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GROTESQUE's "Incantation" (12"MLP, 1990, Dolores Records version). Death Metal with slight dark passages... love this band, pre-AT THE GATES, and nothing to do with them! #grotesqueband #oldschoolswedishdeathmetal

REPUGNANT, "Premature Burial" (Picture 7"EP, 2004). The Swedes released this EP before their only studio record. It includes two studio tracks (including a cover version of NIHILIST's "Carnal Leftovers") and two live songs. I think that REPUGNANT and KAAMOS are two of my favourite second wave of dark old school Death Metal bands from Sweden. Then, many of the members decided to 'gay' themselves and form part of such trendy (for me, of corpse) acts as GHOST or TRIBULATION... #repugnantsweden #repugnantband #oldschoolswedishdeathmetal

ABSURD, "Discography '91-'92" (12"LP, 2013). Hell yeah! The complete recordings by the Swedish cult old skull Death Metal band ABSURD. The "Storm Of Malevolence" (Demo, 1991) (also released as the "Drained Of Body Chemicals" (7"EP, 1991) by Seraphic Decay Records) & an unreleased live recording. Maybe one of the most brutal Swedeath bands back in the day and including memorable double bass drumming and amazing solos. I really enjoyed this band, though unfortunately they lasted for a short period of time. #absurdsweden #oldschoolswedishdeathmetal #blackvomitrecords

TOXAEMIA, "Buried To Rise: 1990-1991 Discography" (2x12"LP, 2010). Full discography by the Swedish Death Metal band. Includes "Kaleidoscopic Lunacy" (Demo 1989), a song from a compilation CD called "Rätt I Örat" (1990), "Beyond The Realm" (7"EP, 1990), "Buried To Rot" (Demo 1990), three unreleased tracks from the "Buried To Rot" demo recording sessions and another unreleased song from the "Kaleidoscopic Lunacy" sessions. Have in mind that all of the songs included here were remixed and mastered by Dan Swanö himself. Old skull Death Metal at its best. #toxaemia #toxaemiaband #oldschoolswedishdeathmetal #oldschooldeathmetal

GOREMENT's "Into Shadows" (7"EP, 1992). Second crushing EP by these Swedish Death Metal gods... morbid brutality! #gorement #oldschoolswedishdeathmetal

Incredible compilation with everything released by the Swedish Death Metal legends GOREMENT, courtesy from Century Media Records. "Within The Shadow Of Darkness (The Complete Recordings)" (2x12"LP & 2xCD, 2012). It also includes poster and booklet. A must for every fan of the band or the style! #gorement #oldschoolswedishdeathmetal

"4 Classics Swedish Death Metal Demo-Tapes" (12"LP, 2013). Bootleg that includes: CARBONIZED's "Recarbonized" (Demo 1990), UTUMNO's "Twisted Emptiness" (Demo 1990), EDGE OF SANITY's "Euthanasia" (Demo 1989) & AFFLICTED's "The Odious Reflection" (Demo 1990). As the title states: Classic! #carbonizedband #utumnoband #edgeofsanityband #afflictedband. #oldschoolswedishdeathmetal

CRYPT OF KERBEROS, "Into The Ruins" (7"EP, 2012). Not pretty sure if I prefer this band 15 years ago or right now. They have evolved from old school Swedish Death Metal to a more dark Doom/Death Metal oriented sound. This single is simply amazing and I love the highly professional presentation and the splatter orange colour of the vinyl. #cryptofkerberos #oldschoolswedishdeathmetal #swedishdeathmetal


Been reppin that #oldschoolswedishdeathmetal

Got some new tunes in the post this afternoon, Let's give it a blast with a nice cold one 🔊⚡️🍺⚡️ #beer #fosters #chaosbreed #heavymetal #oldschoolswedishdeathmetal #extrememetal

This song, is just fucking amazing ! This construction, these riffs, these melodies, everything is completely crazy! I can not wait to hear the rest! A great return from @necrophobic.official ! The old school swedish metal is still (more than ever) active !
#necrophobic #necrophobicband #oldschoolswedishdeathmetal #oldschoolswedishmetal #blackdeathmetal #deathblackmetal #pesta #necrophobicpesta #pestaEP #metalhead #frenchmetalhead #metal

#TheLurkingFear #OutOfTheVoicelessGrave
#AndreasAxelsson #AdrianErlandsson #FredrikWallenberg #JonasStalhammar #TomasLindberg
#DeathMetal #OldSchoolDeathMetal #OSDM #SwedishDeathMetal #OldSchoolSwedishDeathMetal #DeathMetalCollection #CDPorn #CDCollector #CenturyMedia 🇸🇪
The Lurking Fear
is a new super band formed by Tomas Lindberg (At TheGates ) , Jonas Stalhammar Bomb Of Hades Ex member of (The Crown ) Fredrik Wallenberg ( Skitsystem ) Andreas Axelsson Edge Of Sanity and Adrian Axelsson (At The Gates ).
The purpose and the vision of forming this band is to make an old school death metal.
while listening to the album you can hear sense of ugliness and horror created by the band.
Like many other bands around The Lurking Fear lyrics are also associated with HP Lovecraft.
The album starts with a short intro the feel of horror evokes the listener, I am not going to summarize the tracks on this album thus I'll focus on the music created by the band which brings fast songs driven by excellent Guitars Riffing, Buzz saw guitars which gives the true identity of old school death metal.
There are no melodic tracks, nor technical shredding either on this debut album it's the opposite of what At The Gates has been doing. In contrary they sound raw and filthy and the Production is unpolished as they aim for thrash beats in some of the tracks.
The vocals of Tomas Lindberg are furious.
The whole force behind the music shows how excellent the performance can be on this album, There are so many good tracks which are worthy to be mentioned as The Starving Gods Of Old , Upon the Black Winds, The Infernal Dread is just awesome!!!! With Death Engraved In their Bones, Tentacles Of Blackened Horror , Beneath The Menacing Sands is a very professional track everything about this song is brilliant.
though the album has many ideas where it is overachieving and infused with different directions, but this couldn't be any better.
This a very enjoyable album and the project seems to fulfill many fans who anticipated this Album!!!!

#carmusic #oldschoolswedishdeathmetal #edgeofsanity #purgatoryafterglow
Ίδια χρώματα με το Νέμο.
I keep crying in my dreams.
Can you hear my endless screams?
When I fade away I fade alone. ...Black tears

Since these guys only have one album I picked two songs! #gravebomb #deathmetal #oldschooldeathmetal #oldschoolswedishdeathmetal

Bestial Evil out of Baltimore,Maryland is some thrashy, catchy, ferocious death metal with a bite. Like us, they too are a band on Lost Apparitions Records. We have yet to play any shows with @bestial_evil but you may see them on the road with us in the future. Definitely check them out on Bandcamp/Facebook! #deathcrown #bestialevil #osdm #oldschooldeathmetal #deathmetal #deaththrash #dbeat #lostapparitionsrecords #tour #eastcoastdeathmetal #usdeathmetal #swedishdeathmetal #oldschoolswedishdeathmetal #ukdeathmetal #thrashmetal

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