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According to a website, (sources will be listen below) some cultures thought that when there was an eclipse it meant terrifying things such as the kings death. Others however, saw it it as new beginnings and that the moon and sun were becoming one. This is only one interpretation, its interesting to see how other people thought
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The slavery we are still doing is more shameful than any other things 😤

I searched for #dogcheese and this was one of the pics that came up. Is this an old press shot of @larrykleinmusic @vinniecolaiuta and #michaellandau back in '84? Doesn't really look like them? And where's @stevetavaglione? And can we please get a reunion happening? #oldminds #johnnyswing #comeonupforsomedrinksandsex #thebakedpotato

We live in a society that pushes high IQ to be the fundamental of success, at some level it is true as most billionaires have the highest IQ, however, whatever we learn in high school opposes Charles Darwin’s quote. It opposes our adaption speed.
Adapt to the situation you’re in! Remember: “Change is the basic law of nature.”
Book recommendation: Made in America by Sam Walton.
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I'm not heartless.
I've just learned
To use my heart less...
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The wonderful Tim just turned up with a card and flowers to wish me a happy birthday, such a lovely surprise and only a month late! 😂😘😍 #birthday #besties #flowers #oldmates #oldminds

Thoughts on Cognitive Dissonance from a conscious king👑🙌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾# Repost @bob (@get_repost)
critical thinking :

the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.
A lot of us have been indoctrinated into bias belief systems that prevent us from gathering our own data and forming are own opinions about this plane we live on. a lot of us are told what to think, subconsciously programmed what to drive, what to buy, which brands to support, etc... but all that will change. People will eventually realize... not because I want it to... but because IT HAS TO! In order for us to survive and enjoy the freedoms we have left we have to speak out and inform people on the heinous acts against humanity that get swept under the rug and shrugged off as "conspiracy theories" or "that guys on drugs" ... regardless or politics, religion, class, race, gender, country, ... it's only two sides you can be on... the side of love and humanity... or the side of evil.
In the words of Janelle Monáe... "this is a cold, cold war, you better know what your're fighting for" ... To the dark side... this middle finger is for you.
eternally ,
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I literally spent a whole night persuading my parents that the best company who makes the gift they want is a Chinese company and almost 99% of that thing is made in China. But in the end they still asked me to look further to find a US company and the gift must be made in America, or "at least in Japan or Germany". #OldMinds 🙄

The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far you wondered. @miss_sasha_rose was good seeing you again. #TBT #friends #funtimes #goodconvo #oldminds #beach #oldwine #oldfriends

The mechanical Engineer who can't wait to see me happily married. 😃😋😂 #somewhereInLiberia #Project_days #engineering #OldMinds #YoungMinds #writing #Projects #Africa #engineers #Managers

SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND DO SOME CONSTRUCTION ON YOUR MIND. I'm about to hit a touchy bone for a lot of people especially some men so LISTEN UP.
Today I and @juli.haridass were exposed to yet again the narrow and disrespectful minds that still teenagers who are proclaimed new generation supporters, millennial members and part of a New South Africa, shared. A person who NOW "used" to be their friend has changed his sexual orientation to who he knows to be truthfully him (live proud and loud darling, shout your new found self to the world) but is now "deleted" and ridiculed by the same people he used to stand alongside. Now tell me, dear 21st century, why do you still feel it your supposed right to preach your derogatory, offensive and simple minded opinion? Just a heads up: the racist, homophobic, region bashing and class setting person you are to your homies or in secret is still the person you are at heart.😅 Don't judge someone for loving and being proud for who they are, from my point of view they have more balls than you ever will because they have the bravery to be who they are unlike you, who still is engaged in old and narrow minded views and knows they're out of date. No matter what we all have the right to be us and to be who we wish, respect that even if you don't accept it. And all you Christian preachers Jesus preached louder to love your neighbors, so respect them- it's a simple human decency. Thanks. Get your mind an update. And for the picture you guys screenshot and commented on - (slay, your make up was fleeking) don't be jealous guys because your other half or lack there of isn't even half as beautiful👌 #beyou #rainbownation #freeyourmind #nomoredivide #slay #homosexualrights #lgbt #oldminds #millennial #newcenturynewmind #newyear #humanity #freedom #judgementalpeople #woke

Reminiscing old times #happiness #simple

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