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My billionaire elder brother thought me alot in my life...i love him forever and he believes in me!!! #saffronequipment #oilbusiness #riverstate #portharcourt

Masih kekal Juara 2 tahun berturut turut Sukan Petronas Pantai Timur.
Well Done Oil Business Team.
#oilbusiness #bahangpitih

A big truck moving very slowly through my town. #midwest #truck #oilbusiness #mainstreet

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs #oilbusiness


Tillamook is the doTERRA of cheese! I love their family farm focus. I partnered with them a few times when I was a blogger and didn't realize then that they're a co-op of farmers. Fun fact...back in my Healthy Moms Kitchen days, Michelle Bailey and I created the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich recipe that was featured on their website and subsequently featured in a few newspapers. I'll have to find the link and show my kids so they know just how cool I am...haha.
PS....I had delicious squeeky cheese while everyone else had ice cream. Gotta keep my Terrafit place! #winning #summervacation2017 #TeamOilRiggs


We do not act correctly because we have virtue or excellence, but we have them because we have acted correctly.

Hold your dreams sacred. Honor them. Work toward them.

I used to think my dreams were my own ideas and now I know they are inspired, to help bring my life to a higher level so I can serve more and grow to be the woman God wants me to become.

After I met Adam and spent the last two weeks of my summer vacation with him 13 year ago, he left for a roadtrip with his friends to the Oregon coast. Poor friends...he was on the phone with me almost non stop. He has always wanted to take the fam there and I've been anxious to see the beauty he saw. Fun to have this dream come true and spend a week on the Oregon coast together.

#dreamtrip #summer2017☀️ #seasideoregon #eclipse2017


United oil gasoline station.

There’s a lot to learn from John D. #Rockefeller. The guy knew what he wanted even if he didn’t initially understand how he’d get it. He wasn’t the first in the #oilbusiness, but he saw that the #money and control was in refining the #product, not in drilling for it.

I respect how he didn’t depend on others. He didn’t chase down mentors and he never undersold himself. He saw his #value to his #company, to any company he worked for, and he got what he thought he was worth, maybe not in the beginning, but eventually.

He was #disciplined, both with his time and his money. He was ambitious, but giving and caring and unlike so many #ambitious young men, he didn’t get trapped by the things that money could by, but the things that you could do with it.

First you land in Texas.🤠
Then you eat the tacos.🌮
#dontmesswithtexas #essentialliving #oilbusiness

A love, a career, a revolution: so many companies that we started ignoring their result.

Feliz sábado ❄️

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