Quality time with this one 🖤. #meandmydog #oldenglishbulldog #bullmix

Them paws though. 🐾 And that face. And those rolls. I’m in love. 😍 That’s all. #oldenglishbulldog #soinlove

Meet Brady! Brady is an #OldEnglishBulldog and his dog mom and I have known each other for 10 years now (wow). She is awesome with her pups and he’s such a sweet and fun little one
He is my doggy bae lol. Brady enjoys long walks in the park, he loves to look you in the eye as he slowly gives you doggy kisses 😆 , and he’s fancy too and I like it! (loves his #Starbucks pup cups). Last but not least, he always has the most creative costumes at #Halloween . Go follow Brady @bradyboy_bully and show him some love ❤️

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