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This house is gorgeous no matter what the weather 💛💜 #archi_ologie #mansardmonday #oldhouselove

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So I know the next edition of #tudoronriverhousestory was supposed to be about the Roscoes, and they’re coming up, I promise. I have actually spent quite a few hours (mostly between 9:00pm and 2:00am 🤔 wasn’t I supposed to be sleeping more in 2018? #failing) researching Joe and Ganey and family and the company they kept and (hint) the Toledo underworld in the first half of the twentieth century, and man, has Deep Google and some other corners of the interwebs yielded some TREAURES and revelations, I now know their story better than ever. But first, back to the plaster details for a sec. They’re not limited to the interior. There are two on the front gable end of the house facing River. A robed man and a winged lion with paw resting on an open book. It didn’t take a lot of effort to figure out that the lion symbolizes Saint Mark, the Evangelist, with the robed man most likely a more literal interpretation. There is also a wall fountain in the back of our house (not currently working, but someday #koipondfantasy) and the water spouts from the mouth of a lion. After I realized the lions around here all most likely represent Saint Mark, I drew the conclusion that since they issued from Catholisim and not Romany (commonly Gypsy) culture, they were most likely the pride of Joe rather than Ganey Roscoe. Joe was born in Italy, and Saint Mark is also the patron saint of Naples. Only I just this week learned Joe immigrated from Genoa. Then 💡! St. Mark, the first owners were the Marks. The popularity of the given name arose in Europe way back when thanks to our man, the Saint, and it eventually became surname-ified (🙌🏻). And if you Google image “Marks family crest” you’ll see what you get. So I think I’ve just debunked some long-standing house-lore, which sets off my inner anthropologist. Subsequent owners of the house knew that Ganey Roscoe was of Romany descent. As such, she was somewhat an exotic “other” to them. So lions and stags and goats on the walls? Why those must be “Gypsy” good luck symbols. Likewise, Ganey was reputed to be a “Gypsy queen”, of which there is also no particular evidence. Truth: not always as pagan and sexy as we'd like. Cont’d in comments...

1556 Verdi Street, Alameda California, built 1900 /// A striking house in many regards. The extra level of detailing to the turret roof is pretty amazing. I love the curves to the front, plus the arch over the entryway and the continuous band of red ornamentation the wraps the entire house. It’s listed as a triplex so great to see all this original detailing remaining on this multi family conversion /// #alameda #ilovealameda #california #bayarea #architecture #alamedaarchitecture #house #oldhouse #oldhouselove #victorian #classic #history #deserve2preserve #architecture_grand #archi_ologie #beautifulhouseoldandnew #ag_verdist

Here is another home in Riverside Illinois. It’s on Scottswood Road, just like the prior house. I’m currently in bed. Don’t get any weird ideas. I’m clothed. I’m watching a Netflix movie called “The Open House.” It’s yet another reason why you should never hire a realtor who does not follow people around when there is an open house. What a weird movie. Some teenage kid 👦🏻and his mom 👩🏻housesit the mom’s sister’s vacation house. It’s secluded. Naturally. Of course there’s some weirdo neighbor woman. 🧓🏻She has dementia apparently. So we can forgive her strange behavior. Shit starts “going missing” from the house. Oh, and the father had died 😵in the beginning (run over accidentally). Some dude is in the house. He knocks them out (after killing a nice black man 🔪😮) The killer breaks the mom’s fingers one by one after tying her to a chair. He later pours cold water on the kid after he knocked the kid out on the driveway. Well, the mom dies. Stabbed accidentally by the son. The son dies, after almost freezing to death. He’s strangled to death by the killer. And you never know who the killer was. But this is a nice house in Riverside, amirite? #riversideil #riversideillinois #oldhouselove #archi_ologie #architect #architektur #thisplacematters #historicpreservation #openhousethemovie #marquisdefacademoviereview

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Well, the flu is still rampant (if not worse) in our house. Luckily I’ve managed to avoid it so far. You can find me spraying down every single surface in our house- including those pretty faucet levers for the 5th time today. Poor @emmrgibs is struggling- I’m regretting making fun of the “man flu” because it’s the real deal this time😑