree that are higher up grow more vigorously). ... #budgetbonsaigardener #bonsai #prebonsai #olea #oleaeuropaea #olive #wiring #branches #garden #gardener #gardening #nature #instanature #instabonsai #instagarden

Pancakes this morning -made using Olea Europaea Tipo 00 Flour. Use with your favourite recipe.
Shop now goo.gl/p8XsWH

Olive trees for sale online. The widest range of the olive trees available to buy in the U.K. Selection of olive trees in stock at Big Plant Nursery. We select only the toughest and most reliable varieities from the best nurseries in the Mediterranean. We have been growing olive trees in the UK for the past decade with great success, so why not try one in your garden?
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First baby olive of the season..
History and Folklore:
The Latin name Olea europaea means "oil of Europe". The name of the olive relates to the word "oil" in many languages.
According to Greek myth, the city of Athens was won by Athena in a contest with Poseidon. They were challenged to give the people the most useful gift. Poseidon's was a salt spring and Athena's was an olive tree. It is said that the very tree continued to grow in the Acropolis for centuries until the Persians burnt it to the ground but then the same day it grew again. The olive is sacred to Athena and to the city of Athens.
Pliny the Elder describes a vine, a fig tree and an olive tree growing in the middle of the Roman forum and the Roman poet Horace claimed his diet consisted of olive, endive and mallow.
Athletes were anointed with olive oil at the Olympic Games and victors were crowned with olive leaves. Olive oil was used as fuel for the Olympic Flame as well as in sacred lamps as temples. Olive oil was also used in sacrificial offerings and to anoint priests and kings, as well as for more mundane purposes such as fuel for household lighting, a base for medicinal ointments and cosmetics, and, of course for cooking.
Olive wood was also extensively used for building and for carving xoanon.

Olive in Magick:
Draw a pentagram in olive oil on an item you would like to protect.
Hang branches over the door to prevent lightening strikes and keep evil from entering, or place the leaves in a bag or add them to a wreath and hang on the door or the chimney for the same purpose.
Steep olive leaves in rainwater and asperge your house after you've cleaned and blessed it, or stash leaves in the corners of a room to keep a peaceful household and prevent or bring an end to family arguments.
Use olive leaves to decorate an altar in honor of a God or honored ancestor.
Use olives and olive oil as offerings to Gods and honored ancestors.
Olive oil is an excellent base for any oil blends and anointing oils, but note that its distinctive fragrance will be quite noticeable in your blend.
Olive Correspondences:
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Gods: Athena, Apollo, Eirene, Minerva, Ra

Olea Europaea tipo '00' di grano tenero (soft wheat) and semola rimacinata di grano duro (semolina durum wheat) multi purpose flours are perfect for a wide range of uses.

From authentic pizza, fresh pasta and a wide variety of breads to cakes and muffins; made using in full proportion or mixed with each other or other flours for desired consistency.

Available at olivetreetrading.com

More 'green~life' in the house! Green~fingers~day🌿🌱🍀🌲 What's in a name?? #carexmorowii

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