Finished!! Not bad for my 2nd oil painting, I love oils I think it’s a great medium I have still so much to learn/ experiment! Any tips or advice I will happily take. I need to improve my backgrounds that’s a must haha! Hope everyone’s having a lovely Saturday ✨👩‍🎨

If you’ve been following my story you know I’ve been working on this, the last few days 🎨🦒

My Mom died on May 5th several years ago. Shortly before she passed I was talking to her just to talk and I mentioned some birds playing in the birdbath outside. She became suddenly more lucid than she'd been in days and she said "Tell them, tell them, you've got to tell them" I said "The birds? What do you want me to tell them?" She said "Tell them I have cancer."
So ever since then I've been painting birds on may 5th and other times when I think about my Mom.

#birdart #tellthebirdsIhavecancer #oilpaintingsofanimals #oilpaintingsofbirds #recycledartwork #artonrecycledwood #arizonaartist

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