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All day err day #oldsoul #whowantstohear

And there it is 💙 #truthbombs @jen_bel

Happy 9th Birthday to my beautiful magical fairy child Avalon Indie Rivera (AIR) Just 19 days late and 55hrs of labor she arrived 9 years ago, piece of cake! #love #pisces #artist #oldsoul #rockstar #avalonrivera #birthday @avalonrivera

This song is a little soulful #throwbackthursday for ya! 🎙

Mijo, though she may seem far away when you look up, the Sky is always connected to the Earth. Dontcha Whine unless its Dutty


There are just thing's in life that I feel are far more important, even more so than myself, that I have yet to experience. Life is precious, it's beautiful, it's a gift I feel is often took for granted far too much. I understand that, I lived a long life in just a short amount of year's. I've seen and experienced enough of certain thing's to be able to put life in the most clear perspective for myself. I know what I want from it, what I want out of it, I know what I'm better than and is not who I truly am. I know what's supporting to growth and what's not, I know myself, I know who I am. There is just so much life has to offer, so much I can offer it and can contribute to. I might not have it all figured out, but enough to know where I would like to go with it. It's a vast world, I truly just want the most from it, in knowledge, love, laughter, peace, travel, passion, all of that an more. I'm just not someone who sees life in this one dimensional like box. It's hard to explain kind of, lol, but this is what I can say undoubtedly is what I look most forward to, if I am fortunate enough. I don't care about none of street, hood, or whatever shit. I don't need to try to keep up with some ignorant ass appearances to be gratified, for what? 😂 I'm so done with all of that and just ready for a moment like this, I can't wait but I will. Got to trust the journey, and the wait, I know she'll be worth it, and I eternally grateful. #imgrownnow

Jean jackets, cool patchwork detail👍Welcome to patchworld🎶
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Yes no wonder this society is fucked #yeshopsin #oldsoul @hopsinson

The beautiful sky that keeps me going i love looking up and enjoying the beautiful portrait #starchild #beautiful #portraitofthesky #love #gorgeous #happymind #happythoughts #lovinglife #❤️☁️ #enjoythelilthings #🤙 #oldsoul #seed

This will be my friends if I ever decide to start dating again!😂😂😂 I'll be 38 soon, and honestly have no desire to date! #bestfriends#gotyourback#dating#overrated#oldwoman#datingisntlikeitusedtobe#oldsoul#funny#meme

Do you need someone to pick you up from the bar at 2am? Call me. Did you get into a fight with your other half and need a shoulder? Let me know. Feeling down, and not sure if you can continue? I'll show you just how capable and strong you really are. I'm not perfect, and my life might be a mess, but if there's one thing I'm good at it's being there for people I care about. I have forgiven the crazies, and the people who have tried to ruin my life; holding on to those things is too heavy. Not entirely sure where I was going with this, and sorry for getting so deep. You only have one life though...stop holding on to the things that make it harder, and start focusing on what matters.

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