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In an increasingly digitally connected world, can the gay bathhouse make a comeback?

Saturday...just not feeling it..😦😦😦 #gayguy #singlegay #oldergay #iggay #beardedgay


New workout program, new nutrition plan! Just 3 weeks!

What I love about this nutrition plan is it is progressive. I already know how I'm going to be eating on Week 3!
The workouts are also progressive - they increase in time every week and I even get a rest day!
Each container helps me manage how I eat throughout the day! The beauty, is the nutrition plan is part of a streaming app so if I have a question about what I should eat, I just take out my phone and check the app! I'm not a nutritionist- so I don't always know what I should be eating! I mean why aren't donuts on the approved food list?

What I do know is - when I follow this container based meal plan - I see results! Even when I'm not trying a new program - I try to eat using the container system.
Plus it's only 3 weeks! Several of us are starting this journey today!
Do you want to focus and commit to 3 weeks? Let me know, it's never too late to start - trust me!
Message me if you want to see some changes this Summer!

Let's Shift Into Summer together!

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