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The Father promises to be with us and lead us through situations that are too big for us. He invites us into the surety of His care, provision, and protection over our lives. We do not have to depend on our own capacity hoping it will be enough to get us through. He promises to bring the help we need. Let's rest in His steadfast love which is stronger than any circumstance we may face. #okchop

Children are a gift from the Lord. When we set our hearts to agree with Him, He will empower us with His love to nurture and protect the little ones around us. He will help us to value what He values and to invest our lives to care for these treasures. Join us in praying for the children in our city to be seen as the Father sees them. #okchop #prayerforthefatherless

Circumstances are always changing, but God's heart toward us remains the same. No matter the season, He promises to keep us in His love. We may feel shaken at times, but we can count on His steadfast mercy to keep us and guard us. #okchop

The Lord is inviting His Church to lay down her life to raise up young ones in His tender love. The commitment pays dividends far beyond what we can see. The eternal weight of a generation bought back from the enemy, brought up in the love of the Father, is more than we can fathom. May He give us eyes to see the children in our city who are in need, and may our hearts respond with His compassion to use our resources of time and finances to care for them. And may we know that it is no small investment to say yes to the ones He loves. #okchop #prayerforthefatherless

God set desire in us to make an eternal impact on the world around us. Abiding in Jesus is the only way for that desire to be fulfilled. He seeks relationship with us and knows we need more than our own resources to produce that which is everlasting. May we set our hearts to grow intimacy and union with the Lord and allow Him to bring forth fruit that remains. #okchop

To love the fatherless with God's love, we must know He looks at us with a compassion unhindered by our weakness or failures. The messiness of our lives and these children's lives is not too much for Him. As we view our own lives through His lens of kindness, we will be able to see these children as He does and call them forth into their identity and destiny.
Join us tonight as we contend for children and families in our city. We open at 4pm, and corporate worship and prayer begins at 7pm. #okchop #prayerforthefatherless #startthenewyearwithprayer

Join us tonight for the webstream of the OneThing Conference hosted by IHOP-KC. We open at 4pm, and the live stream of tonight's session begins at 7pm. #okchop

Jesus is our only hope for salvation from sin and death. His incarnation showed us the heart of the Father to heal and redeem all that has been broken and lost. As we celebrate Jesus' birth, we also long for His return when He will restore all things back to God and His Kingdom.
Join us tonight as we worship Jesus, the Son of God, the One who came to save us. #okchop

Christmas is a beautiful time to meditate on God's love for us, but it is also easy to be distracted with the hustle and bustle of the season. If you are looking for a place to rest your heart and connect with the Lord, we offer the prayer room to you. OKCHOP will be closed on Christmas Day but will otherwise continue our regular schedule over the next few weeks. Happy Holidays! #okchop #merrychristmas

God wants every child to know the love and stability of family. Join us in asking the Lord to raise up safe, nurturing homes for the waiting children in our state's foster care system. #okchop #prayerforthefatherless

Jesus has delivered us from the darkness of sin and death, giving to us the light of life. Holy Spirit, come and show us greater revelation of this Beautiful One who has rescued and redeemed us. #okchop

God tells us to use our voices on behalf of the fatherless. This includes public advocacy, making others aware of their plight, and intercession, asking the Father to move on their behalf. He invites us to know His heart and declare His Word back to Him, contending for His promises to be fulfilled in their lives. May He find us faithful in opening our mouths on behalf of these vulnerable ones. #okchop #prayerforthefatherless

God is looking for friends who will agree with His heart by interceding for His purposes to be fulfilled. Asking the Lord about the desires in His heart and praying His Word back to Him brings us into this place of partnership. Let's respond to His invitation today by boldly asking Him to release the salvation, healing, and justice He promises to bring. #okchop

Our Father promised not to leave us as orphans, and as a result He sent His spirit to guide us and help us. We are made in His image, and He commands us to care for the fatherless. Let's ask Him how He desires we engage in the lives of these vulnerable ones so as not to leave them orphans.
Join us tonight as we continue to pray for the Church to love children in foster care with His heart. We open at 4pm. #okchop #prayerforthefatherless

Knowing the heart of our Father enables us to bring our requests to Him in prayer. When we know He is good, faithful, and kind, we will be confident to ask Him to move on our behalf. God is more generous and compassionate than we can imagine. He will not give us a stone when we ask for bread. He is not mad at us or disappointed in us. As we grow in understanding His nature, we will become more confident as His sons and daughters, trusting He will answer us when we cry out to Him. #okchop

It's #GivingTuesday, and we have a gift for you! Click the link in our profile for an encouraging audio teaching from OKCHOP Director Joy Kinser on the power of singing scripture. We hope it inspires you! #okchop #givingtuesdaygift #linkinprofile👆🏼

The invitation to intimacy with God is also an invitation to love those whom He loves. As we befriend the Lord, our hearts will be opened to loving the needy and broken, just as He has been doing since the beginning. During one of our recent intercession sets, we sang out this chorus. We greatly desire to be with Jesus where He is, and He is loving the children.
Join us tonight as we lean in for more of His heart for the fatherless. We open at 4pm, and our corporate worship and intercession begins at 7pm. #okchop #prayerforthefatherless

OKCHOP will be closed tonight, Friday, November 24. We will open on Monday at 4pm. Enjoy your holiday weekend! #okchop

As we reflect on the last year, our community is so grateful for all that God has done. We are thankful for all who have joined us at the prayer room this year, who have joined us in going after the Father's heart for our city. We wish you a joyous Thanksgiving, filled with delight over the Lord's faithfulness! #okchop #happythanksgiving #somuchwearethankfulfor

OKCHOP will be closed on Friday, November 24. We will open on Monday. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! #okchop #happythanksgiving

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