Me when I can finally go to bed and take a good 8 hour sleep

I relate to this on a spiritual level

Long time no... hear? See?

Well, here's another (a little surprising?) update.

Two of my best friends who got waitlisted for the university got in. One yesterday, one today.
My friend who got the letter yesterday had a slightly, veeeeryy slightly lower overall score than mine. They're pretty close, but mine was still higher.
The one today got in one of the most competitive programs in Canada, and honestly as much as it was painful to learn that I was the last one out of my close friends, I couldn't help but think that what she accomplished was amazing.

Honestly, im not making any of this up lol.

As for my part time job, it's hard. I work at a fast food place (mostly specializing in pizza tho i think) and the boss told me to take my very first customer order with only 30 mins of "training" (briefly explaining while he made food lol).
I really think the branch should have proper training sessions. And i screwed up sooooo many times. My bank info is still not there yet, so im still not too too assured. If it gets better from here, then i gotta admit i would be pretty thankful.

I didn't cry or get mad or anything. But I did go out for a walk and order two burgers for myself lmao.

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