I’m sure you’ve all been waiting to see the beast unleashed and here it is! @rhiannondaleyy shot the video and did some of it in slow motion cuz why wouldn’t you? I’m still surprised this thing wheelies with such ease, it’s a great lumbering oaf and yet it gets around like a truck half its size. I believe a drag race between this and the Konghead may be in order... #tamiya #superclodbuster #oldschoolmonstertruck #oldschoolrc #kingofthemonstertrucks

Achievement unlocked. Ladies and gentlemen, the Super Clodbuster! It’s more than I ever dreamed it could be! Those new decals were a challenge but look how nicely they came out! And that metallic blue fits this to a tee! Nice reference to the old days with the classic Tamiya logos and the “MUDBOG2” license plate (the original Clod had a “MUDBOG” plate). The most fun I’ve had building anything full stop! Now the hunt begins for the parts to backdate it... #tamiya #superclodbuster #bigbadblue #oldschoolmonstertruck #oldschoolrc

All of the body accessories are installed and the chrome trim is painted, it’s interesting that even Tamiya neglected to paint the vent windows which as everyone knows are a feature on the 80s Chevy trucks that this is based on (it had Chevy badges in its first iteration before they lost the license). Now, decals! #tamiya #superclodbuster #oldschoolmonstertruck #oldschoolrc

Didn’t get a chance to spray the silver until today and it came out quite nice, there’s even more dust in the paint but it’s fighting a losing battle when you have to go outside. A couple hours to dry and we can start with decals #tamiya #superclodbuster #oldschoolmonstertruck #oldschoolrc

A few pics of the paint in good light to show off the metallic in it, the supercharger and roll bar aren’t mounted in place just mocked up to see how they’ll look and they’re going to look GOOD #tamiya #superclodbuster #bigbluebeast #sparkly #justwaittilitgetsitsdecals #oldschoolmonstertruck #oldschoolrc

Laid down the blue on the Super Clodbuster, funny story: I ran out of the blue I bought with it before finishing (Tamiya TS-50) and wasn’t sure what to do, went to the local craft store and found Testors One Coat Lacquer “Star Spangled Blue” which looked like a very close match. It wasn’t only a great match it had metallic in it, so I resprayed the whole body and now it has a deep metallic blue finish which is perfect since it’s a child of the ‘80s. With the silver and the decals it’s going to really pop, there’s some dust in the paint which I’ll try to remove but honestly I’m not too concerned since it’s going to be run hard and get dinged up anyway. Once it dries I’ll do the silver then tomorrow, decals! #tamiya #superclodbuster #oldschoolmonstertruck #oldschoolrc #shinyandblue

Some finishing touches on the Clodbuster chassis, a few decals to dress it up a bit, I want to paint the body SO BAD but it’s late and the weather is rubbish. Maybe this weekend #tamiya #superclodbuster #oldschoolmonstertruck #oldschoolrc

So I had to get this far before I went to bed tonight and I just made it, the suspension is all done and the wheels and tires are mounted. It barely fits on the same TV tray that held the @lego Tumbler if you’re having a hard time realizing how big this thing is. I said the Konghead was gigantic, this has it’s own area code! And it still needs a body and it’s radio gear! Til tomorrow my friends! #tamiya #superclodbuster #oldschoolmonstertruck #oldschoolrc #justtrytostopthis #theogisback

Put all the chrome trim back on, the front grill, and tailgate trim, door handles and finally the side mirrors. Chrome mylar lettering with red trim "TERMINATOR" added to both sides. No I was not drinking when doing the lettering.....the real truck had it that way!!😀😁😁#terminatormonstertruck #terminator #oldschool #oldschoolmonstertruck #monstertruck #monsterjam #13thhourrising #rcmonstertruck #rc

A really good days work, built both axle/gearboxes and installed the front one, if I had a few more hours I’d have the rear axle mounted as well but it’s getting late #tamiya #superclodbuster #oldschoolmonstertruck #oldschoolrc

Starting to build the axle assemblies, two tubes of grease this size come with the kit, here’s a top tip for Tamiya: MAKE EVERY TUBE OF GREASE THIS SIZE NO MATTER THE KIT!!! I ran out building the Konghead cuz it had two of the smaller tubes to lube a gearbox that spanned the length of the car! Cmon chaps, do us a solid and give us enough grease #tamiya #superclodbuster #oldschoolmonstertruck #oldschoolrc #4x4x4

A few hours of work and the basic chassis is this far along, the suspension mounts are on the bottom, the body mounts are in place and the steering servo is mounted. That’s all for tonight! #tamiya #superclodbuster #oldschoolmonstertruck #oldschoolrc #4x4x4

I was hired to build an old school replica of Jerry Richmonds 79 Ford Bronco Monster Truck called "TERMINATOR". The person I am building this for help build the real truck and crewed on it. #terminator #monstertruck #monsterjam #oldschoolmonstertruck #oldschool #rc #rcmonstertruck #clodbuster #tamiya #traxxas #buildit

While unboxing the Clodbuster I noticed this, the chassis still has the original 1987 mold markings! It’s like they say, you can’t improve upon perfection... #tamiya #superclodbuster #oldschoolrc #oldschoolmonstertruck

It only took me 30 years but it’s finally happening!!! When an unexpected bonus came my way I knew I had to act and I knew exactly what I would get. I’m going to build it Box stock for now but in future I am going to back date it to the original Clodbuster (red body, white wheels, Chevy logos on grille and tailgate) but for now I’ll enjoy it for what it is: the fulfillment of a childhood dream. Corny? Maybe. You have your brass rings, I have mine... #tamiya #clodbuster #oldschoolmonstertruck #ogbadass #radiocontrol #4x4x4

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