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I wish you could smell this many-flowered jasmine, Jasminum polyanthum @myddeltonhousegardens #flowerstagram #flowers #scent #oleaceae

As I said... A beehive!
Garden maintenance today, 6th floor, South-facing. Summer all year long 😎
#hydrangeamacrophylla #trachelospermumjasminoides #oleaceae #scentedplants

@pinarmarogourmet doğa fotosu challenge demiş o zaman ilk doğa fotosu #oleaceae ailesinden olsun 😆 Foto keyifli bir Urla ziyaretinden 😉 @sevdusum #uzbasciftligi Wikipedia der ki: Besleyici değeri çok yüksek olan #zeytin de bol miktarda bitkisel protein, yağ, A, C, E vitaminleri ile kalsiyum, fosfor, kükürt, klor, magnezyum mineralleri vardır. Kalp ve damar sağlığı için çok faydalı olan zeytin, yaşlanmanın etkilerini de azaltır. Dermokozmetik amaçlı kullanıldığında cilde güzellik verir. Saç dökülmesini engeller, kepeği önler, saçları kuvvetlendirir. Kırışıklıkları giderir. Makyaj kimyasallarının oluşturabileceği olumsuz etkileri azaltır. Cilt hastalıklarının oluşumu önlemeye yardımcı olur.

Syringa vulgaris #Oleaceae #Lilac #botanize

蕾のねもとに点々が #レンギョウ #散歩道で #oleaceae #forsythia

forsythia #detail


Back in the herbarium. Syringa vulgaris, lilac. #botany #herbarium #oleaceae #deadplantsgluedtobitsofpaper #plantsofinstagram #lilac

#茉莉 #木樨科 #jasmine #JasminumSambac #Oleaceae #ジャスミン


#UandME #iphone7plus #茉莉 #木樨科 #jasmine #JasminumSambac #Oleaceae #ジャスミン !!拍SEI但是補光是用超讚cp值超高的ASUS ZenFone3 Zoom!!

Yggdrasil, the ash tree
This pic of an ash tree (Fraxinus excelsior, 'frêne élevé' in French) was taken in Boulonnais (northern France) last April. Fiona Stafford, Professor of English Language and Literature at Oxford University, published an acclaimed book last year, 'The Long, Long Life of Trees', a tribute to the diversity of trees. One chapter was devoted to the ash tree, ‘the Venus of the woods’, the second commonest native tree in the UK after oak. She describes it in a way that I find especially moving: 'In winter their silhouettes stencil clear skies like a row of unframed stained glass windows. The ebullient black buds stand proud, as if impatient for the spring, but in fact the ash is usually the last to come into leaf and the first to shed its seasonal foliage. The uncovered form of the ash, though, is just as compelling as the full-dress splendor of more eye-catching trees.’ She recalls that Yggdrasil, the World Tree in Viking mythology, was an ash. It grew on an island surrounded by the ocean. Its trunk reached up to the heavens, and its boughs spread out over all the countries of the Earth, whereas its roots reached down into the Underworld. It was not alone but hosted all sorts of animals: A squirrel was running up and down the tree carrying messages from the serpent gnawing at the roots to the eagle in the canopy, whereas a deer was feeding on the ash leaves and from its antlers flowed the great rivers of the world. Nice for a tree scientist like me to see that the central role of trees is acknowledged in mythology and that trees remain an inspiration for literature!

We are so honored and excited to be on the cover of the new edition of The Dog's Guide to Surfing - Hanging Ten with Man's Best Friend! The new edition will be available on Amazon on July 25th. Tristan is ready to pawtagraph your copy! Our friend Cherie @cheriethesurfdog is on the back cover too! She gives pawtagraphs too and the best kisses! 😘. Special thanks to @taste_tv and @worlddogsurfing! #socalsurfdogs #socalbeachdogs #norcalsurfing #beach #worlddogsurfing #surfdog #surfdogevent #catchawave #mansbestfriend #hwac #tommybahama #oleaceae #wavetribe

This Phillyrea latifolia from the Oleaceae family like Olive trees is full of love messages or wishes from people who come and visit this botanical garden. Loved it!

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