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Gak ada hubungan nya sama pilkada ya 😒
#oldstyle #oldphoto #oldobject 😂😒

Cuando un día ya no sirvió más ☹️️ #trash #face #oldobject #sad #pareidolia

...coffee and out with Sybil before worktime!
#coffeetime #coffe #moka #oldobject #brokenbutbeautiful


Detail of a sculpture of an altar, made by my great grandfather. It's the most beautiful object my mother has in her home. I was told my great grandfather was a very skilled painter and craftsman, and that he could make fantastic models of things from almost nothing. Sometimes I feel like I'll never create anything that will match his level of skill.
#craft #history #oldobject #familyhistory #handmade #konsthantverk #hantverk #historia #gamlaobjekt #släkthistoria #handarbete

Today I want to tell you a story, because I think I'm good at it and because this story is a very special one, it deserves to be told. Apparently, this object in the video seems to be worthless, but for me it has a strong meaning. I found it at my grandparents' house; the first time I saw it I was just a child and I didn't understand how it worked, so I ended up to think it was useless. Then my grandpa explained to me that he made it, and it represented a little girl like me who was able to balance on that iron structure, and he shook her to prove that she wouldn't have fallen. She wouldn't. She was always on perfect balance. From that moment I started to be fascinated by it and I got used to play with the little iron girl everytime I went to visit my grandparents. When my grandfather died I strongly wanted to keep her. This old toy is worthy for me for different reasons. It reminds me of my beloved grandpa, of the time he spent playing with me without getting bored, and it well represents his personality. His soul was always on balance, it never fell even if the wind of evil blew on his life. He was calm, kind and in peace with the world. Moreover, this little iron girl makes me understand that there was something, before all this boring and intrusive technology. Something real, something that belonged to the physical world, the one we actually live in. Something simple. When I was a child in my grandparents' house I couldn't find technological devices, but I was able to have fun with some iron pieces, and the house was full of other old objects like that and of all the toys my grandpa brought me to buy to make me play and be happy. Sometimes I need to take a dip into this wonderful past, where everything was easier, unique, genuine and simply beautiful.

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