Maud Wagner, America’s first known female tattoo artist, photographed in 1907.

So I’ve decided I may do abit of car spotting/sharing, will hopefully try do 1 or 2 a week.
So the other day I spotted this in #christchurch. It Belongs to @lydosmatt Big props to him for chipping away at this machine. It may not be everyone’s taste, but I personally 💖 this style. Carefree paint and just ultimate toughness. I think it would take a true JDM fan to pick up the few low key mods that just make this car RAD!!
Rotated Muffler, Train Hang Ring, ZG Flairs, Chin Lip, Duck Tail, Lots of Low, Small 3piece Wheels(possibly Volk Mesh?? @lydosmatt ). It’s the little things....
These types of cars are the hero’s of the Japanese car scene. Drivers cars.
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I AM TYPE by Frederic W. Goudy
I AM TYPE! Of my earliest ancestry neither history nor relics remain. The wedge shaped symbols impressed on plastic clay in the dim past by Babylonian builders foreshadowed me. From them through the heiroglyphs of the ancient Egyptians, the lapidary inscriptions of the early Romans, down to the beautiful letters by the scribes of the Italian Renaissance, I was in the making. John Gutenberg was the first to cast me in metal. From his chance thought straying through an idle reverie -a dream most golden- the profound art of printing with movable types was born.
Cold, rigid, implacable I may be, yet the first impress of my face brought the Divine Word to countless thousands. I bring into the light of day the precious stores of knowledge and wisdom long hidden in the grave of ignorance. I coin for you the enchanting tale, the philosopher’s moralizing and poet’s visions. I enable you to exchange the irksome hours that come, at times, to every one, for sweet and happy hours with books -golden urns filled with all the manna of the past. In books I present a portion of the eternal mind caught in its progress through the world, stamped in an instant and preserved for eternity. Through me, Socrates and Plato, Chaucer and the bards become your faithful friends who surround and minister to you. I am the leaden army
that conquers the world: I AM TYPE!

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Party at the #Topanga home of Dennis Hopper, #LosAngeles, 1965 - 📸William Claxton

Spotted this beauty a couple weeks ago. #ford #antiquecar #niceride #oldschoolcool #coololdcars

If only once in my life I was to step out of a helicopter holding a glass of whiskey while wearing a suit I would die happy. #newlifegoal #oldschoolcool #stolenfromreddit

Have you been to the Fantasy Zone? No, we're not talking about that place on the Granville Strip lol. We're talking about the legendary psychedelic third person rail shooter Space Harrier. It was extremely fun, very difficult, and trippy.

And it had that legendary Sega Arcade sound and vibrant graphically colours. There aren't many of these machines out in the world anymore, but Space Harrier lives on through the magic of emulation, the many Sega compilations out there, and the mini games in the world of Yakuza. #TBT 🕹🎮

The service garage I’ve been going to for ages. #oldschoolcool #impala #nofilterneeded

Rule #1: ABC. Always Be Cool. On my way to our weekly meeting a few weeks ago.

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